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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, it is not yet fixed!" murmured Fernand.
2.  "Oh!" he exclaimed, as though a redhot iron were piercinghis heart. During the last hour his own crime had alone beenpresented to his mind; now another object, not lessterrible, suddenly presented itself. His wife! He had justacted the inexorable judge with her, he had condemned her todeath, and she, crushed by remorse, struck with terror,covered with the shame inspired by the eloquence of hisirreproachable virtue, -- she, a poor, weak woman, withouthelp or the power of defending herself against his absoluteand supreme will, -- she might at that very moment, perhaps,be preparing to die! An hour had elapsed since hercondemnation; at that moment, doubtless, she was recallingall her crimes to her memory; she was asking pardon for hersins; perhaps she was even writing a letter imploringforgiveness from her virtuous husband -- a forgiveness shewas purchasing with her death! Villefort again groaned withanguish and despair. "Ah," he exclaimed, "that woman becamecriminal only from associating with me! I carried theinfection of crime with me, and she has caught it as shewould the typhus fever, the cholera, the plague! And yet Ihave punished her -- I have dared to tell her -- I have --`Repent and die!' But no, she must not die; she shall live,and with me. We will flee from Paris and go as far as theearth reaches. I told her of the scaffold; oh, heavens, Iforgot that it awaits me also! How could I pronounce thatword? Yes, we will fly; I will confess all to her, -- I willtell her daily that I also have committed a crime! -- Oh,what an alliance -- the tiger and the serpent; worthy wifeof such as I am! She must live that my infamy may diminishhers." And Villefort dashed open the window in front of thecarriage.
3.  "Mademoiselle Eugenie," said the maid, "retired to herapartment with Mademoiselle d'Armilly; they then took teatogether, after which they desired me to leave, saying thatthey needed me no longer." Since then the maid had beenbelow, and like every one else she thought the young ladieswere in their own room; Madame Danglars, therefore, went tobed without a shadow of suspicion, and began to muse overthe recent events. In proportion as her memory becameclearer, the occurrences of the evening were revealed intheir true light; what she had taken for confusion was atumult; what she had regarded as something distressing, wasin reality a disgrace. And then the baroness remembered thatshe had felt no pity for poor Mercedes, who had beenafflicted with as severe a blow through her husband and son.
4.  "Upon my word," cried Albert, "you must have been a veryentertaining companion alone, or all but alone, with abeautiful woman in such a place of sentiment as theColosseum, and yet to find nothing better a talk about thanthe dead! All I can say is, if ever I should get such achance, the living should be my theme."
5.  But what was real and not less incredible was the purse heheld in his hand, the acceptance receipted -- the splendiddiamond.
6.  "Ah, indeed?"


1.  By a rapid movement, which the gendarme's practiced eye hadperceived, Dantes sprang forward to precipitate himself intothe sea; but four vigorous arms seized him as his feetquitted the bottom of the boat. He fell back cursing withrage.
2.  If any one could have looked into the room just then hewould have noticed the hesitation with which Madame deVillefort approached the bed and looked fixedly onValentine. The dim light, the profound silence, and thegloomy thoughts inspired by the hour, and still more by herown conscience, all combined to produce a sensation of fear;the poisoner was terrified at the contemplation of her ownwork. At length she rallied, drew aside the curtain, andleaning over the pillow gazed intently on Valentine. Theyoung girl no longer breathed, no breath issued through thehalf-closed teeth; the white lips no longer quivered -- theeyes were suffused with a bluish vapor, and the long blacklashes rested on a cheek white as wax. Madame de Villefortgazed upon the face so expressive even in its stillness;then she ventured to raise the coverlet and press her handupon the young girl's heart. It was cold and motionless. Sheonly felt the pulsation in her own fingers, and withdrew herhand with a shudder. One arm was hanging out of the bed;from shoulder to elbow it was moulded after the arms ofGermain Pillon's "Graces,"* but the fore-arm seemed to beslightly distorted by convulsion, and the hand, sodelicately formed, was resting with stiff outstretchedfingers on the framework of the bed. The nails, too, wereturning blue.
3.  "You recollect that sad night, when you were half-expiringon that bed in the red damask room, while I, scarcely lessagitated than you, awaited your delivery. The child wasborn, was given to me -- motionless, breathless, voiceless;we thought it dead." Madame Danglars moved rapidly, asthough she would spring from her chair, but Villefortstopped, and clasped his hands as if to implore herattention. "We thought it dead," he repeated; "I placed itin the chest, which was to take the place of a coffin; Idescended to the garden, I dug a hole, and then flung itdown in haste. Scarcely had I covered it with earth, whenthe arm of the Corsican was stretched towards me; I saw ashadow rise, and, at the same time, a flash of light. I feltpain; I wished to cry out, but an icy shiver ran through myveins and stifled my voice; I fell lifeless, and fanciedmyself killed. Never shall I forget your sublime courage,when, having returned to consciousness, I dragged myself tothe foot of the stairs, and you, almost dying yourself, cameto meet me. We were obliged to keep silent upon the dreadfulcatastrophe. You had the fortitude to regain the house,assisted by your nurse. A duel was the pretext for my wound.Though we scarcely expected it, our secret remained in ourown keeping alone. I was taken to Versailles; for threemonths I struggled with death; at last, as I seemed to clingto life, I was ordered to the South. Four men carried mefrom Paris to Chalons, walking six leagues a day; Madame deVillefort followed the litter in her carriage. At Chalons Iwas put upon the Saone, thence I passed on to he Rhone,whence I descended, merely with the current, to Arles; atArles I was again placed on my litter, and continued myjourney to Marseilles. My recovery lasted six months. Inever heard you mentioned, and I did not dare inquire foryou. When I returned to Paris, I learned that you, the widowof M. de Nargonne, had married M. Danglars.
4.  "Yes, but, by my marriage, you have forwarded that."
5.  "Well, I must detain you some time longer, but I will striveto make it as short as possible. The principal chargeagainst you is this letter, and you see" -- Villefortapproached the fire, cast it in, and waited until it wasentirely consumed.
6.  "With 200 francs? -- are you sure, Albert?"


