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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, no, my dear Edmond -- my boy -- my son! -- no; but Idid not expect you; and joy, the surprise of seeing you sosuddenly -- Ah, I feel as if I were going to die."
2.  "I congratulate you." Morcerf smiled. "We will discuss thatsubject at length some future time," said he. "But what doyou think of the music?"
3.  "It is an unheard-of fatality. I draw upon him for 600,000francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, Ihold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000francs, payable at his correspondent's in Paris at the endof this month. To-day is the 30th. I present them; but mycorrespondent has disappeared. This, with my Spanishaffairs, made a pretty end to the month."
4.  "What next? what more do you want?"
5.  "Your case is not an ordinary one."
6.  "However," replied the abbe, with an affable smile, "whenthat report is in accordance with the truth, everybody mustbelieve it, the police as well as all the rest."


1.  "An island situated on the other side of the equator, atleast two thousand leagues from here," replied the count.
2.  "`A person, whose confessor I am,' replied he, `and whoentertains a high regard for me, applied to me a short timesince to procure him a confidential servant. Would you likesuch a post? If so, I will give you a letter of introductionto him.' -- `Oh, father,' I exclaimed, `you are very good.'
3.  "It is true, nevertheless."
4.  "Nonsense."
5.  "Is it possible?" asked the count, assuming all air and toneof the utmost simplicity and candor. "Is it possible thatThomson & French are not looked upon as safe and solventbankers? Pray tell me what you think, baron, for I feeluneasy, I can assure you, having some considerable propertyin their hands."
6.  "Indeed? But you must let me make my observations, or theFrenchman will transact his business without my knowing thesum." Peppino nodded, and taking a rosary from his pocketbegan to mutter a few prayers while the clerk disappearedthrough the same door by which Danglars and the attendanthad gone out. At the expiration of ten minutes the clerkreturned with a beaming countenance. "Well?" asked Peppinoof his friend.


1.  "It is a conspiracy, then?" asked Dantes, who afterbelieving himself free, now began to feel a tenfold alarm."I have, however, already told you, sir, I was entirelyignorant of the contents of the letter."
2.  "I will help you. You were speaking of the Champs Elyseesjust now, worthy foster-father."
3.  "Yes; but I added, to help you it would be sufficient thatDantes did not marry her you love; and the marriage mayeasily be thwarted, methinks, and yet Dantes need not die."
4.  "In what state was the house when you left?"
5.   "Well," said Caderousse, "I should have said not -- howtreacherous wine is!"
6.  "In the smuggling line?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  "It is your love which makes you look upon everything inthat light."
2.  "But beneath my fingers, as if by magic, in proportion asthe fire ascended, I saw yellowish characters appear on thepaper. I grasped it in my hand, put out the flame as quicklyas I could, lighted my taper in the fire itself, and openedthe crumpled paper with inexpressible emotion, recognizing,when I had done so, that these characters had been traced inmysterious and sympathetic ink, only appearing when exposedto the fire; nearly one-third of the paper had been consumedby the flame. It was that paper you read this morning; readit again, Dantes, and then I will complete for you theincomplete words and unconnected sense."
3.  Winter approached. Mercedes had no fire in that cold andnaked room -- she, who was accustomed to stoves which heatedthe house from the hall to the boudoir; she had not even onelittle flower -- she whose apartment had been a conservatoryof costly exotics. But she had her son. Hitherto theexcitement of fulfilling a duty had sustained them.Excitement, like enthusiasm, sometimes renders usunconscious to the things of earth. But the excitement hadcalmed down, and they felt themselves obliged to descendfrom dreams to reality; after having exhausted the ideal,they found they must talk of the actual.
4、  "Sir, my right-hand correspondent redoubles his signals; heis impatient."
5、  At each moment, in the midst of the crowd, the buzzing, andthe laughter, the door-keeper's voice was heard announcingsome name well known in the financial department, respectedin the army, or illustrious in the literary world, and whichwas acknowledged by a slight movement in the differentgroups. But for one whose privilege it was to agitate thatocean of human waves, how many were received with a look ofindifference or a sneer of disdain! At the moment when thehand of the massive time-piece, representing Endymionasleep, pointed to nine on its golden face, and the hammer,the faithful type of mechanical thought, struck nine times,the name of the Count of Monte Cristo resounded in its turn,and as if by an electric shock all the assembly turnedtowards the door.




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      "Your excellency, I regret to say that, not knowing it wasnecessary to come provided with these papers, I neglected tobring them."

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      "By the streets, morbleu, by the streets!" cried Franz.

