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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you think so, M. Bossuet? And you -- what will youbecome? A peer of France?"
2.  "You speak as if you were already her husband."
3.  "Sinbad the Sailor." he said.
4.  "What our enemies say of us is then true. We have learntnothing, forgotten nothing! If I were betrayed as he was, Iwould console myself; but to be in the midst of personselevated by myself to places of honor, who ought to watchover me more carefully than over themselves, -- for myfortune is theirs -- before me they were nothing -- after methey will be nothing, and perish miserably from incapacity-- ineptitude! Oh, yes, sir, you are right -- it isfatality!"
5.  "I am he whom you sold and dishonored -- I am he whosebetrothed you prostituted -- I am he upon whom you trampledthat you might raise yourself to fortune -- I am he whosefather you condemned to die of hunger -- I am he whom youalso condemned to starvation, and who yet forgives you,because he hopes to be forgiven -- I am Edmond Dantes!"Danglars uttered a cry, and fell prostrate. "Rise," said thecount, "your life is safe; the same good fortune has nothappened to your accomplices -- one is mad, the other dead.Keep the 50,000 francs you have left -- I give them to you.The 5,000,000 you stole from the hospitals has been restoredto them by an unknown hand. And now eat and drink; I willentertain you to-night. Vampa, when this man is satisfied,let him be free." Danglars remained prostrate while thecount withdrew; when he raised his head he saw disappearingdown the passage nothing but a shadow, before which thebandits bowed. According to the count's directions, Danglarswas waited on by Vampa, who brought him the best wine andfruits of Italy; then, having conducted him to the road, andpointed to the post-chaise, left him leaning against a tree.He remained there all night, not knowing where he was. Whendaylight dawned he saw that he was near a stream; he wasthirsty, and dragged himself towards it. As he stooped downto drink, he saw that his hair had become entirely white.
6.  "Most likely," replied Vampa coolly.


1.  "Oh, no, monsieur, he is very young."
2.  "You only breakfast; I await two persons, and the instantthey arrive we shall sit down to table."
3.  "Well," said Valentine, "you may approve again, forgrandpapa is again thinking of it."
4.  Madame de Villefort now took her part in the conversationand added, -- "We thought this news would possess aninterest for you, sir, who have always entertained a greataffection for Valentine; it therefore only now remains forus to tell you the name of the young man for whom she isdestined. It is one of the most desirable connections whichcould possibly be formed; he possesses fortune, a high rankin society, and every personal qualification likely torender Valentine supremely happy, -- his name, moreover,cannot be wholly unknown to you. It is M. Franz de Quesnel,Baron d'Epinay."
5.  "They may not be so very great."
6.  "What do they say?"


1.  "Entirely."
2.  "`Danaro e santita,Meta della meta.'*
3.  "What was it that you thought?" asked the young mananxiously, in his turn descending from the table.
4.  "My child," exclaimed the old lady sharply, "let us hearnone of the conventional objections that deter weak mindsfrom preparing for the future. I also was married at thedeath-bed of my mother, and certainly I have not been lesshappy on that account."
5.   "Thanks, Danglars -- that will smooth over all difficulties.I fully authorize you at once to assume the command of thePharaon, and look carefully to the unloading of her freight.Private misfortunes must never be allowed to interfere withbusiness."
6.  The next day, Monday, was the first sitting of the assizes.The morning dawned dull and gloomy, and Villefort saw thedim gray light shine upon the lines he had traced in redink. The magistrate had slept for a short time while thelamp sent forth its final struggles; its flickerings awokehim, and he found his fingers as damp and purple as thoughthey had been dipped in blood. He opened the window; abright yellow streak crossed the sky, and seemed to dividein half the poplars, which stood out in black relief on thehorizon. In the clover-fields beyond the chestnut-trees, alark was mounting up to heaven, while pouring out her clearmorning song. The damps of the dew bathed the head ofVillefort, and refreshed his memory. "To-day," he said withan effort, -- "to-day the man who holds the blade of justicemust strike wherever there is guilt." Involuntarily his eyeswandered towards the window of Noirtier's room, where he hadseen him the preceding night. The curtain was drawn, and yetthe image of his father was so vivid to his mind that headdressed the closed window as though it had been open, andas if through the opening he had beheld the menacing oldman. "Yes," he murmured, -- "yes, be satisfied."


