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"Don't mind me a bit, Becky!" cried Ermengarde.


She turned to the Lascar, feeling glad that she remembered still some of the Hindustani she had learned when she lived with her father. She could make the man understand. She spoke to him in the language he knew.

"You must promise not to be frightened--not to scream the least bit, or I can't tell you," she answered.

"No dinner," more hoarsely still and with more shuffling. "Nor yet no bre'fast--nor yet no supper. No nothin'.

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"No," said Ermengarde. "Never. I--tell me about it."<"And you shall have as much as you WANT to eat," put in Ermengarde. "I'll go this minute!"

"You are nothing but a DOLL>! she cried. "Nothing but a doll-- doll--doll! You care for nothing. You are stuffed with sawdust. You never had a heart. Nothing could ever make you feel. You are a DOLL>!" Emily lay on the floor, with her legs ignominiously doubled up over her head, and a new flat place on the end of her nose; but she was calm, even dignified. Sara hid her face in her arms. The rats in the wall began to fight and bite each other and squeak and scramble. Melchisedec was chastising some of his family.

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But the sudden thought which had flashed upon her had made her over-sensitive.

Miss Minchin waved her hand again--this time it was in the direction of the corner near the door.

"Come on," said Sara; "I'm not a trap. You can have them, poor thing! Prisoners in the Bastille used to make friends with rats. Suppose I make friends with you."


This was so unexpected that it was astounding. Lottie actually dropped her legs, gave a wriggle, and lay and stared. A new idea will stop a crying child when nothing else will. Also it was true that while Lottie disliked Miss Minchin, who was cross, and Miss Amelia, who was foolishly indulgent, she rather liked Sara, little as she knew her. She did not want to give up her grievance, but her thoughts were distracted from it, so she wriggled again, and, after a sulky sob, said, "Where is she?"





1314ǹ2020й˸ٹ·ӵ³̶ȻΪ Miss Minchin turned back from the door in increased indignation. This was worse than anyone could have dreamed of its being. ϸ

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1314Ѧ֪ʿ׹Ƴͣйĺ "I haven't," said Ermengarde. "And papa will be so cross if I don't. He'll expect me to know all about it when I go home for the holidays. What SHALL I do?" ϸ

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