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Quick, bring a light!

So long as he on earth doth live, So long 'tis not forbidden thee. Man still musterr, while he doth strive.


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Forbear, my child! Thou feelest thee I love; My heart, my blood I'd give, mylove to prove, And none would of their faith or church bereave.Margaret

Not he! He won't be such a fool! a gallant lad Like him, can roam o'er landand sea, Besides, he's off.

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Chance hath the matter happily dispos'd! So thou my captive art? No doubt!By accident thou thus art caught!

(draws a stopper out of the table; fire springs out against him)I burn! I burn!


Him fear not, my sweet love!





ܺ«ƶûвЬҪҪר˵ (as Mephistopheles approaches him) ϸ

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ܺ«ƶӡ¹ڷȷﲡתΪ I for this cause should fear to love. The loss my certain death would prove.Mephistopheles ϸ

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