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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My father and the Baron d'Epinay lived in the stormy timesof which I only saw the ending," said Villefort.
2.  "Aw?" said the Englishman, "I practice shooting every day,and every other day Grisier comes to my house."
3.  Bertuccio bowed respectfully, and turned away, sighingheavily. Monte Cristo, left alone, took three or four stepsonwards, and murmured, "Here, beneath this plane-tree, musthave been where the infant's grave was dug. There is thelittle door opening into the garden. At this corner is theprivate staircase communicating with the sleeping apartment.There will be no necessity for me to make a note of theseparticulars, for there, before my eyes, beneath my feet, allaround me, I have the plan sketched with all the livingreality of truth." After making the tour of the garden asecond time, the count re-entered his carriage, whileBertuccio, who perceived the thoughtful expression of hismaster's features, took his seat beside the driver withoututtering a word. The carriage proceeded rapidly towardsParis.
4.  "Explain yourself."
5.  "Well, I'm sure," said Morcerf, "this is indeed news! Am Iallowed to repeat it?"
6.  "Oh, they have a house to themselves. Picture to yourself apretty coach-house at the right-hand side where the laddersare kept. Well, over that coach-house are the servants'rooms, with bells corresponding with the differentapartments."


1.  "Well, well," said Monte Cristo, "such an innocent lookingperson as you are to do those things, M. Bertuccio, and to aking's attorney at that! But did he know what was meant bythe terrible word `vendetta'?"
2.  "Ah, ha," said the shipowner, "I am not in the leastsurprised, for she has been to me three times, inquiring ifthere were any news of the Pharaon. Peste, Edmond, you havea very handsome mistress!"
3.  "You are wrong, my lord. The love I have for you is verydifferent from the love I had for my father. My father died,but I did not die. If you were to die, I should die too."The Count, with a smile of profound tenderness, extended hishand, and she carried it to her lips. Monte Cristo, thusattuned to the interview he proposed to hold with Morrel andhis family, departed, murmuring as he went these lines ofPindar, "Youth is a flower of which love is the fruit; happyis he who, after having watched its silent growth, ispermitted to gather and call it his own." The carriage wasprepared according to orders, and stepping lightly into it,the count drove off at his usual rapid pace.
4.  "Mother," said the young man, "you know how gladly I wouldobey your wish, but an urgent and important affair obligesme to leave you for the whole evening."
5.  * Savate: an old shoe.
6.  For a moment Dantes was speechless; then he remembered thatthese caves might have been filled up by some accident, oreven stopped up, for the sake of greater security, byCardinal Spada. The point was, then, to discover the hiddenentrance. It was useless to search at night, and Dantestherefore delayed all investigation until the morning.Besides, a signal made half a league out at sea, and towhich The Young Amelia replied by a similar signal,indicated that the moment for business had come. The boatthat now arrived, assured by the answering signal that allwas well, soon came in sight, white and silent as a phantom,and cast anchor within a cable's length of shore.


1.  "My father's income is about 50,000 francs per annum; and hewill give me, perhaps, ten or twelve thousand when I marry."
2.  "But what are you up to?"
3.  "Then you pity him?" said the count.
4.  "Shall I call him?"
5.   "Because they are pursued for having made a stiff, as if itwas not in a Corsican's nature to revenge himself."
6.  "I am afraid if we offer them double that we shall notprocure a carriage."


1.  "Six months afterwards," continued Caderousse, "the marriagetook place in the church of Accoules."
2.  And then, falling upon the chair nearest the door, she burstinto a paroxysm of sobs. The servants, standing in thedoorway, not daring to approach nearer, were looking atNoirtier's old servant, who had heard the noise from hismaster's room, and run there also, remaining behind theothers. Villefort rose, and ran towards his mother-in-law,for it was she.
3.  "Come and help me."
4、  "I beg your pardon," interposed Monte Cristo.
5、  Dantes carefully collected the plaster, carried it into thecorner of his cell, and covered it with earth. Then, wishingto make the best use of his time while he had the means oflabor, he continued to work without ceasing. At the dawn ofday he replaced the stone, pushed his bed against the wall,and lay down. The breakfast consisted of a piece of bread;the jailer entered and placed the bread on the table.




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      "The report was that he had been a naval officer, who hadbeen confined for plotting with the Bonapartists."

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      "He eats, then?"

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       "No," replied Madame Danglars, "I am too ill."

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      "Rue de la Fontaine!" exclaimed Villefort in an agitatedtone; "at what number?"

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    {  "In my trunks? I have but one portmanteau."

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      "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.}

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      "Oh, sir," said Caderousse, putting out one hand timidly,and with the other wiping away the perspiration whichbedewed his brow, -- "Oh, sir, do not make a jest of thehappiness or despair of a man."

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      "Never? That is a long time; but it is something that youbelieve so. Rise and answer." Peppino glanced anxiously atFranz. "Oh, you may speak before his excellency," said he;"he is one of my friends. You allow me to give you thistitle?" continued the count in French, "it is necessary toexcite this man's confidence."

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       "Yes, your excellency." Andrea had expressed a wish to bethus addressed. "But," continued the porter, "he would nottake them." Andrea turned pale, but as it was dark hispallor was not perceptible. "What? he would not take them?"said he with slight emotion.

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    {  "And do you know whither he went?"

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      "Completely so."