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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Everybody pities you, sir; and, above all, MademoiselleDanglars!"
2.  "Go and fetch it, my good fellow; and if it be what I hope,you will do well."
3.  "Thank you, count -- thank you," said the young man,evidently embarrassed how to begin the conversation; "yes,every one in my family is well."
4.  "Oh, sir," said Caderousse, putting out one hand timidly,and with the other wiping away the perspiration whichbedewed his brow, -- "Oh, sir, do not make a jest of thehappiness or despair of a man."
5.  "What do you think of it, my little fellow?" saidCaderousse. "Ay, that smells good! You know I used to be afamous cook; do you recollect how you used to lick yourfingers? You were among the first who tasted any of mydishes, and I think you relished them tolerably." Whilespeaking, Caderousse went on peeling a fresh supply ofonions.
6.  "I believe so," said the major.


1.  "He is alone?"
2.  "Sir," said the count, "the world, unjust as it is, will bepleased with your resolution; your friends will be proud ofyou, and M. d'Epinay, even if he took Mademoiselle deVillefort without any dowry, which he will not do, would bedelighted with the idea of entering a family which couldmake such sacrifices in order to keep a promise and fulfil aduty." At the conclusion of these words, the count rose todepart. "Are you going to leave us, count?" said Madame deVillefort.
3.  "What, with the baroness?"
4.  "Madame," said Villefort, "believe me, a fortune of 900,000francs is not so easily renounced."
5.  "What particulars would your excellency like to hear?"
6.  Three days after the scene we have just described, namelytowards five o'clock in the afternoon of the day fixed forthe signature of the contract between Mademoiselle EugenieDanglars and Andrea Cavalcanti, -- whom the banker persistedin calling prince, -- a fresh breeze was stirring the leavesin the little garden in front of the Count of Monte Cristo'shouse, and the count was preparing to go out. While hishorses were impatiently pawing the ground, -- held in by thecoachman, who had been seated a quarter of an hour on hisbox, -- the elegant phaeton with which we are familiarrapidly turned the angle of the entrance-gate, and cast outon the doorsteps M. Andrea Cavalcanti, as decked up and gayas if he were going to marry a princess. He inquired afterthe count with his usual familiarity, and ascending lightlyto the second story met him at the top of the stairs. Thecount stopped on seeing the young man. As for Andrea, he waslaunched, and when he was once launched nothing stopped him."Ah, good morning, my dear count," said he. "Ah, M. Andrea,"said the latter, with his half-jesting tone; "how do youdo."


1.  "He passes for a very charitable man. Our holy father, thepope, has made him a knight of Jesus Christ for the serviceshe rendered to the Christians in the East; he has five orsix rings as testimonials from Eastern monarchs of hisservices."
2.  "I mean that one word from you has enlightened me more thantwenty years of slow experience; I have but you in theworld, Haidee; through you I again take hold on life,through you I shall suffer, through you rejoice."
3.  "Alas, sir, in the most unexpected manner. After a long talkwith the harbor-master, Captain Leclere left Naples greatlydisturbed in mind. In twenty-four hours he was attacked by afever, and died three days afterwards. We performed theusual burial service, and he is at his rest, sewn up in hishammock with a thirty-six pound shot at his head and hisheels, off El Giglio island. We bring to his widow his swordand cross of honor. It was worth while, truly," added theyoung man with a melancholy smile, "to make war against theEnglish for ten years, and to die in his bed at last, likeeverybody else."
4.  "So, then, Gaetano," said Franz, "this is, then, allreality; there exists a man who has received me in thisisland, entertained me right royally, and his departed whileI was asleep?"
5.   "Behind the women came a guard of twenty men armed with longguns and pistols, and dressed in the costume which theGreeks have assumed since they have again become a nation.You may imagine there was something startling and ominous,"said Haidee, shaking her head and turning pale at the mereremembrance of the scene, "in this long file of slaves andwomen only half-aroused from sleep, or at least so theyappeared to me, who was myself scarcely awake. Here andthere on the walls of the staircase, were reflected giganticshadows, which trembled in the flickering light of thepine-torches till they seemed to reach to the vaulted roofabove.
6.  "You are thoughtful, sir," continued Morrel; "you wantsomething; shall I call one of the servants?"


