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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gendarmes," said the president, "lead in the accused."
2.  Franz's only reply was to take a teaspoonful of themarvellous preparation, about as much in quantity as hishost had eaten, and lift it to his mouth. "Diable!" he said,after having swallowed the divine preserve. "I do not knowif the result will be as agreeable as you describe, but thething does not appear to me as palatable as you say."
3.  "Yes, yes, I know how good a son you are, so now hasten awayto see your father. I have a son too, and I should be verywroth with those who detained him from me after a threemonths' voyage."
4.  "Do you see that island?" continued the captain, pointing toa conical pile rising from the indigo sea.
5.  "I will remember it," said the young man, "as selfishchildren recollect their parents when they want their aid.When I need your assistance, and the moment arrives, I willcome to you, count."
6.  Danglars therefore continued to sleep, saying to himselfthat he would be sure to awake at the posting-house. Thecarriage stopped. Danglars fancied that they had reached thelong-desired point; he opened his eyes and looked throughthe window, expecting to find himself in the midst of sometown, or at least village; but he saw nothing except whatseemed like a ruin, where three or four men went and camelike shadows. Danglars waited a moment, expecting thepostilion to come and demand payment with the termination ofhis stage. He intended taking advantage of the opportunityto make fresh inquiries of the new conductor; but the horseswere unharnessed, and others put in their places, withoutany one claiming money from the traveller. Danglars,astonished, opened the door; but a strong hand pushed himback, and the carriage rolled on. The baron was completelyroused. "Eh?" he said to the postilion, "eh, mio caro?"


1.  "How is it arranged?"
2.  Lucien having left, Danglars took his place on the sofa,closed the open book, and placing himself in a dreadfullydictatorial attitude, he began playing with the dog; but theanimal, not liking him as well as Debray, and attempting tobite him, Danglars seized him by the skin of his neck andthrew him upon a couch on the other side of the room. Theanimal uttered a cry during the transit, but, arrived at itsdestination, it crouched behind the cushions, and stupefiedat such unusual treatment remained silent and motionless."Do you know, sir," asked the baroness, "that you areimproving? Generally you are only rude, but to-night you arebrutal."
3.  The young man overwhelmed by the weight of his anguish, fellheavily on his knees before the bed, which his fingersgrasped with convulsive energy. D'Avrigny, unable to bearthe sight of this touching emotion, turned away; andVillefort, without seeking any further explanation, andattracted towards him by the irresistible magnetism whichdraws us towards those who have loved the people for whom wemourn, extended his hand towards the young man. But Morrelsaw nothing; he had grasped the hand of Valentine, andunable to weep vented his agony in groans as he bit thesheets. For some time nothing was heard in that chamber butsobs, exclamations, and prayers. At length Villefort, themost composed of all, spoke: "Sir," said he to Maximilian,"you say you loved Valentine, that you were betrothed toher. I knew nothing of this engagement, of this love, yet I,her father, forgive you, for I see that your grief is realand deep; and besides my own sorrow is too great for angerto find a place in my heart. But you see that the angel whomyou hoped for has left this earth -- she has nothing more todo with the adoration of men. Take a last farewell, sir, ofher sad remains; take the hand you expected to possess oncemore within your own, and then separate yourself from herforever. Valentine now requires only the ministrations ofthe priest."
4.  "Good-evening, Valentine," said a well-known voice.
5.  Dantes ran down the rocks at the risk of being himselfdashed to pieces; he listened, he groped about, but he heardand saw nothing -- the cries had ceased, and the tempestcontinued to rage. By degrees the wind abated, vast grayclouds rolled towards the west, and the blue firmamentappeared studded with bright stars. Soon a red streak becamevisible in the horizon, the waves whitened, a light playedover them, and gilded their foaming crests with gold. It wasday.
6.  "My good friend, I can only repeat the words addressed toyou by the Abbe Busoni. Villefort merited punishment forwhat he had done to you, and, perhaps, to others. Benedetto,if still living, will become the instrument of divineretribution in some way or other, and then be duly punishedin his turn. As far as you yourself are concerned, I see butone point in which you are really guilty. Ask yourself,wherefore, after rescuing the infant from its living grave,you did not restore it to its mother? There was the crime,Bertuccio -- that was where you became really culpable."


