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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is the matter?"
2.  "I understood that you were writing a report of this case," said he."So I am."
3.  "I know your methods, sir, and I applied them. Before I permittedanything to be moved, I examined most carefully the ground outside,and also the floor of the room. There were no footmarks.""Meaning that you saw none?"
4.  The Premier nodded approvingly.
5.  "'One must do something to ease an aching heart.' That was his ownexplanation. It was eccentric, no doubt, but he is clearly aneccentric man. He tore up one of his wife's photographs in mypresence- tore it up furiously in a tempest of passion. 'I neverwish to see her damned face again,' he shrieked."
6.  A woman, young and beautiful, was lying dead upon the bed. Hercalm pale face, with dim, wide-opened blue eyes, looked upward fromamid a great tangle of golden hair. At the foot of the bed, halfsitting, half kneeling, his face buried in the clothes, was a youngman, whose frame was racked by his sobs. So absorbed was he by hisbitter grief, that he never looked up until Holmes's hand was on hisshoulder.


1.  "I watched at the gate, same as you advised, Mr. Holmes," said ouremissary, the discharged gardener. "When the carriage came out Ifollowed it to the station. She was like one walking in her sleep, butwhen they tried to get her into the train she came to life andstruggled. They pushed her into the carriage. She fought her way outagain. I took her part, got her into a cab, and here we are. Ishan't forget the face at the carriage window as I led her away. I'dhave a short life if he had his way- the black-eyed, scowling,yellow devil."
2.  "Why?"
3.  "And you intend to ask him?"
4.  "Yes," I answered, laughing. "It was a singular document.Philosophy, astronomy, and politics were marked at zero, Iremember. Botany variable, geology profound as regards themud-stains from any region within fifty miles of town, chemistryeccentric, anatomy unsystematic, sensational literature and crimerecords unique, violin-player, boxer, swordsman, lawyer, andself-poisoner by cocaine and tobacco. Those, I think, were themain points of my analysis."
5.  "He was. But now he must get off by the next boat. One or other ofus must slip round with the stone to Lime Street and tell him.""But the false bottom ain't ready."
6.  "Oh, tut, tut! I have no time! That left foot of yours with itsinward twist is all over the place. A mole could trace it, and thereit vanishes among the reeds. Oh, how simple it would all have been hadI been here before they came like a herd of buffalo and wallowed allover it. Here is where the party with the lodge-keeper came, andthey have covered all tracks for six or eight feet round the body. Buthere are three separate tracks of the same feet." He drew out a lensand lay down upon his waterproof to have a better view, talking allthe time to himself rather than to us. "These are young McCarthy'sfeet. Twice he was walking, and once he ran swiftly, so that the solesare deeply marked and the heels hardly visible. That bears out hisstory. He ran when he saw his father on the ground. Then here arethe father's feet as he paced up and down. What is this, then? It isthe butt-end of the gun as the son stood listening. And this? Ha,ha! What have we here? Tiptoes! tiptoes! Square, too, quite unusualboots! They come, they go, they come again of course that was forthe cloak. Now where did they come from?" He ran up and down,sometimes losing, sometimes finding the track until we were wellwithin the edge of the wood and under the shadow of a great beech, thelargest tree in the neighbourhood. Holmes traced his way to thefarther side of this and lay down once more upon his face with alittle cry of satisfaction. For a long time he remained there, turningover the leaves and dried sticks, gathering up what seemed to me to bedust into an envelope and examining with his lens not only theground but even the bark of the tree as far as he could reach. Ajagged stone was lying among the moss, and this also he carefullyexamined and retained. Then he followed a pathway through the wooduntil he came to the highroad, where all traces were lost."It has been a case of considerable interest," he remarked,returning to his natural manner. "I fancy that this gray house onthe right must be the lodge. I think that I will go in and have a wordwith Moran, and perhaps write a little note. Having done that, wemay drive back to our luncheon. You may walk to the cab, and I shallbe with you presently."


1.  "Then let us go arrest him."
2.  "Coarse writing," murmured Holmes. "Surely this is not yourhusband's writing, madam."
3.  "'I quite follow you,' said I. 'The only point which I could notquite understand was what use you could make of a hydraulic press inexcavating fuller's-earth, which, as I understand, is dug out likegravel from a pit.'
4.  "How about the Greek legation?"
5.   "No, but the enclosure is."
6.  "Well, sir, it wakened me from my sleep, so it is hard to judge. Butit did seem very loud."


