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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then of what other scourge are you afraid, my dear Blacas?"
2.  "No; of the French Academy."
3.  "Just what you please; you may speak of her country and ofher youthful reminiscences, or if you like it better you cantalk of Rome, Naples, or Florence."
4.  "Or will you allow me to show you several fine statues byThorwaldsen, Bartoloni, and Canova? -- all foreign artists,for, as you may perceive, I think but very indifferently ofour French sculptors."
5.  "In the first place, and before everything else, sir, is thenews as bad in your opinion as I am asked to believe?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "True," said Caderousse; "Benedetto has become the son of agreat lord."
2.  "There is a felucca for you at anchor. Jacopo will carry youto Leghorn, where Monsieur Noirtier awaits hisgranddaughter, whom he wishes to bless before you lead herto the altar. All that is in this grotto, my friend, myhouse in the Champs Elysees, and my chateau at Treport, arethe marriage gifts bestowed by Edmond Dantes upon the son ofhis old master, Morrel. Mademoiselle de Villefort will sharethem with you; for I entreat her to give to the poor theimmense fortune reverting to her from her father, now amadman, and her brother who died last September with hismother. Tell the angel who will watch over your futuredestiny, Morrel, to pray sometimes for a man, who like Satanthought himself for an instant equal to God, but who nowacknowledges with Christian humility that God alonepossesses supreme power and infinite wisdom. Perhaps thoseprayers may soften the remorse he feels in his heart. As foryou, Morrel, this is the secret of my conduct towards you.There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there isonly the comparison of one state with another, nothing more.He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experiencesupreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die,Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of living.
3.  "But the strangest part of the story is," resumed the abbe,"that Dantes, even in his dying moments, swore by hiscrucified Redeemer, that he was utterly ignorant of thecause of his detention."
4.  "Ah, thus it is that our material origin is revealed," criedSinbad; "we frequently pass so near to happiness withoutseeing, without regarding it, or if we do see and regard it,yet without recognizing it. Are you a man for thesubstantials, and is gold your god? taste this, and themines of Peru, Guzerat, and Golconda are opened to you. Areyou a man of imagination -- a poet? taste this, and theboundaries of possibility disappear; the fields of infinitespace open to you, you advance free in heart, free in mind,into the boundless realms of unfettered revery. Are youambitious, and do you seek after the greatnesses of theearth? taste this, and in an hour you will be a king, not aking of a petty kingdom hidden in some corner of Europe likeFrance, Spain, or England, but king of the world, king ofthe universe, king of creation; without bowing at the feetof Satan, you will be king and master of all the kingdoms ofthe earth. Is it not tempting what I offer you, and is itnot an easy thing, since it is only to do thus? look!" Atthese words he uncovered the small cup which contained thesubstance so lauded, took a teaspoonful of the magicsweetmeat, raised it to his lips, and swallowed it slowlywith his eyes half shut and his head bent backwards. Franzdid not disturb him whilst he absorbed his favoritesweetmeat, but when he had finished, he inquired, -- "What,then, is this precious stuff?"
5.  "What our enemies say of us is then true. We have learntnothing, forgotten nothing! If I were betrayed as he was, Iwould console myself; but to be in the midst of personselevated by myself to places of honor, who ought to watchover me more carefully than over themselves, -- for myfortune is theirs -- before me they were nothing -- after methey will be nothing, and perish miserably from incapacity-- ineptitude! Oh, yes, sir, you are right -- it isfatality!"
6.  "Has your husband any Spanish bonds?" he asked of thebaroness.


1.  Valentine went to the door, and called Barrois. Villefort'simpatience during this scene made the perspiration roll fromhis forehead, and Franz was stupefied. The old servant came."Barrois," said Valentine, "my grandfather has told me toopen that drawer in the secretary, but there is a secretspring in it, which you know -- will you open it?"
2.  "Have you tied the knot?" inquired the first speaker.
3.  "Because I am he who saved your father's life when he wishedto destroy himself, as you do to-day -- because I am the manwho sent the purse to your young sister, and the Pharaon toold Morrel -- because I am the Edmond Dantes who nursed you,a child, on my knees." Morrel made another step back,staggering, breathless, crushed; then all his strength giveway, and he fell prostrate at the feet of Monte Cristo. Thenhis admirable nature underwent a complete and suddenrevulsion; he arose, rushed out of the room and to thestairs, exclaiming energetically, "Julie, Julie -- Emmanuel,Emmanuel!"
4.  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo, sighing.
5.   "Certainly; it being at the same time perfectly understoodthat he should have been duly fortified against the poisonto which he had not been accustomed."
6.  "It is important that you should fulfil this mission inperson and alone. If you go accompanied by any other person,or should any one else go in your place, the porter willreply that he does not know anything about it."