1.  "Go, I tell you."
2.  Madame de Villefort must have experienced something of thesensation of a bird which, looking up, sees the murderoustrap closing over its head. A hoarse, broken tone, which wasneither a cry nor a sigh, escaped from her, while she becamedeadly pale. "Monsieur," she said, "I -- I do not understandyou." And, in her first paroxysm of terror, she had raisedherself from the sofa, in the next, stronger very likelythan the other, she fell down again on the cushions. "Iasked you," continued Villefort, in a perfectly calm tone,"where you conceal the poison by the aid of which you havekilled my father-in-law, M. de Saint-Meran, mymother-in-law, Madame de Saint-Meran, Barrois, and mydaughter Valentine."
3.  intelligence.
4、  Horticulture seemed, however, to have been abandoned in thedeserted kitchen-garden; and where cabbages, carrots,radishes, pease, and melons had once flourished, a scantycrop of lucerne alone bore evidence of its being deemedworthy of cultivation. A small, low door gave egress fromthe walled space we have been describing into the projectedstreet, the ground having been abandoned as unproductive byits various renters, and had now fallen so completely ingeneral estimation as to return not even the one-half percent it had originally paid. Towards the house thechestnut-trees we have before mentioned rose high above thewall, without in any way affecting the growth of otherluxuriant shrubs and flowers that eagerly dressed forward tofill up the vacant spaces, as though asserting their rightto enjoy the boon of light and air. At one corner, where thefoliage became so thick as almost to shut out day, a largestone bench and sundry rustic seats indicated that thissheltered spot was either in general favor or particular useby some inhabitant of the house, which was faintlydiscernible through the dense mass of verdure that partiallyconcealed it, though situated but a hundred paces off.
5、  "A girl of six or seven -- that is, a little younger thanVampa -- tended sheep on a farm near Palestrina; she was anorphan, born at Valmontone and was named Teresa. The twochildren met, sat down near each other, let their flocksmingle together, played, laughed, and conversed together; inthe evening they separated the Count of San-Felice's flockfrom those of Baron Cervetri, and the children returned totheir respective farms, promising to meet the next morning.The next day they kept their word, and thus they grew uptogether. Vampa was twelve, and Teresa eleven. And yet theirnatural disposition revealed itself. Beside his taste forthe fine arts, which Luigi had carried as far as he could inhis solitude, he was given to alternating fits of sadnessand enthusiasm, was often angry and capricious, and alwayssarcastic. None of the lads of Pampinara, Palestrina, orValmontone had been able to gain any influence over him oreven to become his companion. His disposition (alwaysinclined to exact concessions rather than to make them) kepthim aloof from all friendships. Teresa alone ruled by alook, a word, a gesture, this impetuous character, whichyielded beneath the hand of a woman, and which beneath thehand of a man might have broken, but could never have beenbended. Teresa was lively and gay, but coquettish to excess.The two piastres that Luigi received every month from theCount of San-Felice's steward, and the price of all thelittle carvings in wood he sold at Rome, were expended inear-rings, necklaces, and gold hairpins. So that, thanks toher friend's generosity, Teresa was the most beautiful andthe best-attired peasant near Rome. The two children grew uptogether, passing all their time with each other, and givingthemselves up to the wild ideas of their differentcharacters. Thus, in all their dreams, their wishes, andtheir conversations, Vampa saw himself the captain of avessel, general of an army, or governor of a province.Teresa saw herself rich, superbly attired, and attended by atrain of liveried domestics. Then, when they had thus passedthe day in building castles in the air, they separated theirflocks, and descended from the elevation of their dreams tothe reality of their humble position.




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      "And I say to you, fabulous as it may seem, I tell it as atrue one from beginning to end. The brigands had carried meoff, and conducted me to a gloomy spot, called the Catacombsof Saint Sebastian."

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      "No, no -- oh, no!"

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       He had scarcely advanced three leagues out of Rome whendaylight began to disappear. Danglars had not intendedstarting so late, or he would have remained; he put his headout and asked the postilion how long it would be before theyreached the next town. "Non capisco" (do not understand),was the reply. Danglars bent his head, which he meant toimply, "Very well." The carriage again moved on. "I willstop at the first posting-house," said Danglars to himself.

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      "Thanks," said the latter, closing the register with a slam,"I have all I want; now it is for me to perform my promise.Give me a simple assignment of your debt; acknowledgetherein the receipt of the cash, and I will hand you overthe money." He rose, gave his seat to M. de Boville, whotook it without ceremony, and quickly drew up the requiredassignment, while the Englishman counted out the bank-noteson the other side of the desk.

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    {  "Brucine is extracted from the false angostura* is it not?"inquired Madame de Villefort.

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      "Then why do you apply to me?"}

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      "Ah, sir!" cried the countess, "how terrible a vengeance fora fault which fatality made me commit! -- for I am the onlyculprit, Edmond, and if you owe revenge to any one, it is tome, who had not fortitude to bear your absence and mysolitude."

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      "Tell me, I beseech you, what ails you?" cried Dantes,letting his chisel fall to the floor.

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       "In a blue frock-coat, buttoned up close, decorated with theLegion of Honor."

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    {  "Then all three windows will have yellow draperies."

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      "Yes," said he. "You have, indeed, a noble nature, Edmond,and I see by your paleness and agitation what is passing inyour heart at this moment. No, be assured, I am not mad.This treasure exists, Dantes, and if I have not been allowedto possess it, you will. Yes -- you. No one would listen orbelieve me, because everyone thought me mad; but you, whomust know that I am not, listen to me, and believe me soafterwards if you will."