1.  "Is included in this sum."
2.  "But I deal in certainties; he is the best servant over whomone has the power of life and death."
3.  Had Morrel been a more quick-sighted man, or better versedin these matters, he would have been surprised at the king'sprocureur answering him on such a subject, instead ofreferring him to the governors of the prison or the prefectof the department. But Morrel, disappointed in hisexpectations of exciting fear, was conscious only of theother's condescension. Villefort had calculated rightly.
4.  "The middle one?"
5.   "And I did more than that," replied Morcerf, "for I caughtone. I was informed that I was prisoner until I paid the sumof 4,000 Roman crowns -- about 24,000 francs. Unfortunately,I had not above 1,500. I was at the end of my journey and ofmy credit. I wrote to Franz -- and were he here he wouldconfirm every word -- I wrote then to Franz that if he didnot come with the four thousand crowns before six, at tenminutes past I should have gone to join the blessed saintsand glorious martyrs in whose company I had the honor ofbeing; and Signor Luigi Vampa, such was the name of thechief of these bandits, would have scrupulously kept hisword."
6.  "Oh, yes, yes," cried the baroness; "my child is there!"


1.  "Oh, yes, yes!" exclaimed Dantes; "and I tell you that Iwill save you yet."
2.  "No, indeed, -- I am calm," said Morrel, giving his hand tothe count; "my pulse does not beat slower or faster thanusual. No, I feel that I have reached the goal, and I willgo no farther. You told me to wait and hope; do you knowwhat you did, unfortunate adviser? I waited a month, orrather I suffered for a month! I did hope (man is a poorwretched creature), I did hope. What I cannot tell, --something wonderful, an absurdity, a miracle, -- of whatnature he alone can tell who has mingled with our reasonthat folly we call hope. Yes, I did wait -- yes, I did hope,count, and during this quarter of an hour we have beentalking together, you have unconsciously wounded, torturedmy heart, for every word you have uttered proved that therewas no hope for me. Oh, count, I shall sleep calmly,deliciously in the arms of death." Morrel uttered thesewords with an energy which made the count shudder. "Myfriend," continued Morrel, "you named the fifth of Octoberas the end of the period of waiting, -- to-day is the fifthof October," he took out his watch, "it is now nine o'clock,-- I have yet three hours to live."
3.  "A hundred crowns."
4、  "Why, our Lord Ruthven -- the Vampire of the SalleArgentino!"
5、  "Ah, you have heard of the landing of the emperor?"




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      "He replied -- he replied, that the death was not a naturalone, and must be attributed" --

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      "Have you noticed the remarkable beauty of the young woman,M. Lucien?" inquired Eugenie.

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       "Countess G---- ."

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      "What do they do?"

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    {  "Something to drink."

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      "No?" said Morrel; "you disapprove of this second project,as you did of the first?"}

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      "What do they say?"

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      "You may well say, perchance," replied the banker; "for hecomes so seldom, it would seem only chance that brings him."

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       "Well, I rely upon your promise. Good-by, then."

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    {  "Well, madame?" unhesitatingly repeated Debray.

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      "Bring me a carafe of water," said the abbe.