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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Directly I have given my card to the count, who haspromised to pay us a visit at Rue Meslay, No. 14."
2.  "Sir," said Valentine, "my grandfather wishes for a notary."At this strange and unexpected demand M. de Villefort andhis father exchanged looks. "Yes," motioned the latter, witha firmness which seemed to declare that with the help ofValentine and his old servant, who both knew what his wisheswere, he was quite prepared to maintain the contest. "Do youwish for a notary?" asked Villefort.
3.  "What is it, sir?"
4.  "I will profit by them to tell you something about myguest."
5.  "Yes," said the old man's look, with eagerness.
6.  "Who does not love you?" Valentine smiled sadly. "What areyour grandmother's symptoms?"


1.  "Ah, baron, baron," said Albert, "you are not listening --what barbarism in a melomaniac like you!"
2.  "No, the coachman, Ali, and Baptistin will go." The countdescended to the door of his mansion, and beheld hiscarriage drawn by the very pair of horses he had so muchadmired in the morning as the property of Danglars. As hepassed them he said -- "They are extremely handsomecertainly, and you have done well to purchase them, althoughyou were somewhat remiss not to have procured them sooner."
3.  "Yes; but one gets out of prison," said Caderousse, who,with what sense was left him, listened eagerly to theconversation, "and when one gets out and one's name isEdmond Dantes, one seeks revenge" --
4.  Edmond took the old man in his arms, and laid him on thebed.
5.  "Thank you, gentlemen," replied Albert, with a smile ofindifference; "I shall follow your advice -- not because yougive it, but because I had before intended to quit France. Ithank you equally for the service you have rendered me inbeing my seconds. It is deeply engraved on my heart, and,after what you have just said, I remember that only."Chateau-Renaud and Beauchamp looked at each other; theimpression was the same on both of them, and the tone inwhich Morcerf had just expressed his thanks was sodetermined that the position would have become embarrassingfor all if the conversation had continued.
6.  "Not I. As I before said, I thought the whole thing was ajoke, nothing more. It seems, however, that I haveunconsciously stumbled upon the truth."


1.  "Shall you be happy if I do what you wish?"
2.  "Mademoiselle Valentine." D'Avrigny struck his forehead withhis hand. "Gracious heaven," exclaimed he. "Doctor, doctor!"cried Barrois, who felt another fit coming.
3.  "True," replied the marquise, without wincing in theslightest degree at the tragic remembrance thus called up;"but bear in mind, if you please, that our respectiveparents underwent persecution and proscription fromdiametrically opposite principles; in proof of which I mayremark, that while my family remained among the stanchestadherents of the exiled princes, your father lost no time injoining the new government; and that while the CitizenNoirtier was a Girondin, the Count Noirtier became asenator."
4.  "No, sire, for that would only betoken for us seven years ofplenty and seven years of scarcity; and with a king as fullof foresight as your majesty, scarcity is not a thing to befeared."
5.   Caderousse, who touched the diamond, withdrew his hand. Theabbe smiled. "In exchange," he continued, "give me the redsilk purse that M. Morrel left on old Dantes' chimney-piece,and which you tell me is still in your hands." Caderousse,more and more astonished, went toward a large oakencupboard, opened it, and gave the abbe a long purse of fadedred silk, round which were two copper runners that had oncebeen gilt. The abbe took it, and in return gave Caderoussethe diamond.
6.  "No; but he has a very comfortable one all the same, so theysay."


1.  "But you should have inquired for the woman; you should havetraced her."
2.  "But swear that you will not strike me as I go down."
3.  "Jealousy indicates affection."
4、  "And you, count, have made this match?" asked Beauchamp.
5、  The inspector listened attentively; then, turning to thegovernor, observed, "He will become religious -- he isalready more gentle; he is afraid, and retreated before thebayonets -- madmen are not afraid of anything; I made somecurious observations on this at Charenton." Then, turning tothe prisoner, "What is it you want?" said he.




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      "So far, then," said Danglars, mentally, "all has gone as Iwould have it. I am, temporarily, commander of the Pharaon,with the certainty of being permanently so, if that fool ofa Caderousse can be persuaded to hold his tongue. My onlyfear is the chance of Dantes being released. But, there, heis in the hands of Justice; and," added he with a smile,"she will take her own." So saying, he leaped into a boat,desiring to be rowed on board the Pharaon, where M. Morrelhad agreed to meet him.

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      "Where was she built?"

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       "I will obey your orders, my lord."

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      "It was not I who wished to kill the Jew," said Caderousse;"it was La Carconte."

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    {  "Not a word."

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      "I promise." It was Villefort who seemed to entreat, and theprisoner who reassured him.}

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      "Would you pass in his eyes for a prophet?"

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      "I cannot believe it," murmured the banker. Madame Danglarswhispered a few words in the ear of Debray, who approachedMonte Cristo, saying, "The baroness wishes to know what youpaid her husband for the horses."

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       "I wish to see the governor." The jailer shrugged hisshoulders and left the chamber.

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    {  Monte Cristo for some time kept his eyes fixed on the younggirl, who gradually fell asleep, yielding to the effects ofthe narcotic the count had given her. Then he took theglass, emptied three parts of the contents in the fireplace,that it might be supposed Valentine had taken it, andreplaced it on the table; then he disappeared, afterthrowing a farewell glance on Valentine, who slept with theconfidence and innocence of an angel.

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      "Dentro la testa!" answered a solemn and imperious voice,accompanied by a menacing gesture. Danglars thought dentrola testa meant, "Put in your head!" He was making rapidprogress in Italian. He obeyed, not without some uneasiness,which, momentarily increasing, caused his mind, instead ofbeing as unoccupied as it was when he began his journey, tofill with ideas which were very likely to keep a travellerawake, more especially one in such a situation as Danglars.His eyes acquired that quality which in the first moment ofstrong emotion enables them to see distinctly, and whichafterwards fails from being too much taxed. Before we arealarmed, we see correctly; when we are alarmed, we seedouble; and when we have been alarmed, we see nothing buttrouble. Danglars observed a man in a cloak galloping at theright hand of the carriage.