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He was a more excited lover that night, with his strange, small boy's frail nakedness. Connie found it impossible to come to her crisis before he had really finished his. And he roused a certain craving passion in her, with his little boy's nakedness and softness; she had to go on after he had finished, in the wild tumult and heaving of her loins, while he heroically kept himself up, and present in her, with all his will and self-offering, till she brought about her own crisis, with weird little cries.


It was in her second winter at Wragby her father said to her: `I hope, Connie, you won't let circumstances force you into being a demi-vierge.'

`A half-virgin!' replied Clifford, translating the phrase to be sure of it.

`Connie Mellors! Well, that's a nice name! And did you come out with your Daddy, and he shot a pussy? But it was a bad pussy!'

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The man was looking at her with those blue, all-seeing eyes of his, which made her turn her face aside a little. He thought her comely, almost beautiful, in her shyness, and he took command of the situation himself at once.

`So Mellors was almost rude?'

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`Oh damn it all! If a fellow's going to trade on his disabilities, I might begin to say how lonely I am, and always have been, and all the rest of the my-eye-Betty-Martin sob-stuff! Damn it all, if a fellow's got nothing but disabilities to recommend him...'

`Do you lock the hut when you're not here?'

<`But Clifford never denies me anything,' said Connie.`So let's make cider of ourselves,' said Charlie.

Some things can't be ravished. You can't ravish a tin of sardines. And so many women are like that; and men. But the earth...!


`Quite alone, your Ladyship.'





еʫQ3Ӫ275ڴ¸ So they went on for quite a time, writing, and meeting occasionally in London. She still wanted the physical, sexual thrill she could get with him by her own activity, his little orgasm being over. And he still wanted to give it her. Which was enough to keep them connected. ϸ

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е쳼ξ΢սԺ `Oh, don't bother,' she replied. ϸ

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