1.  "Would it be an indiscretion to ask to see those preciouspills?" continued Beauchamp, hoping to take him at adisadvantage.
2.  "`It is well,' said he, kissing it; `it is my master'sring!' And throwing the match on the ground, he trampled onit and extinguished it. The messenger uttered a cry of joyand clapped his hands. At this signal four soldiers of theSerasker Koorshid suddenly appeared, and Selim fell, piercedby five blows. Each man had stabbed him separately, and,intoxicated by their crime, though still pale with fear,they sought all over the cavern to discover if there was anyfear of fire, after which they amused themselves by rollingon the bags of gold. At this moment my mother seized me inher arms, and hurrying noiselessly along numerous turningsand windings known only to ourselves, she arrived at aprivate staircase of the kiosk, where was a scene offrightful tumult and confusion. The lower rooms wereentirely filled with Koorshid's troops; that is to say, withour enemies. Just as my mother was on the point of pushingopen a small door, we heard the voice of the pasha soundingin a loud and threatening tone. My mother applied her eye tothe crack between the boards; I luckily found a smallopening which afforded me a view of the apartment and whatwas passing within. `What do you want?' said my father tosome people who were holding a paper inscribed withcharacters of gold. `What we want,' replied one, `is tocommunicate to you the will of his highness. Do you see thisfirman?' -- `I do,' said my father. `Well, read it; hedemands your head.'
3.  "Yes, I had told him that long since, and I did only whatany other would have done in my circumstances, and perhapsless. When, the day after the arrival of this answer, yourfather came by the advice of Monte Cristo to ask mydaughter's hand for you, I decidedly refused him, butwithout any explanation or exposure. In short, why should Ihave any more to do with the affair? How did the honor ordisgrace of M. de Morcerf affect me? It neither increasednor decreased my income."
4、  "Chance?" replied Villefort; "No, no, madame, there is nosuch thing as chance."
5、  "There has been no arrest."




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      "Oh, I obtained, or rather claimed that; we had concededenough for them to yield us that."

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      "Oh, yes, yes!" exclaimed Dantes; "and I tell you that Iwill save you yet."

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       "That's right!" exclaimed a multitude of voices, "go, andreturn as quickly as you can!"

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      "This is a magnificent emerald, and the largest I have everseen," said Chateau-Renaud, "although my mother has someremarkable family jewels."

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    {  "And you ate in your carriage?" asked Morcerf.

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      "Yes, a telegraph. I had often seen one placed at the end ofa road on a hillock, and in the light of the sun its blackarms, bending in every direction, always reminded me of theclaws of an immense beetle, and I assure you it was neverwithout emotion that I gazed on it, for I could not helpthinking how wonderful it was that these various signsshould be made to cleave the air with such precision as toconvey to the distance of three hundred leagues the ideasand wishes of a man sitting at a table at one end of theline to another man similarly placed at the oppositeextremity, and all this effected by a simple act of volitionon the part of the sender of the message. I began to thinkof genii, sylphs, gnomes, in short, of all the ministers ofthe occult sciences, until I laughed aloud at the freaks ofmy own imagination. Now, it never occurred to me to wish fora nearer inspection of these large insects, with their longblack claws, for I always feared to find under their stonewings some little human genius fagged to death with cabals,factions, and government intrigues. But one fine day Ilearned that the mover of this telegraph was only a poorwretch, hired for twelve hundred francs a year, and employedall day, not in studying the heavens like an astronomer, orin gazing on the water like an angler, or even in enjoyingthe privilege of observing the country around him, but allhis monotonous life was passed in watching hiswhite-bellied, black-clawed fellow insect, four or fiveleagues distant from him. At length I felt a desire to studythis living chrysalis more closely, and to endeavor tounderstand the secret part played by these insect-actorswhen they occupy themselves simply with pulling differentpieces of string."}

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      Dantes stood mute and motionless before this majesticspectacle, as if he now beheld it for the first time; andindeed since his captivity in the Chateau d'If he hadforgotten that such scenes were ever to be witnessed. Heturned towards the fortress, and looked at both sea andland. The gloomy building rose from the bosom of the oceanwith imposing majesty and seemed to dominate the scene. Itwas about five o'clock. The sea continued to get calmer.

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      "And with my grandfather's consent I shall fulfil thepromise which I have made you." Valentine pronounced theselast few words in such a low tone, that nothing but Morrel'sintense interest in what she was saying could have enabledhim to hear them. "Have I not explained your wishes,grandpapa?" said Valentine, addressing Noirtier. "Yes,"looked the old man. -- "Once under my grandfather's roof, M.Morrel can visit me in the presence of my good and worthyprotector, if we still feel that the union we contemplatedwill be likely to insure our future comfort and happiness;in that case I shall expect M. Morrel to come and claim meat my own hands. But, alas, I have heard it said that heartsinflamed by obstacles to their desire grew cold in time ofsecurity; I trust we shall never find it so in ourexperience!"

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       "He is worn out," said Debray; "besides, he could not wellappear in public, since he has been the dupe of theCavalcanti, who, it appears, presented themselves to himwith false letters of credit, and cheated him out of 100,000francs upon the hypothesis of this principality."

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    {  "But you have seen him?"

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      "You ought to know."