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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is he quiet?"
2.  Holmes had not said one word to me about the tragedy which we hadwitnessed, but I observed all the morning that he was in his mostthoughtful mood, and he gave me the impression, from his vacant eyesand his abstracted manner, of a man who is striving to recallsomething to his memory. We were in the middle of our lunch, when hesuddenly sprang to his feet. "By Jove, Watson, I've got it!" he cried."Take your hat! Come with me!" He hurried at his top speed downBaker Street and along Oxford Street, until we had almost reachedRegent Circus. Here, on the left hand, there stands a shop windowfilled with photographs of the celebrities and beauties of the day.Holmes's eyes fixed themselves upon one of them, and following hisgaze I saw the picture of a regal and stately lady in Court dress,with a high diamond tiara upon her noble head. I looked at thatdelicately curved nose, at the marked eyebrows, at the straight mouth,and the strong little chin beneath it. Then I caught my breath as Iread the time-honoured title of the great nobleman and statesman whosewife she had been. My eyes met those of Holmes, and he put hisfinger to his lips as we turned away from the window.
3.  "No, sir."
4.  "No, no, it was he."
5.  "We are investigating this unhappy business, Bannister," said hismaster.
6.  "So it would seem."


1.  "Only this, Watson, that something happened a week or so ago whichhas cut deep into the life of the Shoscombe household. What is thatsomething? We can only guess at it from its effects. They seem to beof a curiously mixed character. But that should surely help us. Itis only the colourless, uneventful case which is hopeless."Let us consider our data. The brother no longer visits thebeloved invalid sister. He gives away her favourite dog. Her dog,Watson! Does that suggest nothing to you?"
2.  "The Copper Beeches, near Winchester.
3.  "'You shall go free if you sign. What house is this?'
4.  "So I understand. Where were you when you began to feel bad?""Where was I, sir? Why, here, near the door."
5.  "You'll be interested to hear that I'm engaged."
6.  "Here is a very fashionable epistle," I remarked as be entered."Your morning letters, if I remember right, were from a fish-mongerand a tide-waiter."


2.  "It must stop here, however," said Bradstreet. "If the police are tohush this thing up, there must be no more of Hugh Boone.""I have sworn it by the most solemn oaths which a man can take.""In that case I think that it is probable that no further stepsmay be taken. But if you are found again, then all must come out. I amsure, Mr. Holmes, that we are very much indebted to you for havingcleared the matter up. I wish I knew how you reach your results.""I reached this one," said my friend, "by sitting upon fivepillows and consuming an ounce of shag. I think, Watson, that if wedrive to Baker Street we shall just be in time for breakfast."-THE END-
3.  "I will help you, but on one condition only. It is that you ring forthe footman and let me give such orders as I like."
4.  "I hear that it was during the night, sir, but it has got worse, andthe whole place is in a blaze."
5.   "When was it found?"
6.  It was a small shed in the narrow garden which ran behind the house.Lestrade went in and brought out a yellow cardboard box, with apiece of brown paper and some string. There was a bench at the endof the path, and we all sat down while Holmes examined, one by one,the articles which Lestrade had handed to him.


1.  "Thats no good."
2.  Holmes chuckled.
3.  "It strikes me, my good Lestrade, as being just a trifle tooobvious," said Holmes. "You do not add imagination to your other greatqualities, but if you could for one moment put yourself in the placeof this young man, would you choose the very night after the willhad been made to commit your crime? Would it not seem dangerous to youto make so very close a relation between the two incidents? Again,would you choose an occasion when you are known to be in the house,when a servant has let you in? And, finally, would you take thegreat pains to conceal the body, and yet leave your own stick as asign that you were the criminal? Confess, Lestrade, that all this isvery unlikely."
4、  "'"Only a week, sir?" he cried in a despairing voice. "Afortnight-say at least a fortnight!"
5、  "Our next obvious step is to check, so far as we can, themovements of Mortimer Tregennis after he left the room. In thisthere is no difficulty, and they seem to be above suspicion. Knowingmy methods as you do, you were, of course, conscious of the somewhatclumsy water-pot expedient by which I obtained a clearer impress ofhis foot than might otherwise have been possible. The wet, sandypath took it admirably. Last night was also wet, you will remember,and it was not difficult- having obtained a sample print- to pickout his track among others and to follow his movements. He appearsto have walked away swiftly in the direction of the vicarage."If, then, Mortimer Tregennis disappeared from the scene, and yetsome outside person affected the cardplayers, how can we reconstructthat person, and how was such an impression of horror conveyed? Mrs.Porter may be eliminated. She is evidently harmless. Is there anyevidence that someone crept up to the garden window and in some mannerproduced so terrific an effect that he drove those who saw it out oftheir senses? The only suggestion in this direction comes fromMortimer Tregennis himself, who says that his brother spoke about somemovement in the garden. That is certainly remarkable, as the night wasrainy, cloudy, and dark. Anyone who had the design to alarm thesepeople would be compelled to place his very face against the glassbefore he could be seen. There is a three-foot flower-border outsidethis window, but no indication of a footmark. It is difficult toimagine, then, how an outsider could have made so terrible animpression upon the company, nor have we found any possible motive forso strange and elaborate an attempt. You perceive our difficulties,Watson?"




