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btt918½ַֻ:a g 9 559 v i p<"And how old were you at that time?""But then you are rich, -- very rich, indeed," continuedDebray, taking out some papers from his pocket-book, whichhe spread upon the table. Madame Danglars did not see them;she was engaged in stilling the beatings of her heart, andrestraining the tears which were ready to gush forth. Atlength a sense of dignity prevailed, and if she did notentirely master her agitation, she at least succeeded inpreventing the fall of a single tear. "Madame," said Debray,"it is nearly six months since we have been associated. Youfurnished a principal of 100,000 francs. Our partnershipbegan in the month of April. In May we commenced operations,and in the course of the month gained 450,000 francs. InJune the profit amounted to 900,000. In July we added1,700,000 francs, -- it was, you know, the month of theSpanish bonds. In August we lost 300,000 francs at thebeginning of the month, but on the 13th we made up for it,and we now find that our accounts, reckoning from the firstday of partnership up to yesterday, when I closed them,showed a capital of 2,400,000 francs, that is, 1,200,000 foreach of us. Now, madame," said Debray, delivering up hisaccounts in the methodical manner of a stockbroker, "thereare still 80,000 francs, the interest of this money, in myhands."

"I will facilitate it by repeating the question, `Will you,or will you not, retract?'"


At last, with a horrible splash, he darted like an arrowinto the ice-cold water, and as he did so he uttered ashrill cry, stifled in a moment by his immersion beneath thewaves.

"Paid the last debt of nature?"

"O Villefort!" cried Renee, clasping her hands, and lookingtowards her lover with piteous earnestness, "be merciful onthis the day of our betrothal."

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"Well, then, hearken to me."<"But still there are some signals only addressed to you."


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Monte Cristo heard and saw nothing, or rather he only sawMorrel, whose calmness had a frightful effect on those whoknew what was passing in his heart. "See," said Beauchamp,pointing out Morrel to Debray. "What is he doing up there?"And they called Chateau-Renaud's attention to him.

"So that what we presumed to be merely the betrothal feastturns out to be the actual wedding dinner!" said Danglars.

<"I was going to say that I received a letter almost to thesame effect.""What have you seen? -- come, tell me!"

Morrel extended his hand. "Now I understand," he said, "whyyou had me brought here to this desolate spot, in the midstof the ocean, to this subterranean palace; it was becauseyou loved me, was it not, count? It was because you loved mewell enough to give me one of those sweet means of death ofwhich we were speaking; a death without agony, a death whichallows me to fade away while pronouncing Valentine's nameand pressing your hand."


<"Do you dance, count?""Will you dress here?"

"Any way, mother."





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btt918½ֻߺ־Ѹ25ݳȫȡ "Swear to me," replied Faria, "to free me if what I tell youprove true, and I will stay here while you go to the spot." ϸ

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