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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You expected my son would be a coward?" cried the count.
2.  "You prefer, then," said the abbe, "that I should bestow onmen you say are false and treacherous, the reward intendedfor faithful friendship?"
3.  "On foot, yes, in a carriage, no."
4.  "A thousand thanks, madame," replied Monte Cristo "but Ihave an engagement which I cannot break. I have promised toescort to the Academie a Greek princess of my acquaintancewho has never seen your grand opera, and who relies on me toconduct her thither."
5.  It was one of the magnificent autumn days which make amendsfor a short summer; the clouds which M. de Villefort hadperceived at sunrise had all disappeared as if by magic, andone of the softest and most brilliant days of Septembershone forth in all its splendor.
6.  "`Given at Constantinople, by authority of his highness, inthe year 1247 of the Hegira.


1.  "You will bring him, then? You carry your goodness so far aseven to present him to me yourself?"
2.  "Why, if to-day before eleven o'clock your father has notfound someone who will come to his aid, he will be compelledat twelve o'clock to declare himself a bankrupt."
3.  "They are perfect mother, so perfect, that they surpass byfar all I have known in the leading aristocracy of the threeproudest nobilities of Europe -- the English, the Spanish,and the German." The countess paused a moment; then, after aslight hesitation, she resumed, -- "You have seen, my dearAlbert -- I ask the question as a mother -- you have seen M.de Monte Cristo in his house, you are quicksighted, havemuch knowledge of the world, more tact than is usual at yourage, do you think the count is really what he appears tobe?"
4.  "Not so," replied Danglars; "your advice is wrong, so Ishall not follow it. My money boxes are my Pactolus, as, Ithink, M. Demoustier says, and I will not retard its course,or disturb its calm. My clerks are honest men, who earn myfortune, whom I pay much below their deserts, if I may valuethem according to what they bring in; therefore I shall notget into a passion with them; those with whom I will be in apassion are those who eat my dinners, mount my horses, andexhaust my fortune."
5.  "I recommend you to be prudent."
6.  Apprised in time of the visit paid him, Monte Cristo had,from behind the blinds of his pavilion, as minutely observedthe baron, by means of an excellent lorgnette, as Danglarshimself had scrutinized the house, garden, and servants."That fellow has a decidedly bad countenance," said thecount in a tone of disgust, as he shut up his glass into itsivory case. "How comes it that all do not retreat inaversion at sight of that flat, receding, serpent-likeforehead, round, vulture-shaped head, and sharp-hooked nose,like the beak of a buzzard? Ali," cried he, striking at thesame time on the brazen gong. Ali appeared. "SummonBertuccio," said the count. Almost immediately Bertuccioentered the apartment. "Did your excellency desire to seeme?" inquired he. "I did," replied the count. "You no doubtobserved the horses standing a few minutes since at thedoor?"


1.  "Possibly; but it is not the exterior I care for, it is theinterior. What beautiful furniture there must be in it!"
2.  "Speak out then, say what it was!"
3.  And taking Barrois under the arms, he dragged him into anadjoining room; but almost immediately he returned to fetchthe lemonade. Noirtier closed lids right eye. "You wantValentine, do you not? I will tell them to send her to you."Villefort returned, and d'Avrigny met him in the passage."Well, how is he now?" asked he. "Come in here," saidd'Avrigny, and he took him into the chamber where the sickman lay. "Is he still in a fit?" said the procureur.
4.  "That one?"
5.   The artist who could have depicted the expression of thesetwo countenances would certainly have made of them abeautiful picture. All these proofs of an energeticresolution, which Albert did not fear on his own account,alarmed him for his mother. "What are you doing?" asked he.
6.  "Summer balls are fashionable."


1.  "I suppose you have some cause of quarrel?"
2.  "Well," said Morcerf, impatiently, "what does all thismean?"
3.  "Contempt, my friend? How does this misfortune affect you?No, happily that unjust prejudice is forgotten which madethe son responsible for the father's actions. Review yourlife, Albert; although it is only just beginning, did alovely summer's day ever dawn with greater purity than hasmarked the commencement of your career? No, Albert, take myadvice. You are young and rich -- leave Paris -- all is soonforgotten in this great Babylon of excitement and changingtastes. You will return after three or four years with aRussian princess for a bride, and no one will think more ofwhat occurred yesterday than if it had happened sixteenyears ago."
4、  "Who is Madame?" asked Chateau-Renaud.
5、  "I?"




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      "Why, the number of persons condemned to suffer, theirnames, and description of the death they are to die."

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      "His carelessness and indifference touch me to the heart,"said Julie. "Oh, Maximilian, Maximilian, you are certainlyconcealing something from us."

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      "Confound you and your punctuality!" said Andrea, throwinghimself into a chair in a manner which implied that he wouldrather have flung it at the head of his host.

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    {  "Well, look at my coat-of-arms, it is worth more thanMorcerf's."

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      "Why, upon my soul, my dear fellow, it strikes me that ourelegant and attentive neighbor must either be somesuccessful stock-jobber who has speculated in the fall ofthe Spanish funds, or some prince travelling incog."}

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      "No; the offence was public, and every one is alreadytalking of it."

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       "Yes, madame," replied Villefort, "it is not only projectedbut arranged."

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    {  "And the same love for you -- eh, my dear child?"

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