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She made no answer, because she could think of nothing to say.


"You'll hurt your eyes," he said when he saw her.

"He couldn't hurt you," she returned. "You might have some funwith him."

"You keep it," said Hurstwood sadly. "I only want enough to paythe grocer."

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A carriage went jingling by with some reclining figure in it.One of the men nearest the door saw it.<"What are you going to do if you don't get work?"

Carrie nodded.

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Hurstwood's residence could scarcely be said to be infused withthis home spirit. It lacked that toleration and regard withoutwhich the home is nothing. There was fine furniture, arranged assoothingly as the artistic perception of the occupants warranted.There were soft rugs, rich, upholstered chairs and divans, agrand piano, a marble carving of some unknown Venus by someunknown artist, and a number of small bronzes gathered fromheaven knows where, but generally sold by the large furniturehouses along with everything else which goes to make the"perfectly appointed house."

The first week she got her thirty-five dollars, it seemed anenormous sum. Paying only three dollars for room rent seemedridiculous. After giving Lola her twenty-five, she still hadseven dollars left. With four left over from previous earnings,she had eleven. Five of this went to pay the regular installmenton the clothes she had to buy. The next week she was even ingreater feather. Now, only three dollars need be paid for roomrent and five on her clothes. The rest she had for food and herown whims.

<"Oh, I can," returned Carrie without thinking."Let me out," she said.

"Who--who is?" said Carrie, stumbling at the word.


<"It's hell these days, ain't it?" said the man. "A poor manain't nowhere. You could starve, by God, right in the streets,and there ain't most no one would help you."Carrie resented this, though she did not reply. She was notgoing to be a common shop-girl, she thought; they need not thinkit, either.

Other things followed from time to time, little things of thesame sort, which in their cumulative effect were eventually equalto a full revelation. Carrie was not dull by any means. Twopersons cannot long dwell together without coming to anunderstanding of one another. The mental difficulties of anindividual reveal themselves whether he voluntarily confessesthem or not. Trouble gets in the air and contributes gloom,which speaks for itself. Hurstwood dressed as nicely as usual,but they were the same clothes he had in Canada. Carrie noticedthat he did not install a large wardrobe, though his own wasanything but large. She noticed, also, that he did not suggestmany amusements, said nothing about the food, seemed concernedabout his business. This was not the easy Hurstwood of Chicago--not the liberal, opulent Hurstwood she had known. The change wastoo obvious to escape detection.





ֿ3ע᷽Ա¸ųϯʮ쵼Эʢ "She did act sort of funny at times. Here she had dressed, andgone out this morning and never said a word." ϸ

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ֿ3עͶ˹¡ԴѩΨ续 "Why, my lodge entertainment. They're going to give a play, andthey wanted me to get them some young lady to take a part." ϸ

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