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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A day which has saved England from a great public scandal," saidthe banker, rising. "Sir, I cannot find the words to thank you, butyou shall not find me ungrateful for what you have done. Your skillhas indeed exceeded all that I have heard of it. And now I must fly tomy dear boy to apologize to him for the wrong which I done him. Asto what you tell me of poor Mary, it goes to my very heart. Not evenyour skill can inform me where she is now."
2.  "You compliment me, madam. At the same time, I am a responsibleperson. I do not promise you that when you have spoken I may notmyself think it my duty to refer the case to the police.""I think not, Mr. Holmes. I know your character and methods toowell, for I have followed your work for some years. Reading is theonly pleasure which fate has left me, and I miss little which passesin the world. But in any case, I will take my chance of the usewhich you may make of my tragedy. It will case my mind to tell it.""My friend and I would be glad to hear it."
3.  "That is very important," said Holmes. "And now, Mr. Soames, Iwish you good-night."
4.  "I am afraid I miss the point."
5.  I am sure that you will respect my confidence, Mr. Holmes, when Itell you that my place here has become difficult, owing to the factthat my employer has proposed marriage to me. I am convinced thathis feelings are most deep and most honourable. At the same time, mypromise is of course given. He took my refusal very seriously, butalso very gently. You can understand, however, that the situation is alittle strained.
6.  "He could have got several thousands for them very easily.""Can you suggest any possible motive for taking the papers to Londonexcept to sell them?"


1.  "It is everything," Holmes answered. "You may remember myseemingly irrelevant question as to this clerical gentleman's leftear. You did not answer it."
2.  "'And not a word to a soul.' He looked at me with a last, long,questioning gaze, and then, pressing my band in a cold, dank grasp, hehurried from the room.
3.  "Which key was used to open it?" he asked.
4.  "Of course we could come. There is a lull at present. I can give youmy undivided energies. Watson, of course, comes with us. But there areone or two points upon which I wish to be very sure before I start.This unhappy lady, as I understand it, has appeared to assault boththe children, her own baby and your little son?"
5.  "Very simply, sir," Inspector Baynes answered. "The only documentfound in the pocket of the deceased was a letter from you sayingthat you would be with him on the night of his death. It was theenvelope of this letter which gave us the dead man's name and address.It was after nine this morning when we reached his house and foundneither you nor anyone else inside it. I wired to Mr. Gregson to runyou down in London while I examined Wisteria Lodge. Then I came intotown, joined Mr. Gregson, and here we are."
6.  "Mr. Josiah Brown, I suppose?" said Holmes.


1.  "Yes?"
2.  "He spoke good English, sir, and yet I thought he was a foreigner byhis accent."
3.  "Ah, thank heaven!" His face became radiant. "The Prime Ministeris lunching with me. May he share your hopes? He has nerves ofsteel, and yet I know that he has hardly slept since this terribleevent. Jacobs, will you ask the Prime Minister to come up? As toyou, dear, I fear that this is a matter of politics. We will joinyou in a few minutes in the dining-room."
4.  "Dear me! Well, it is certainly a most curious little problem. I maytake a glance at it in my leisure. By the way, it is curious thatyou should have come from Topeka. I used to have a correspondent- heis dead now- old Dr. Lysander Starr, who was mayor in 1890.""Good old Dr. Starr!" said our visitor. "His name is still honoured.Well, Mr. Holmes, I suppose all we can do is to report to you andlet you know how we progress. I reckon you will hear within a day ortwo." With this assurance our American bowed and departed.Holmes had lit his pipe, and he sat for some time with a curioussmile upon his face.
5.   "Well, when the war was over, and we all got back, I wrote to hisfather and asked where Godfrey was. No answer. I waited a bit and thenI wrote again. This time I had a reply, short and gruff. Godfrey hadgone on a voyage round the world, and it was not likely that hewould be back for a year. That was all.
6.  "I have heard of you, Mr. Holmes. I heard from Major


