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ʿ3dsϷַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Asked me questions about the vessel, the time she leftMarseilles, the course she had taken, and what was hercargo. I believe, if she had not been laden, and I had beenher master, he would have bought her. But I told him I wasonly mate, and that she belonged to the firm of Morrel &Son. `Ah, yes,' he said, `I know them. The Morrels have beenshipowners from father to son; and there was a Morrel whoserved in the same regiment with me when I was in garrisonat Valence.'"Albert opened the letter with fear, uttered a shriek onreading the first line, and seized the paper. His sight wasdimmed, his legs sank under him, and he would have fallenhad not Florentin supported him.

"Well, then, listen. You must know I felt so interested inthe splendid roan horse, with his elegant little rider, sotastefully dressed in a pink satin jacket and cap, that Icould not help praying for their success with as muchearnestness as though the half of my fortune were at stake;and when I saw them outstrip all the others, and come to thewinning-post in such gallant style, I actually clapped myhands with joy. Imagine my surprise, when, upon returninghome, the first object I met on the staircase was theidentical jockey in the pink jacket! I concluded that, bysome singular chance, the owner of the winning horse mustlive in the same hotel as myself; but, as I entered myapartments, I beheld the very gold cup awarded as a prize tothe unknown horse and rider. Inside the cup was a smallpiece of paper, on which were written these words -- `FromLord Ruthven to Countess G---- .'"


"Exceedingly," replied Franz.

"Ah, reverend sir, I tell you the simple truth."

"Go on; I will keep my word."

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"I? What could put such an idea into your head?"<"It would have been so unquestionably, had not God given meso large a compensation. In contrast with the old man, whois dragging his way to the tomb, are two children justentering into life -- Valentine, the daughter by my firstwife -- Mademoiselle Renee de Saint-Meran -- and Edward, theboy whose life you have this day saved."

"Death alone can separate them," remarked Fernand.

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"As I told you, my dear Morrel, M. de Morcerf will kill me."Morrel looked at him in utter amazement. "But what hashappened, then, since last evening, count?"

"None at all."

"No; I must leave you at ten o'clock."


<"Yes, but it is too late," said Danglars, "I have honoredtheir bills."He saw but one means of restoring lucidity and clearness tohis judgment. He turned his eyes towards the soup which thejailer had brought, rose, staggered towards it, raised thevessel to his lips, and drank off the contents with afeeling of indescribable pleasure. He had often heard thatshipwrecked persons had died through having eagerly devouredtoo much food. Edmond replaced on the table the bread he wasabout to devour, and returned to his couch -- he did notwish to die. He soon felt that his ideas became againcollected -- he could think, and strengthen his thoughts byreasoning. Then he said to himself, "I must put this to thetest, but without compromising anybody. If it is a workman,I need but knock against the wall, and he will cease towork, in order to find out who is knocking, and why he doesso; but as his occupation is sanctioned by the governor, hewill soon resume it. If, on the contrary, it is a prisoner,the noise I make will alarm him, he will cease, and notbegin again until he thinks every one is asleep."

"Well, but he is a charming young man, according to myideas."





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ʿ3dsϷ˹ŷ޹ڲܳϺ "Certainly I have; in a fortnight or three weeks' time, thatis to say, as fast as I can get there!" ϸ

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