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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Buckingham conducted the goldsmith to the chamber destined forhim, and which, at the end of half an hour, was transformed intoa workshop. Then he placed a sentinel at each door, with anorder to admit nobody upon any pretense but his VALET DE CHAMBRE,Patrick. We need not add that the goldsmith, O'Reilly, and hisassistant, were prohibited from going out under any pretext.This point, settled, the duke turned to D'Artagnan. "Now, myyoung friend," said he, "England is all our own. What do youwish for? What do you desire?"
2.  "Which I received this morning."
3.  "To see Athos now, and if you will come thither, I beg you tomake haste, for we have lost much time already. A PROPOS, informBazin."
4.  "Beware of what you are about, gentlemen!" said a clearvoice which seemed accustomed to command.
5.  "Pledge it, then; you can borrow at least a thousand crownson it. With that sum you can extricate yourself from yourpresent difficulties; and when you are full of money again,you can redeem it, and take it back cleansed from itsancient stains, as it will have passed through the hands ofusurers."
6.  D'Artagnan opened it, and as the day was beginning to decline, heapproached the window to read it. The citizen followed him."'Do not seek your wife,'" read D'Artagnan; "'she will berestored to you when there is no longer occasion for her. If youmake a single step to find her you are lost.'


1.  D'Artagnan raised his head and uttered a cry of joy. It was the man hecalled his phantom; it was his stranger of Meung, of the Rue desFossoyeurs and of Arras.
2.  D'Artagnan was not so dull as not to perceive that he was one toomany; but he was not sufficiently broken into the fashions of thegay world to know how to extricate himself gallantly from a falseposition, like that of a man who begins to mingle with people heis scarcely acquainted with and in a conversation that does notconcern him. He was seeking in his mind, then, for the leastawkward means of retreat, when he remarked that Aramis had lethis handkerchief fall, and by mistake, no doubt, had placed hisfoot upon it. This appeared to be a favorable opportunity torepair his intrusion. He stooped, and with the most gracious airhe could assume, drew the handkerchief from under the foot of theMusketeer in spite of the efforts the latter made to detain it,and holding it out to him, said, "I believe, monsieur, that thisis a handkerchief you would be sorry to lose?"
3.  The little house was surrounded by a low, quickset hedge, two or threefeet high. Athos sprang over the hedge and went up to the window, whichwas without shutters, but had the half-curtains closely drawn.He mounted the skirting stone that his eyes might look over the curtain.By the light of a lamp he saw a woman, wrapped in a dark mantle, seatedupon a stool near a dying fire. Her elbows were placed upon a meantable, and she leaned her head upon her two hands, which were white asivory.
4.  "And it is well I can, Chevalier," said Milady, "for do you know what isgoing on here?"
5.  "Well, then, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan, forward!"cried Athos.
6.  "Does he talk?"


1.  "Neither is it my intention, monsieur, for this time I was seeking you;in the name of the king, I arrest you."
2.  "Someone is talking in the street."
3.  "Without doubt you will, monsieur; he persists in remainingthere. We every day pass through the air hole some bread at theend of a fork, and some meat when he asks for it; but alas! Itis not of bread and meat of which he makes the greatestconsumption. I once endeavored to go down with two of myservants; but he flew into terrible rage. I heard the noise hemade in loading his pistols, and his servant in loading hismusketoon. Then, when we asked them what were their intentions,the master replied that he had forty charges to fire, and that heand his lackey would fire to the last one before he would allow asingle soul of us to set foot in the cellar. Upon this I wentand complained to the governor, who replied that I only had whatI deserved, and that it would teach me to insult honorablegentlemen who took up their abode in my house."
4.  "Silence!" said D'Artagnan, pressing her hand more closely."How is there still time?" asked the man in the cloak."I go to the Louvre; I ask for Mme. Bonacieux; I say that I havereflected; I renew the affair; I obtain the letter, and I rundirectly to the cardinal."
5.   "The greatest, my dear Bonacieux; I don't conceal this from you.""Then the cardinal will be pleased with me?"
6.  "I am at your orders," said D'Artagnan.


1.  "Ah," cried D'Artagnan, really carried away by the passionthis woman had the power to kindle in his heart, "ah, thatis because my happiness appears so impossible to me; and Ihave such fear that it should fly away from me like a dreamthat I pant to make a reality of it."
2.  "Pardon me," said he; "but the instant your Majesty considers mea prejudiced judge, I withdraw."
3.  "In the house in which the judicial inquiry was made," continuedthe impassive cardinal, "there lodges, I believe, a youngBearnais, a friend of the Musketeer."
4、  Athos replied, always by gestures, that that was well, andindicated to Grimaud, by pointing to a turret that resembleda pepper caster, that he was to stand as sentinel. Only, toalleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him totake a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.
5、  The first advantage had been gained by Buckingham. Arrivingunexpectedly in sight of the Isle of Re with ninety vesselsand nearly twenty thousand men, he had surprised the Comtede Toiras, who commanded for the king in the Isle, and hehad, after a bloody conflict, effected his landing.Allow us to observe in passing that in this fight perishedthe Baron de Chantal; that the Baron de Chantal left alittle orphan girl eighteen months old, and that this littlegirl was afterward Mme. de Sevigne.




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      "This doctor has a niece," continued Aramis.

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      "But I must write."

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       "Then I will not leave you."

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      Monsieur passed along the front of the line; then all thesuperior officers approached him to pay their compliments,M. Dessessart, captain of the Guards, as well as the others.At the expiration of a minute or two, it appeared toD'Artagnan that M. Dessessart made him a sign to approach.He waited for a fresh gesture on the part of his superior,for fear he might be mistaken; but this gesture beingrepeated, he left the ranks, and advanced to receive orders."Monsieur is about to ask for some men of good will for adangerous mission, but one which will do honor to those whoshall accomplish it; and I made you a sign in order that youmight hold yourself in readiness."

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    {  "I have been sufficiently unjust to believe so; but during the last twoor three days I have obtained proof to the contrary, for which I thankGod--for it would have cost me very dear to think she had forgotten me.But you, madame, you appear to be free," continued the novice; "and ifyou were inclined to fly it only rests with yourself to do so.""Whither would you have me go, without friends, without money, in a partof France with which I am unacquainted, and where I have never beenbefore?"

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      "That's correct," said the captain.}

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      "The name of that port?"

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      "'Hear me,' said he; 'this man has gone, and for the moment hasconsequently escaped my vengeance; but let us be united, as wewere to have been, and then leave it to Lord de Winter tomaintain his own honor and that of his wife.'"

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       "Ah, if you speak in that way," said Athos, "you will break myheart, and the tears will flow from my eyes as the wine flowedfrom the cask. We are not such devils as we appear to be. Comehither, and let us talk."

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    {  "Well, and what does it signify whether it was he or I? Is thereany crime in this request?"

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      "I am glad they please you."