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      The Crooked Man.

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      "If you had looked at it, sir, you would have seen at a glancewhat the errand is on which I have come to you this morning. I feel asif my name and my misfortune must be in every man's mouth." Heturned it over to expose the central page. "Here it is, and withyour permission I will read it to you. Listen to this, Mr. Holmes. Theheadlines are: `Mysterious Affair at Lower Norwood. Disappearance of aWell Known Builder. Suspicion of Murder and Arson. A Clue to theCriminal.' That is the clue which they are already following, Mr.Holmes, and I know that it leads infallibly to me. I have beenfollowed from London Bridge Station, and I am sure that they areonly waiting for the warrant to arrest me. It will break my mother'sheart- it will break her heart!" He wrung his hands in an agony ofapprehension, and swayed backward and forward in his chair.I looked with interest upon this man, who was accused of being theperpetrator of a crime of violence. He was flaxen-haired and handsome,in a washed-out negative fashion, with frightened blue eyes, and aclean-shaven face, with a weak, sensitive mouth. His age may have beenabout twenty-seven, his dress and bearing that of a gentleman. Fromthe pocket of his light summer overcoat protruded the bundle ofindorsed papers which proclaimed his profession.

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       "Then she took one of her husband's revolvers- there was, as yousaw, an arsenal in the house- and kept it for her own use. A similarone she concealed that morning in Miss Dunbar's wardrobe afterdischarging one barrel, which she could easily do in the woods withoutattracting attention. She then went down to the bridge where she hadcontrived this exceedingly ingenious method for getting rid of herweapon. When Miss Dunbar appeared she used her last breath inpouring out her hatred, and then, when she was out of hearing, carriedout her terrible purpose. Every link is now in its place and the chainis complete. The papers may ask why the mere was not dragged in thefirst instance, but it is easy to be wise after the event, and inany case the expanse of a reed-filled lake is no easy matter to dragunless you have a clear perception of what you are looking for andwhere. Well, Watson, we have helped a remarkable woman, and also aformidable man. Should they in the future join their forces, asseems not unlikely, the financial world may find that Mr. NeilGibson has learned something in that schoolroom of sorrow where ourearthly lessons are taught."

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      I ascended again and handed the note to Dolores, who cautiouslyopened the door. A minute later I heard a cry from within, a cry inwhich joy and surprise seemed to be blended. Dolores looked out."She will see them. She will leesten," said she.

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    {  Sherlock Holmes was not disappointed in his expectations. Two dayslater he received a bulky envelope, which contained a short notefrom the detective, and a typewritten document which covered severalpages of foolscap.

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      Holmes's expression was as impassive as ever under the jeers ofhis antagonist, but his clenched hands betrayed his acute annoyance."I am going through your house," said he.}

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      "'"I'd had nearly a quarter of a million, hadn't I?"

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      "This is very sudden, Colonel Emsworth," said he. "This willdisarrange all our plans."

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       "Let's have a look at it."

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    {  "Mrs. Barclay was, it appears, a member of the Roman Catholic Churchand had interested herself very much in the establishment of the Guildof St. George, which was formed in connection with the Watt StreetChapel for the purpose of supplying the poor with cast-off clothing. Ameeting of the Guild had been held that evening at eight, and Mrs.Barclay had hurried over her dinner in order to be present at it. Whenleaving the house she was heard by the coachman to make somecommonplace remark to her husband, and to assure him that she would beback before very long. She then called for Miss Morrison, a young ladywho lives in the next villa and the two went off together to theirmeeting. It lasted forty minutes, and at a quarter-past nine Mrs.Barclay returned home, having left Miss Morrison at her door as shepassed.

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      "I will take the next."