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"What are you going to do to-night?"


"I call," he said.

"Hello," he said, "where is the jacket and"--looking down--"theshoes?"

Carrie, however, was not to be reduced to the common level ofobservation which prevailed in the flat.

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"All right," replied Hurstwood, sitting down in silence. He wassick of the grind of this thing.

By January he had about concluded that the game was up with him.Life had always seemed a precious thing, but now constant wantand weakened vitality had made the charms of earth rather dulland inconspicuous. Several times, when fortune pressed mostharshly, he thought he would end his troubles; but with a changeof weather, or the arrival of a quarter or a dime, his mood wouldchange, and he would wait. Each day he would find some old paperlying about and look into it, to see if there was any trace ofCarrie, but all summer and fall he had looked in vain. Then henoticed that his eyes were beginning to hurt him, and thisailment rapidly increased until, in the dark chambers of thelodgings he frequented, he did not attempt to read. Bad andirregular eating was weakening every function of his body. Theone recourse left him was to doze when a place offered and hecould get the money to occupy it.

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Carrie laughed ecstatically.

For all the liberal analysis of Spencer and our modernnaturalistic philosophers, we have but an infantile perception ofmorals. There is more in the subject than mere conformity to alaw of evolution. It is yet deeper than conformity to things ofearth alone. It is more involved than we, as yet, perceive.Answer, first, why the heart thrills; explain wherefore someplaintive note goes wandering about the world, undying; makeclear the rose's subtle alchemy evolving its ruddy lamp in lightand rain. In the essence of these facts lie the first principlesof morals.

"The finest resort in town. It's a way-up, swell place."


<"What do you mean?" she asked.In the third place the individual asked:

He took the part home to Carrie and handed it to her with themanner of one who does a favour.





w66appؼʱ̣Ӣ࿪ʼ¡ "What!" said Carrie. "You don't mean to say he stole money, doyou?" ϸ

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w66app⾢ŷ»ǰϯձһ ը "What do you think of them?" he asked. ϸ

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