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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "We won't stay here long," said Hurstwood, who was now reallyglad to note her dissatisfaction. "You pick out your clothes assoon as breakfast is over and we'll run down to New York soon.You'll like that. It's a lot more like a city than any placeoutside Chicago."
2.  Hurstwood grew serious, and he lapsed into quiet thought. Helooked up after a time to say:
3.  The man scarcely looked at him, fished in his vest pocket andtook out a dime.
4.  The contagion of thought here demonstrated itself. While Hansonreally came for bread, the thought dwelt with him that now hewould see what Carrie was doing. No sooner did he draw near herwith that in mind than she felt it. Of course, she had nounderstanding of what put it into her head, but, nevertheless, itaroused in her the first shade of real antipathy to him. Sheknew now that she did not like him. He was suspicious.
5.  "Well, if you aren't a wonder," Drouet was saying, complacently,squeezing Carrie's arm. "You are the dandiest little girl onearth."
6.  "Excellent."


1.  He left the papers before going to the room, thinking thus tokeep them out of the hands of Carrie.
2.  Carrie shook her head in spite of her distress.
3.  "Drouet is a good fellow," Hurstwood thought to himself as hewent back into his office, "but he's no man for Carrie."
4.  "Have you ever had any experience?"
5.  Back at the hotel Hurstwood was anxious and yet fearful to seethe morning papers. He wanted to know how far the news of hiscriminal deed had spread. So he told Carrie he would be up in afew moments, and went to secure and scan the dailies. Nofamiliar or suspicious faces were about, and yet he did not likereading in the lobby, so he sought the main parlour on the floorabove and, seated by a window there, looked them over. Verylittle was given to his crime, but it was there, several "sticks"in all, among all the riffraff of telegraphed murders, accidents,marriages, and other news. He wished, half sadly, that he couldundo it all. Every moment of his time in this far-off abode ofsafety but added to his feeling that he had made a great mistake.There could have been an easier way out if he had only known.
6.  "Don't know! Ah, Carrie, what makes you say that? Don't tormentme. Be serious."


1.  On an incoming vestibuled Pullman, speeding at forty miles anhour through the snow of the evening, were three others, allrelated.
2.  "You probably are not aware of it," he added.
3.  "Where is that young lady you were going to get for us?" askedthe latter.
4.  "Where is H. R. Jacob's?" interrupted Carrie, mentioning one ofthe theatres devoted to melodrama which went by that name at thetime.
5.   "Yes, sir," said Miss Maitland.
6.  "Yes, and sleep. I can't go back to New York to-night."


1.  They listened a few moments in silence, touched by the samefeeling, only hers reached her through the heart. Music stillcharmed her as in the old days.
2.  At Rector's, Drouet had met Mr. G. W. Hurstwood, manager ofFitzgerald and Moy's. He had been pointed out as a verysuccessful and well-known man about town. Hurstwood looked thepart, for, besides being slightly under forty, he had a good,stout constitution, an active manner, and a solid, substantialair, which was composed in part of his fine clothes, his cleanlinen, his jewels, and, above all, his own sense of hisimportance. Drouet immediately conceived a notion of him asbeing some one worth knowing, and was glad not only to meet him,but to visit the Adams Street bar thereafter whenever he wanted adrink or a cigar.
3.  "You wouldn't stop to argue or arrange?"
4、  "Your wife? Yes, she went out just a few minutes ago."
5、  "You'd better sleep alone," she said, "you'll feel better. I'llopen your bed for you now."




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      "How do they arrange this, if a man hasn't any money?" inquiredHurstwood, discreetly.

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      She heard some one called.

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       Hurstwood thought a while. It was all up with the bluff aboutmoney and investment. She could see now that he was "broke."

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      "Yes, that is a great resort for Chicago people. The hotels areswell. You are not familiar with this part of the country, areyou?"

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    {  Drouet smiled at his good-nature.

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      When Carrie got back on the stage, she found that over night herdressing-room had been changed.}

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      "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.

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      Amid the tinsel and shine of her state walked Carrie, unhappy.As when Drouet took her, she had thought: "Now I am lifted intothat which is best"; as when Hurstwood seemingly offered her thebetter way: "Now am I happy." But since the world goes its waypast all who will not partake of its folly, she now found herselfalone. Her purse was open to him whose need was greatest. Inher walks on Broadway, she no longer thought of the elegance ofthe creatures who passed her. Had they more of that peace andbeauty which glimmered afar off, then were they to be envied.

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       "Maybe you could get something in the stage line?" he blandlysuggested.

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    {  "Oh, I'll help you," said Carrie, feeling quite hardhearted atthus forcing him to humbly appeal, and yet her desire for thebenefit of her earnings wrung a faint protest from her.

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      But now see wherein the parallel changes. A fortune, like a man,is an organism which draws to itself other minds and otherstrength than that inherent in the founder. Beside the youngminds drawn to it by salaries, it becomes allied with youngforces, which make for its existence even when the strength andwisdom of the founder are fading. It may be conserved by thegrowth of a community or of a state. It may be involved inproviding something for which there is a growing demand. Thisremoves it at once beyond the special care of the founder. Itneeds not so much foresight now as direction. The man wanes, theneed continues or grows, and the fortune, fallen into whose handsit may, continues. Hence, some men never recognise the turningin the tide of their abilities. It is only in chance cases,where a fortune or a state of success is wrested from them, thatthe lack of ability to do as they did formerly becomes apparent.Hurstwood, set down under new conditions, was in a position tosee that he was no longer young. If he did not, it was duewholly to the fact that his state was so well balanced that anabsolute change for the worse did not show.