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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I hardly think that likely. I never saw a more inexorable face inmy life."
2.  Sherlock Holmes sat for some time in silence, with his headsunk forward and his eyes bent upon the red glow of the fire.Then he lit his pipe, and leaning back in his chair he watched theblue smoke-rings as they chased each other up to the ceiling."I think, Watson," he remarked at last, "that of all our caseswe have had none more fantastic than this."
3.  The man turned a shade paler and cast a malignant glance at Holmes."If your Grace wishes-"
4.  My experience of camp life in Afghanistan had at least had theeffect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were fewand simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a cab withmy valise, rattling away to Paddington Station. Sherlock Holmes waspacing up and down the platform, his tall, gaunt figure made evengaunter and taller by his long gray travelling-cloak and close fittingcloth cap.
5.  "This is, indeed, like the old days. We shall have time for amouthful of dinner before we need go. Well, then, about that chasm.I had no serious difficulty in getting out of it, for the verysimple reason that I never was in it."
6.  "Would he not have hidden a couple, had he desired to give theidea that they had gone off upon them?"


1.  "A coincidence! Here is one of the three men whom we had named aspossible actors in this drama, and he meets a violent death during thevery hours when we know that that drama was being enacted. The oddsare enormous against its being coincidence. No figures could expressthem. No, my dear Watson, the two events are connected- must beconnected. It is for us to find the connection."
2.  "He might."
3.  "By the way," said the landlord in conclusion, "you are not the onlyfriend of Lady Frances Carfax who is inquiring after her just now.Only a week or so ago we had a man where upon the same errand.""Did he give a name?" I asked.
4.  "So, by the process of exclusion, we arrive at the fact that he madehis way toward Charlington Hall, which, as I understand, is situatedin its own grounds on one side of the road. Anything else?""Nothing, Mr. Holmes, save that I was so perplexed that I felt Ishould not be happy until I had seen you and had your advice."Holmes sat in silence for some little time.
5.  "Where does he sleep?"
6.  "No, she's your widow."


1.  Cyril Overton was much excited. "Hold it to the glass!" he cried."That is unnecessary," said Holmes. "The paper is thin, and thereverse will give the message. Here it is." He turned it over, andwe read:
2.  "The date being-?" asked Holmes.
3.  "Ay, bodies, Watson. We should be rich men if we had L1000 for everypoor devil who has been done to death in that den. It is the vilestmurder-trap on the whole riverside, and I fear that Neville St.Clair has entered it never to leave it more. But our trap should behere." He put his two forefingers between his teeth and whistledshrilly-a signal which was answered by a similar whistle from thedistance, followed shortly by the rattle of wheels and the clink ofhorses' hoofs.
4.  "Oh, yes, I did. You remember in her statement she said that hersister could smell Dr. Roylott's cigar. Now, of course thatsuggested at once that there must be a communication between the tworooms. It could only be a small one, or would have been remarkedupon at the coroner's inquiry. I deduced a ventilator.""But what harm can there be in that?"
5.   "He is still with you, I presume?"
6.  "Yes, sir, he wrote an answer."


1.  "The burglar, sir. He was off like a shot and got clean away. He'djust broke in at the pantry window when William came on him and methis end in saving his master's property."
2.  My companion seemed to have no further plans for the day, and we didactually use our fishing tackle in the mill-stream, with the resultthat we had a dish of trout for our supper. It was only after thatmeal that Holmes showed signs of renewed activity. Once more wefound ourselves upon the same road as in the morning, which led usto the park gates. A tall, dark figure was awaiting us there, whoproved to be our London acquaintance, Mr. John Mason, the trainer."Good-evening, gentlemen," said he. "I got your note, Mr. Holmes.Sir Robert has not returned yet, but I hear that he is expectedto-night."
3.  "Pending the alterations, as I understand. By the way, there doesnot seem to be any very pressing need for repairs at that end wall.""There were none. I believe that it was an excuse to move me from myroom."
4、  Hampstead.
5、  "There was no ticket in his pockets."




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      "Very fine- very fine indeed!" he said at last. "And you say youhave a set of six to correspond. What puzzles me is that I shouldnot have heard of such magnificent specimens. I only know of one inEngland to match this, and it is certainly not likely to be in themarket. Would it be indiscreet if I were to ask you, Dr. HillBarton, how you obtained this?"

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      Moran, Sebastian, Colonel. Unemployed. Formerly 1st BangalorePioneers. Born London, 1840. Son of Sir Augustus Moran, C.B., onceBritish Minister to Persia. Educated Eton and Oxford. Served in JowakiCampaign, Afghan Campaign, Charasiab (despatches), Sherpur, and Cabul.Author of Heavy Game of the Western Himalayas (1881); Three Monthsin the Jungle (1884). Address: Conduit Street. Clubs: TheAnglo-Indian, the Tankerville, the Bagatelle Card Club.On the margin was written, in Holmes's precise hand:

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       "You are sure this one was among them?"

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      "At least we may accept it as a working hypothesis. We will suppose,then, that something was burned in each case which produced anatmosphere causing strange toxic effects. Very good. In the firstinstance- that of the Tregennis family- this substance was placed inthe fire. Now the window was shut, but the fire would naturallycarry fumes to some extent up the chimney. Hence one would expectthe effects of the poison to be less than in the second case, wherethere was less escape for the vapour. The result seems to indicatethat it was so, since in the first case only the woman, who hadpresumably the more sensitive organism, was killed, the othersexhibiting that temporary or permanent lunacy which is evidently thefirst effect of the drug. In the second case the result wascomplete. The facts, therefore, seem to bear out the theory of apoison which worked by combustion.

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    {  "So you might describe me," said Holmes cheerfully. "My companion isalso a dangerous ruffian. And together we are going through yourhouse."

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      "Is there a cellar with a good strong lock?"}

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      "I could very easily give you half a dozen," said Holmes. "Herefor example, is a very possible and even probable one. I make you afree present of it. The older man is showing documents which are ofevident value. A passing tramp sees them through the window, the blindof which is only half down. Exit the solicitor. Enter the tramp! Heseizes a stick, which he observes there, kills Oldacre, and departsafter burning the body."

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      "'I should be happy to advance it without further parley from my ownprivate purse,' said I, 'were it not that the strain would be rathermore than it could bear. If, on the other hand, I am to do it in thename of the firm, then in justice to my partner I must insist thateven in your case, every businesslike precaution should be taken.'"'I should much prefer to have it so,' said he, raising up a square,black morocco case which he had laid beside his chair. 'You havedoubtless heard of the Beryl Coronet?'

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       "Did he seem to you much perturbed?"

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    {  "Hardly that, Watson. There are some points which are as dark asever. But we have so much that it will be our own fault if we cannotget the rest. We will go straight to Whitehall Terrace and bring thematter to a head."

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      transpired, the Countess was accustomed to keep her jewel, waslying empty upon the dressing-table. Ryder instantly gave thealarm, and Homer was arrested the same evening; but the stonecould not be found either upon his person or in his rooms.Catherine Cusack, maid to the Countess, deposed to havingheard Ryder's cry of dismay on discovering the robbery, and tohaving rushed into the room, where she found matters asdescribed by the last witness. Inspector Bradstreet, Bdivision, gave evidence as to the arrest of Homer, who