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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Scoundrel!" murmured Felton.
2.  "Here, or in the neighborhood."
3.  At the end of an instant's observation he heard the noise ofa vehicle, and saw Milady's carriage stop opposite to him.He could not be mistaken; Milady was in it. D'Artagnanleaned upon the neck of his horse, in order that he mightsee without being seen.
4.  "Because you will look into yourself, and you will do justice to thelady."
5.  "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.
6.  "Come, Monsieur Bazin, make yourself easy," said D'Artagnan;"people of all conditions gain the kingdom of heaven.""Monsieur was already such a good theologian," said Bazin, almostweeping; "he might have become a bishop, and perhaps a cardinal.""Well, but my poor Bazin, reflect a little. Of what use is it tobe a churchman, pray? You do not avoid going to war by thatmeans; you see, the cardinal is about to make the next campaign,helm on head and partisan in hand. And Monsieur de Nogaret de laValette, what do you say of him? He is a cardinal likewise. Askhis lackey how often he has had to prepare lint of him.""Alas!" sighed Bazin. "I know it, monsieur; everything is turnedtopsy-turvy in the world nowadays."


1.  "All is lost!" cried Buckingham, becoming as pale as a corpse;"two of the studs are wanting, there are only ten.""Can you have lost them, my Lord, or do you think they have beenstolen?"
2.  "Well," replied Athos, "I am not far from approving the ideaof Monsieur Porthos."
3.  The commissary then, instead of continuing to interrogate him,made him a long speech upon the danger there is for an obscurecitizen to meddle with public matters. He complicated thisexordium by an exposition in which he painted the power and thedeeds of the cardinal, that incomparable minister, that conquerorof past minister, that conqueror of past ministers, that examplefor ministers to come--deeds and power which none could thwartwith impunity.
4.  "Some wine!" cried the stupefied host, "some wine? Why you havedrunk more than a hundred pistoles' worth! I am a ruined man,lost, destroyed!"
5.  At the door of the chapel D'Artagnan felt his courage fall anew, andreturned to look for Athos; but Athos had disappeared.Faithful to his mission of vengeance, Athos had requested to beconducted to the garden; and there upon the sand following the lightsteps of this woman, who left sharp tracks wherever she went, headvanced toward the gate which led into the wood, and causing it to beopened, he went out into the forest.
6.  "Nothing more easy."


1.  In the meantime, the host, who entertained no doubt that it wasthe presence of the young man that drove the stranger from hishostelry, re-ascended to his wife's chamber, and found D'Artagnanjust recovering his senses. Giving him to understand that thepolice would deal with him pretty severely for having sought aquarrel with a great lord--for the opinion of the host thestranger could be nothing less than a great lord--he insistedthat notwithstanding his weakness D'Artagnan should get up anddepart as quickly as possible. D'Artagnan, half stupefied,without his doublet, and with his head bound up in a linen cloth,arose then, and urged by the host, began to descend the stairs;but on arriving at the kitchen, the first thing he saw was hisantagonist talking calmly at the step of a heavy carriage, drawnby two large Norman horses.
2.  Milady gazed with all the power of her attention; it was just lightenough for her to see who was coming.
3.  "There."
4.  "Something whispers me so," continued Porthos, becoming more andmore melancholy.
5.   "Madame Coquenard, I gave you the preference. I had but to writeto the Duchesse--but I won't repeat her name, for I am incapableof compromising a woman; but this I know, that I had but to writeto her and she would have sent me fifteen hundred."The procurator's wife shed a tear.
6.  "Which only gives us a greater desire to know the realones," replied the Englishman.


1.  Let us leave him to follow the road to the camp protected byhis esquire and the two Musketeers, and return to Athos.For a hundred paces he maintained the speed at which hestarted; but when out of sight he turned his horse to theright, made a circuit, and came back within twenty paces ofa high hedge to watch the passage of the little troop.Having recognized the laced hats of his companions and thegolden fringe of the cardinal's cloak, he waited till thehorsemen had turned the angle of the road, and having lostsight of them, he returned at a gallop to the inn, which wasopened to him without hesitation.
2.  Athos replied, always by gestures, that that was well, andindicated to Grimaud, by pointing to a turret that resembleda pepper caster, that he was to stand as sentinel. Only, toalleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him totake a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.
3.  "It is done, gentlemen," said Athos.
4、  "Silence!" then exclaimed another stern voice which Miladyrecognized as that of Felton. "What are you meddling with,stupid? Did anybody order you to prevent that woman fromsinging? No. You were told to guard her--to fire at her if sheattempted to fly. Guard her! If she flies, kill her; but don'texceed your orders."
5、  "About half an hour ago, while you were at Monsieur deTreville's."




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      Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.

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      D'Artagnan remained all day in his quarters, assigning as areason to himself that the weather was bad.

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       "By the side of the Luxembourg."

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      "Yes; but it is not a horse for hard work."

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    {  There was a moment of cold silence, during which everyonewas affected according to his nature.

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      "Tomorrow, at midday, Treville."}

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      "My faith! I don't much about it," said Athos. "AskD'Artagnan."

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      "Come, come! courage!"

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       With God come our desire;

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    {  The next morning, when Kitty presented herself atD'Artagnan's, she was no longer joyous and alert as on thetwo preceding days; but on the contrary sad as death.D'Artagnan asked the poor girl what was the matter with her;but she, as her only reply, drew a letter from her pocketand gave it to him.

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      He had not gone twenty steps before he became convinced that thewoman was really Mme. Bonacieux and that the man was Aramis.He felt at that instant all the suspicions of jealousy agitatinghis heart. He felt himself doubly betrayed, by his friend and byher whom he already loved like a mistress. Mme. Bonacieux haddeclared to him, by all the gods, that she did not know Aramis;and a quarter of an hour after having made this assertion, hefound her hanging on the arm of Aramis.