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       Monte Cristo returned to his bedroom, and, glancing rapidlyfrom the garden to the street, he saw first Caderousse, whoafter walking to the end of the garden, fixed his ladderagainst the wall at a different part from where he came in.The count then looking over into the street, saw the man whoappeared to be waiting run in the same direction, and placehimself against the angle of the wall where Caderousse wouldcome over. Caderousse climbed the ladder slowly, and lookedover the coping to see if the street was quiet. No one couldbe seen or heard. The clock of the Invalides struck one.Then Caderousse sat astride the coping, and drawing up hisladder passed it over the wall; then he began to descend, orrather to slide down by the two stanchions, which he didwith an ease which proved how accustomed he was to theexercise. But, once started, he could not stop. In vain didhe see a man start from the shadow when he was halfway down-- in vain did he see an arm raised as he touched theground. Before he could defend himself that arm struck himso violently in the back that he let go the ladder, crying,"Help!" A second blow struck him almost immediately in theside, and he fell, calling, "Help, murder!" Then, as herolled on the ground, his adversary seized him by the hair,and struck him a third blow in the chest. This timeCaderousse endeavored to call again, but he could only uttera groan, and he shuddered as the blood flowed from his threewounds. The assassin, finding that he no longer cried out,lifted his head up by the hair; his eyes were closed, andthe mouth was distorted. The murderer, supposing him dead,let fall his head and disappeared. Then Caderousse, feelingthat he was leaving him, raised himself on his elbow, andwith a dying voice cried with great effort, "Murder! I amdying! Help, reverend sir, -- help!"

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      "He quietly said, `What do I care if I am?'"

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    {  "Alas, it shows how little notion you can have of all it hascost me to effect a purpose so unexpectedly frustrated, thatyou talk of beginning over again. In the first place, I wasfour years making the tools I possess, and have been twoyears scraping and digging out earth, hard as graniteitself; then what toil and fatigue has it not been to removehuge stones I should once have deemed impossible to loosen.Whole days have I passed in these Titanic efforts,considering my labor well repaid if, by night-time I hadcontrived to carry away a square inch of this hard-boundcement, changed by ages into a substance unyielding as thestones themselves; then to conceal the mass of earth andrubbish I dug up, I was compelled to break through astaircase, and throw the fruits of my labor into the hollowpart of it; but the well is now so completely choked up,that I scarcely think it would be possible to add anotherhandful of dust without leading to discovery. Consider alsothat I fully believed I had accomplished the end and aim ofmy undertaking, for which I had so exactly husbanded mystrength as to make it just hold out to the termination ofmy enterprise; and now, at the moment when I reckoned uponsuccess, my hopes are forever dashed from me. No, I repeatagain, that nothing shall induce me to renew attemptsevidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure."

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      "There is a carriage coming," said Chateau-Renaud. Itadvanced rapidly along one of the avenues leading towardsthe open space where they were assembled. "You are doubtlessprovided with pistols, gentlemen? M. de Monte Cristo yieldshis right of using his."}

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      "If this law were adopted, sir," said the procureur, "itwould greatly simplify our legal codes, and in that case themagistrates would not (as you just observed) have much todo."

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      "Listen to me," he said, "or, rather, look upon me; look atmy face, paler even than usual, and my eyes, red withweariness -- for four days I have not closed them, for Ihave been constantly watching you, to protect and preserveyou for Maximilian." The blood mounted rapidly to the cheeksof Valentine, for the name just announced by the countdispelled all the fear with which his presence had inspiredher. "Maximilian!" she exclaimed, and so sweet did the soundappear to her, that she repeated it -- "Maximilian! -- hashe then owned all to you?"

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       "Then it was not in society that I met with mademoiselle oryourself, madame, or this charming little merry boy.Besides, the Parisian world is entirely unknown to me, for,as I believe I told you, I have been in Paris but very fewdays. No, -- but, perhaps, you will permit me to call tomind -- stay!" The Count placed his hand on his brow as ifto collect his thoughts. "No -- it was somewhere -- awayfrom here -- it was -- I do not know -- but it appears thatthis recollection is connected with a lovely sky and somereligious fete; mademoiselle was holding flowers in herhand, the interesting boy was chasing a beautiful peacock ina garden, and you, madame, were under the trellis of somearbor. Pray come to my aid, madame; do not thesecircumstances appeal to your memory?"

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    {  "Yes, I have seen him," he replied, "and he has handed thisletter to me. Light the candles in my apartment, if youplease." The inn-keeper gave orders to a servant to gobefore Franz with a light. The young man had found SignorPastrini looking very much alarmed, and this had only madehim the more anxious to read Albert's letter; and so he wentinstantly towards the waxlight, and unfolded it. It waswritten and signed by Albert. Franz read it twice before hecould comprehend what it contained. It was thus worded: --

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      "Yes; you. How comes it, that having both a sister and anadopted son, you have never spoken to me of either?"