1.  "One night, when Gennaro returned from his work, he brought afellow-countryman back with him. His name was Gorgiano, and he hadcome also from Posilippo. He was a huge man, as you can testify, foryou have looked upon his corpse. Not only was his body that of a giantbut everything about him was grotesque, gigantic, and terrifying.His voice was like thunder in our little house. There was scarceroom for the whirl of his great arms as he talked. His thoughts, hisemotions, his passions, all were exaggerated and monstrous. He talked,or rather roared, with such energy that others could but sit andlisten, cowed with the mighty stream of words. His eyes blazed atyou and held you at his mercy. He was a terrible and wonderful man.I thank God that he is dead!
2.  "As to me, I entirely disclaim all responsibility," said herhusband.
3.  She touched a spring, and the front hinged back. There was aportrait within of a man strikingly handsome and
4、  "You won't die in your bed, Holmes."
5、  "My face lengthened at this, Mr. Holmes, for I thought that Iwas not to have the vacancy after all; but after thinking it overfor a few minutes he said that it would be all right.




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      Sherlock Holmes preserved his calm professional manner until ourvisitor had left us, although it was easy for me, who knew him sowell, to see that he was profoundly excited. The moment that HiltonCubitt's broad back had disappeared through the door my comrade rushedto the table, laid out all the slips of paper containing dancing menin front of him, and threw himself into an intricate and elaboratecalculation. For two hours I watched him as he covered sheet aftersheet of paper with figures and letters, so completely absorbed in histask that he had evidently forgotten my presence. Sometimes he wasmaking progress and whistled and sang at his work; sometimes he waspuzzled, and would sit for long spells with a furrowed brow and avacant eye. Finally he sprang from his chair with a cry ofsatisfaction, and walked up and down the room rubbing his handstogether. Then he wrote a long telegram upon a cable form. "If myanswer to this is as I hope, you will have a very pretty case to addto your collection, Watson," said he. "I expect that we shall beable to go down to Norfolk tomorrow, and to take our friend somevery definite news as to the secret of his annoyance."

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      "I can tell you the truth so far as I know it, Mr. Holmes, but Iam in a position to prove nothing, and there are points- the mostvital points- which I can neither explain nor can I imagine anyexplanation."

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       "Yes, sir."

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      "'"Just walk on a little way, dear," said Mrs. Barclay, "I want tohave a word with this man. There is nothing to be afraid of." Shetried to speak boldly, but she was still deadly pale and couldhardly get her words out for the trembling of her lips."'I did as she asked me, and they talked together for a few minutes.Then she came down the street with her eyes blazing, and I saw thecrippled wretch standing by the lamp-post and shaking his clenchedfists in the air as if he were mad with rage. She never said a worduntil we were at the door here, when she took me by the hand andbegged me to tell no one what had happened.

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    {  "My dear fellow! I congrat-"

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      "So there you have my tragedy. I hoped against hope, but it wasnot until I had reached home that the terrible signs which you seeupon my face told me that I had not escaped. What was I to do? I wasin this lonely house. We had two servants whom we could utterly trust.There was a house where I could live. Under pledge of secrecy, Mr.Kent, who is a surgeon, was prepared to stay with me. It seemed simpleenough on those lines. The alternative was a dreadful one- segregationfor life among strangers with never a hope of release. But absolutesecrecy was necessary, or even in this quiet countryside there wouldhave been an outcry, and I should have been dragged to my horribledoom. Even you, Jimmie- even you had to be kept in the dark. Why myfather has relented I cannot imagine."}

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      "Yes, there are nearly always some there."

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      "A starting-point for our investigation." He hailed a cab. "King'sCross Station," said he.

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       "'Then the matter stands thus. You are probably aware thatfuller's-earth is a valuable product. and that it is only found in oneor two places in England?'

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    {  It may be that the police resented the intrusion of an amateur, orthat they imagined themselves to be upon some hopeful line ofinvestigation; but it is certain that we heard nothing from them forthe next two days. During this time Holmes spent some of his timesmoking and dreaming in the cottage; but a greater portion incountry walks which he undertook alone, returning after many hourswithout remark as to where he had been. One experiment served toshow me the line of his investigation. He had bought a lamp whichwas the duplicate of the one which had burned in the room ofMortimer Tregennis on the morning of the tragedy. This he filledwith the same oil as that used at the vicarage, and he carefully timedthe period which it would take to be exhausted. Another experimentwhich he made was of a more unpleasant nature, and one which I amnot likely ever to forget.

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      "Do not ring, Lady Hilda. If you do, then all my earnest effortsto avoid a scandal will be frustrated. Give up the letter and all willbe set right. If you will work with me I can arrange everything. Ifyou work against me I must expose you."