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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Planchet was more courageous, it must be admitted, by day than bynight. His natural prudence, however, never forsook him for asingle instant. He had forgotten not one of the incidents of thefirst journey, and he looked upon everybody he met on the road asan enemy. It followed that his hat was forever in his hand,which procured him some severe reprimands from D'Artagnan, whofeared that his excess of politeness would lead people to thinkhe was the lackey of a man of no consequence.
2.  "Ah, you see how it is," said Athos, becoming still paler, butyet attempting to laugh; "I was sure it was so--the hanging ofpeople is my nightmare."
3.  Then she broke the silence to cry out, "You are cowards, miserableassassins--ten men combined to murder one woman. Beware! If I am notsaved I shall be avenged."
4.  "Sign, my Lord; sign the liberation of Milady de Winter," said Felton,holding out paper to the duke.
5.  "Did he name no one in his passion?"
6.  "Some lackey," murmured D'Artagnan. "Poor woman, poor woman,what have they done with you?"


1.  "What ones?"
2.  "And even what I am sure of."
3.  "Sixteen pioneers, four soldiers."
4.  "There, monsieur, there is that letter!" cried the queen, with abroken and trembling voice; "take it, and deliver me from yourodious presence."
5.  "Was it with that intention you followed me?" asked the youngwoman, with a coquettish smile, whose somewhat banteringcharacter resumed its influence, and with whom all fear haddisappeared from the moment in which she recognized a friend inone she had taken for an enemy.
6.  "Yes; for I have the proofs."


1.  The baron drew out his watch. "It wants ten minutes to nine," said he.Milady had hastened her departure by an hour and a half. As soon as sheheard the cannon which announced the fatal event, she had ordered theanchor to be weighed. The vessel was making way under a blue sky, atgreat distance from the coast.
2.  A terrible inclination seized D'Artagnan to grasp the mercer bythe throat and strangle him; but, as we have said, he was a veryprudent youth, and he restrained himself. However, therevolution which appeared upon his countenance was so visiblethat Bonacieux was terrified at it, and he endeavored to drawback a step or two; but as he was standing before the half of thedoor which was shut, the obstacle compelled him to keep hisplace.
3.  "But I am speaking to you!" replied the young man, additionallyexasperated with this mixture of insolence and good manners, ofpoliteness and scorn.
4.  "What did the cardinal say about me?"
5.   "I shall entertain, whatever may happen," said D'Artagnan,placing his hand upon his breast and bowing, "an eternalgratitude toward your Eminence for that which you now do forme."
6.  "What was that letter you were about to read, Monsieur Aramis,and which you so promptly concealed?"


1.  And in spite of himself, the young man began to laugh aloud,looking round carefully, however, to see that his solitary laugh,without a cause in the eyes of passers-by, offended no one."As to Porthos, that is certainly droll; but I am not the less agiddy fool. Are people to be run against without warning? No!And have I any right to go and peep under their cloaks to seewhat is not there? He would have pardoned me, he would certainlyhave pardoned me, if I had not said anything to him about thatcursed baldric--in ambiguous words, it is true, but rather drollyambiguous. Ah, cursed Gascon that I am, I get from one hobbleinto another. Friend D'Artagnan," continued he, speaking tohimself with all the amenity that he thought due himself, "if youescape, of which there is not much chance, I would advise you topractice perfect politeness for the future. You must henceforthbe admired and quoted as a model of it. To be obliging andpolite does not necessarily make a man a coward. Look at Aramis,now; Aramis is mildness and grace personified. Well, did anybodyever dream of calling Aramis a coward? No, certainly not, andfrom this moment I will endeavor to model myself after him. Ah!That's strange! Here he is!"
2.  Rochefort and D'Artagnan coolly greeted each other with their lips; butthe cardinal was there, observing them with his vigilant eye.They left the chamber at the same time.
3.  "Trust me, madame; the queen may appear to have abandoned those persons,but we must not put faith in appearances. The more they are persecuted,the more she thinks of them; and often, when they least expect it, theyhave proof of a kind remembrance."
4、  "When someone came and brought her a handkerchief from herlaundress."
5、  "And that running footman who waited at the door, and thatcarriage with a coachman in grand livery who sat waiting on hisseat?"




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      "Listen; I am already upon the scent," resumed D'Artagnan."About three months ago I was near having a duel with Aramisconcerning a handkerchief resembling the one you showed to thewoman in his house--for a handkerchief marked in the same manner,I am sure."

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      "You are deceived, madame," said Felton, blushing; "Lord deWinter is not capable of such a crime."

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       "I have no seconds on my part, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "forhaving only arrived yesterday in Paris, I as yet know no one butMonsieur de Treville, to whom I was recommended by my father, whohas the honor to be, in some degree, one of his friends."Athos reflected for an instant. "You know no one but Monsieur deTreville?" he asked.

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      Things passed as on the night before. D'Artagnan concealedhimself in his closet; Milady called, undressed, sent awayKitty, and shut the door. As the night before, D'Artagnandid not return home till five o'clock in the morning.At eleven o'clock Kitty came to him. She held in her hand afresh billet from Milady. This time the poor girl did noteven argue with D'Artagnan; she gave it to him at once. Shebelonged body and soul to her handsome soldier.

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    {  The young man and young woman perceived they were watched, andredoubled their speed. D'Artagnan determined upon his course.He passed them, then returned so as to meet them exactly beforethe Samaritaine. Which was illuminated by a lamp which threw itslight over all that part of the bridge.

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      "Dicers' oaths!" said Athos, while D'Artagnan went toconduct Kitty downstairs.}

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      "Pardon, my dear Aramis, but I thought you carried your eyeshigher."

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      "My faith!" replied D'Artagnan, "you are well named, gentlemen;and my adventure, if it should make any noise, will prove atleast that your union is not founded upon contrasts."In the meantime, Porthos had come up, waved his hand to Athos,and then turning toward D'Artagnan, stood quite astonished.Let us say in passing that he had changed his baldric andrelinquished his cloak.

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       "You are brave, Monsieur d'Artagnan," continued hisEminence; "you are prudent, which is still better. I likemen of head and heart. Don't be afraid," said he, smiling."By men of heart I mean men of courage. But young as youare, and scarcely entering into the world, you have powerfulenemies; if you do not take great heed, they will destroyyou."

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    {  But she was greatly embarrassed. She did not know whether the abbesswas a royalist or a cardinalist; she therefore confined herself to aprudent middle course. But the abbess, on her part, maintained areserve still more prudent, contenting herself with making a profoundinclination of the head every time the fair traveler pronounced the nameof his Eminence.

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      "Well, we are beaten! Now let us try to take our revenge.""I will assist you with all my heart, monseigneur; be assured ofthat."