1.  "Yes." Noirtier raised his eyes, it was the sign agreed onbetween him and Valentine when he wanted anything.
2.  "I have been made a baron, so that I actually am one; hemade himself a count, so that he is not one at all."
3.  "Alas," returned the captain with an accent of the mostprofound pity, "we ought always to help one another. Veryoften the bandits are hard pressed by gendarmes orcarbineers; well, they see a vessel, and good fellows likeus on board, they come and demand hospitality of us; youcan't refuse help to a poor hunted devil; we receive them,and for greater security we stand out to sea. This costs usnothing, and saves the life, or at least the liberty, of afellow-creature, who on the first occasion returns theservice by pointing out some safe spot where we can land ourgoods without interruption."
4、  The stranger smiled a melancholy smile. "Then listen," saidhe. "l am the Abbe Faria, and have been imprisoned as youknow in this Chateau d'If since the year 1811; previously towhich I had been confined for three years in the fortress ofFenestrelle. In the year 1811 I was transferred to Piedmontin France. It was at this period I learned that the destinywhich seemed subservient to every wish formed by Napoleon,had bestowed on him a son, named king of Rome even in hiscradle. I was very far then from expecting the change youhave just informed me of; namely, that four yearsafterwards, this colossus of power would be overthrown. Thenwho reigns in France at this moment -- Napoleon II.?"
5、  She loved Villefort, and he left her at the moment he wasabout to become her husband. Villefort knew not when heshould return, and Renee, far from pleading for Dantes,hated the man whose crime separated her from her lover.




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      "No, she is a Bordeaux vessel, La Gironde; she comes fromIndia also; but she is not mine."

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      "Well, Valentine," said Morrel with a sigh, "we will notdiscuss the matter further. I will not make a confidant ofhim."

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       Villefort understood the king's intent. Any other personwould, perhaps, have been overcome by such an intoxicatingdraught of praise; but he feared to make for himself amortal enemy of the police minister, although he saw thatDandre was irrevocably lost. In fact, the minister, who, inthe plenitude of his power, had been unable to unearthNapoleon's secret, might in despair at his own downfallinterrogate Dantes and so lay bare the motives ofVillefort's plot. Realizing this, Villefort came to therescue of the crest-fallen minister, instead of aiding tocrush him.

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      "Agreed." Ali reappeared for the third time, and drew backthe tapestried hanging which concealed the door, to signifyto his master and Albert that they were at liberty to passon. "Let us go in," said Monte Cristo.

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    {  "And then?"

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      "I left it when I was but five years old," replied Haidee.

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      "Bravo!" cried one of the guests; "that is what I calltalking to some purpose."

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       "Which box do you mean?" asked the countess.

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    {  And now let us leave Mademoiselle Danglars and her friendpursuing their way to Brussels, and return to poor AndreaCavalcanti, so inopportunely interrupted in his rise tofortune. Notwithstanding his youth, Master Andrea was a veryskilful and intelligent boy. We have seen that on the firstrumor which reached the salon he had gradually approachedthe door, and crossing two or three rooms at lastdisappeared. But we have forgotten to mention onecircumstance, which nevertheless ought not to be omitted; inone of the rooms he crossed, the trousseau of thebride-elect was on exhibition. There were caskets ofdiamonds, cashmere shawls, Valenciennes lace, Englishveilings, and in fact all the tempting things, the baremention of which makes the hearts of young girls bound withjoy, and which is called the "corbeille."* Now, in passingthrough this room, Andrea proved himself not only to beclever and intelligent, but also provident, for he helpedhimself to the most valuable of the ornaments before him.

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      "But that is the history of the Hundred Days, M. Bertuccio,"said the count; "unless I am mistaken, it has been alreadywritten."