1.  "Yes, he has a wife, who through everything has behaved likean angel; he has a daughter, who was about to marry the manshe loved, but whose family now will not allow him to wedthe daughter of a ruined man; he has, besides, a son, alieutenant in the army; and, as you may suppose, all this,instead of lessening, only augments his sorrows. If he werealone in the world he would blow out his brains, and therewould be an end."
2.  Then he drew from his waistcoat-pocket the little emeraldbox, raised the golden lid, and took from it a pastilleabout the size of a pea, which he placed in her hand. Shetook it, and looked attentively on the count; there was anexpression on the face of her intrepid protector whichcommanded her veneration. She evidently interrogated him byher look. "Yes," said he. Valentine carried the pastille toher mouth, and swallowed it. "And now, my dear child, adieufor the present. I will try and gain a little sleep, for youare saved."
3.  "Very well," said Albert, extending his hand; "I swear Iwill not."
4.  "Doubt, if you please, but I am sure of what I say. I saw awhite figure, and as if to prevent my discrediting thetestimony of only one of my senses, I heard my glass removed-- the same which is there now on the table."
5.   The baron was to sign first, then the representative of M.Cavalcanti, senior, then the baroness, afterwards the"future couple," as they are styled in the abominablephraseology of legal documents. The baron took the pen andsigned, then the representative. The baroness approached,leaning on Madame de Villefort's arm. "My dear," said she,as she took the pen, "is it not vexatious? An unexpectedincident, in the affair of murder and theft at the Count ofMonte Cristo's, in which he nearly fell a victim, deprivesus of the pleasure of seeing M. de Villefort."
6.  Caligula or Nero, those treasure-seekers, those desirers ofthe impossible, would have accorded to the poor wretch, inexchange for his wealth, the liberty he so earnestly prayedfor. But the kings of modern times, restrained by the limitsof mere probability, have neither courage nor desire. Theyfear the ear that hears their orders, and the eye thatscrutinizes their actions. Formerly they believed themselvessprung from Jupiter, and shielded by their birth; butnowadays they are not inviolable.


1.  "I have often read, and read again, the history ofMithridates," said Madame de Villefort in a tone ofreflection, "and had always considered it a fable."
2.  "Of course; it is always with friends that one fights."
3.  "None whatever. Take what precautions you please, if it isany satisfaction to you to do so; but rely upon my obtainingthe reprieve I seek."
4、  "I understand," replied Fernand, "you can endure your ownwretchedness patiently, but you are afraid to share mine.Well, Mercedes, beloved by you, I would tempt fortune; youwould bring me good luck, and I should become rich. I couldextend my occupation as a fisherman, might get a place asclerk in a warehouse, and become in time a dealer myself."
5、  "Come, come," said Monte Cristo, "confess honestly that youhave not perfect confidence in Thomson & French. Iunderstand, and foreseeing that such might be the case, Itook, in spite of my ignorance of affairs, certainprecautions. See, here are two similar letters to that youhave yourself received; one from the house of Arstein &Eskeles of Vienna, to Baron Rothschild, the other drawn byBaring of London, upon M. Laffitte. Now, sir, you have butto say the word, and I will spare you all uneasiness bypresenting my letter of credit to one or other of these twofirms." The blow had struck home, and Danglars was entirelyvanquished; with a trembling hand he took the two lettersfrom the count, who held them carelessly between finger andthumb, and proceeded to scrutinize the signatures, with aminuteness that the count might have regarded as insulting,had it not suited his present purpose to mislead the banker."Oh, sir," said Danglars, after he had convinced himself ofthe authenticity of the documents he held, and rising as ifto salute the power of gold personified in the man beforehim, -- "three letters of unlimited credit! I can be nolonger mistrustful, but you must pardon me, my dear count,for confessing to some degree of astonishment."




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      "Well, be it so, then. Take it from me then, and so long atleast as I receive my income, you shall be paid yours."

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      "On my honor."

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      "The last."

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    {  "Poor count! And is he aware of the danger he has been in?"

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      "Yes, sir," replied the Englishman. "I will not," continuedhe, after a moment's silence, "conceal from you, that whileyour probity and exactitude up to this moment areuniversally acknowledged, yet the report is current inMarseilles that you are not able to meet your liabilities."At this almost brutal speech Morrel turned deathly pale."Sir," said he, "up to this time -- and it is now more thanfour-and-twenty years since I received the direction of thishouse from my father, who had himself conducted it for fiveand thirty years -- never has anything bearing the signatureof Morrel & Son been dishonored."}

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      "That is different," replied Monte Cristo; "but if youintend to tell an untruth, reflect it were better not tospeak at all."

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       Edmond gazed very earnestly at the mass of rocks which gaveout all the variety of twilight colors, from the brightestpink to the deepest blue; and from time to time his cheeksflushed, his brow darkened, and a mist passed over his eyes.Never did gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on onecast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt inhis paroxysms of hope. Night came, and at ten o'clock theyanchored. The Young Amelia was first at the rendezvous. Inspite of his usual command over himself, Dantes could notrestrain his impetuosity. He was the first to jump on shore;and had he dared, he would, like Lucius Brutus, have "kissedhis mother earth." It was dark, but at eleven o'clock themoon rose in the midst of the ocean, whose every wave shesilvered, and then, "ascending high," played in floods ofpale light on the rocky hills of this second Pelion.

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    {  "Oh, yes," was the ready answer.

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      "Really," said Monte Cristo, lowering his voice, "you do notappear to me to be very enthusiastic on the subject of thismarriage."