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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The time for wine came. M. Coquenard poured from a verysmall stone bottle the third of a glass for each of theyoung men, served himself in about the same proportion, andpassed the bottle to Porthos and Mme. Coquenard.
2.  "Oh, your Eminence knows him well," cried Milady, carriedaway by her anger. "He is the evil genius of both of us.It is he who in an encounter with your Eminence's Guardsdecided the victory in favor of the king's Musketeers; it ishe who gave three desperate wounds to De Wardes, youremissary, and who caused the affair of the diamond studs tofail; it is he who, knowing it was I who had MadameBonacieux carried off, has sworn my death."
3.  "But as he exposed himself like a vagabond or a thief, he shouldhave been--"
4.  "And how do you know her?"
5.  Then the young man tremblingly comprehended what a terriblethirst for vengeance urged this woman on to destroy him, aswell as all who loved him, and how well she must beacquainted with the affairs of the court, since she haddiscovered all. There could be no doubt she owed thisinformation to the cardinal.
6.  "Ah!" cried the Musketeer, as if he had received a ball inhis heart.


1.  "No, he will not desert," said the king; "he can always be found,as Treville says. Besides," added he, lowering his voice andlooking with a suppliant air at the cardinal, "let us give themapparent security; that is policy."
2.  "The devil!" cried D'Artagnan.
3.  The abbess listened more attentively, grew animated by degrees, andsmiled.
4.  D'Artagnan was not so dull as not to perceive that he was one toomany; but he was not sufficiently broken into the fashions of thegay world to know how to extricate himself gallantly from a falseposition, like that of a man who begins to mingle with people heis scarcely acquainted with and in a conversation that does notconcern him. He was seeking in his mind, then, for the leastawkward means of retreat, when he remarked that Aramis had lethis handkerchief fall, and by mistake, no doubt, had placed hisfoot upon it. This appeared to be a favorable opportunity torepair his intrusion. He stooped, and with the most gracious airhe could assume, drew the handkerchief from under the foot of theMusketeer in spite of the efforts the latter made to detain it,and holding it out to him, said, "I believe, monsieur, that thisis a handkerchief you would be sorry to lose?"
5.  Athos rose, and offering him his hand, "Be welcome, my Lord," said he,"you are one of us."
6.  The cavalier made a movement as if to follow the carriage;but D'Artagnan, whose anger, already excited, was muchincreased by recognizing in him the Englishman of Amiens whohad won his horse and had been very near winning his diamondof Athos, caught at his bridle and stopped him.


1.  Bazin sighed.
2.  "No, monsieur, no; you appear to be an honest young man, and Iwill have confidence in you. I believe, then, that it is not onaccount of any intrigues of her own that my wife has beenarrested, but because of those of a lady much greater thanherself."
3.  "She is afraid so."
4.  "Your Majesty's orders shall be executed; but--"
5.   "Yes, yes, madame! Yes, your Majesty!" cried the duke. "I knowthat I must have been mad, senseless, to believe that snow wouldbecome animated or marble warm; but what then! They who lovebelieve easily in love. Besides, I have lost nothing by thisjourney because I see you."
6.  "I took then, in conformity with the orders of the authorities,who sent me a reinforcement of six men, such measures as Ithought necessary to get possession of the persons of thepretended coiners."


1.  Milady made no reply, but became as pale as a corpse."Oh, I see you prefer peregrination. That's well madame; andthere is an old proverb that says, 'Traveling trains youth.' Myfaith! you are not wrong after all, and life is sweet. That'sthe reason why I take such care you shall not deprive me of mine.There only remains, then, the question of the five shillings tobe settled. You think me rather parsimonious, don't you? That'sbecause I don't care to leave you the means of corrupting yourjailers. Besides, you will always have your charms left toseduce them with. Employ them, if your check with regard toFelton has not disgusted you with attempts of that kind.""Felton has not told him," said Milady to herself. "Nothing islost, then."
2.  Soon after she heard lighter steps than those of the sentinel,which came from the end of the corridor and stopped before herdoor.
3.  And D'Artagnan have, feature for feature, a description of theComte de Wardes.
4、  "It is thus I will always treat my enemies and yours, Duke,however high they may be placed, and whatever peril I may incurin acting severely toward them."
5、  "It is some superior officer making his night rounds," saidAthos. "What do you wish, gentlemen?"




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      M. Coquenard knit his eyebrows because there were too manygood things. Porthos bit his lips because he saw not thewherewithal to dine. He looked to see if the dish of beanswas still there; the dish of beans had disappeared."A positive feast!" cried M. Coquenard, turning about in hischair, "a real feast, EPULCE EPULORUM. Lucullus dines withLucullus."

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      "Monday next."

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       "Your horse, seven against eight; a point short--you know theproverb."

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      "What! Mousqueton is here, then?"

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    {  She allowed the vessel to pass Lorient and Brest withoutrepeating her request to the captain, who, on his part, took carenot to remind her of it. Milady therefore continued her voyage,and on the very day that Planchet embarked at Portsmouth forFrance, the messenger of his Eminence entered the port intriumph.

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      "Ah, ah!" said Lord de Winter, "after having played comedy, afterhaving played tragedy, we are now playing melancholy?"The prisoner made no reply.}

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      "I thank you, madame," said he, "for the deference you have shownto my wishes, but I think you want two of the studs, and I bringthem back to you."

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      "Ah, you gentlemen of policy!" replied the cardinal, knitting hisbrow in his turn, "the secret of many unknown things mightperhaps be found in your brains, if we could read them as youread that letter which you concealed as soon as you saw mecoming."

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       "It is a forgery."

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    {  "I don't know what you mean," replied Felton, quietly, "and I amignorant of whom you are speaking, my Lord. I killed the Duke ofBuckingham because he twice refused you yourself to appoint me captain;I have punished him for his injustice, that is all."De Winter, stupefied, looked on while the soldiers bound Felton, andcould not tell what to think of such insensibility.One thing alone, however, threw a shade over the pallid brow of Felton.At every noise he heard, the simple Puritan fancied he recognized thestep and voice of Milady coming to throw herself into his arms, toaccuse herself, and die with him.

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      "Aramis, Aramis!" cried D'Artagnan, looking at his friend with anair of doubt.