1.  "I was driven over by my employer, who was as amiable as ever, andwas introduced by him that evening to his wife and the child. Therewas no truth, Mr. Holmes, in the conjecture which seemed to us to beprobable in your rooms at Baker Street. Mrs. Rucastle is not mad. Ifound her to be a silent, pale-faced woman, much younger than herhusband, not more than thirty, I should think, while he can hardlybe less than forty-five. From their conversation I have gatheredthat they have been married about seven years, that he was awidower, and that his only child by the first wife was the daughterwho has gone to Philadelphia. Mr. Rucastle told me in private that thereason why she had left them was that she had an unreasoningaversion to her stepmother. As the daughter could not have been lessthan twenty, I can quite imagine that her position must have beenuncomfortable with her father's young wife.
2.  "'I am delighted to hear it, for your advice at present would beexceedingly valuable to me. We have had some very strange doings atHurlstone, and the police have been able to throw no light upon thematter. It is really the most extraordinary and inexplicablebusiness.'
3.  "I am at my wit's end."
4、  "Excellent, Warner!" cried Holmes, springing to his feet. "Watson,the gaps are closing rapidly."
5、  "This is indeed an unexpected development," said my friend when wehad regained the cab. "I wonder if the death was natural, or whetherthe poor old fellow killed himself! If the latter, may it be takenas some sign of self-reproach for duty neglected? We must leave thatquestion to the future. Now we shall turn to the Cadogan Wests."A small but well-kept house in the outskirts of the town shelteredthe bereaved mother. The old lady was too dazed with grief to be ofany use to us, but at her side was a white-faced young lady, whointroduced herself as Miss Violet Westbury, the fiancee of the deadman, and the last to see him upon that fatal night.




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      In the whirl of our incessant activity, it has often beendifficult for me, as the reader has probably observed, to round off mynarratives, and to give those final details which the curious mightexpect. Each case has been the prelude to another, and the crisis onceover, the actors have passed for ever out of our busy lives. I find,however, a short note at the end of my manuscript dealing with thiscase, in which I have put it upon record that Miss Violet Smith didindeed inherit a large fortune, and that she is now the wife ofCyril Morton, the senior partner of Morton & Kennedy, the famousWestminster electricians. Williamson and Woodley were both tried forabduction and assault, the former getting seven years the latterten. Of the fate of Carruthers, I have no record, but I am sure thathis assault was not viewed very gravely by the court, since Woodleyhad the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think thata few, months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.-THE END-

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      inquiries. I may have to go down to Horsham, after all.""You will not go there first?"

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       "Well we have been married now for a year, and very happy we havebeen. But about a month ago, at the end of June, I saw for the firsttime signs of trouble. One day my wife received a letter from America.I saw the American stamp. She turned deadly white, read the letter,and threw it into the fire. She made no allusion to it afterwards, andI made none, for a promise is a promise, but she has never known aneasy hour from that moment. There is always a look of fear upon herface- a look as if she were waiting and expecting. She would do betterto trust me. She would find that I was her best friend. But untilshe speaks, I can say nothing. Mind you, she is a truthful woman,Mr. Holmes, and whatever trouble there may have been in her pastlife it has been no fault of hers. I am only a simple Norfolksquire, but there is not a man in England who ranks his familyhonour more highly than I do. She knows it well, and she knew itwell before she married me. She would never bring any stain upon it-of that I am sure.

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      "You will excuse my beginning without you, Watson," said he, "butyou remember that our client has rather an early appointment thismorning."

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    {  "And, no doubt, to free the country from a pest?"

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      "'Where was the sun?'}

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      "Perhaps you will explain what you are talking about."

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      "I should have followed him through the open window if I had beenstronger. As it was, I rang the bell and roused the house. It tooksome little time, for the bell rings in the kitchen and the servantsall sleep upstairs. I shouted, however, and that brought Josephdown, and he roused the others. Joseph and the groom found marks onthe bed outside the window, but the weather has been so dry latelythat they found it hopeless to follow the trail across the grass.There's a place, however, on the wooden fence which skirts the roadwhich shows signs, they tell me, as if someone had got over, and hadsnapped the top of the rail in doing so. I have said nothing to thelocal police yet, for I thought I had best have your opinion first."This tale of our client's appeared to have an extraordinary effectupon Sherlock Holmes. He rose from his chair and paced about theroom in uncontrollable excitement.

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       "Thank God for that. But come in. You must be weary, for you havehad a long day."

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    {  "I hardly think that likely. I never saw a more inexorable face inmy life."

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