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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  But suddenly I was aware of that which his keener senses had alreadydistinguished. A low, stealthy sound came to my ears, not from thedirection of Baker Street, but from the back of the very house inwhich we lay concealed. A door opened and shut. An instant later stepscrept down the passage- steps which were meant to be silent, but whichreverberated harshly through the empty house. Holmes crouched backagainst the wall, and I did the same, my hand closing upon thehandle of my revolver. Peering through the gloom, I saw the vagueoutline of a man, a shade blacker than the blackness of the open door.He stood for an instant, and then he crept forward, crouching,menacing, into the room. He was within three yards of us, thissinister figure, and I had braced myself to meet his spring, beforeI realized that he had no idea of our presence. He passed close besideus, stole over to the window, and very softly and noiselessly raisedit for half a foot. As he sank to the level of this opening, the lightof the street, no longer dimmed by the dusty glass, fell full upon hisface. The man seemed to be beside himself with excitement. His twoeyes shone like stars, and his features were working convulsively.He was an elderly man, with a thin, projecting nose, a high, baldforehead, and a huge grizzled moustache. An opera hat was pushed tothe back of his head, and an evening dress shirt-front gleamed outthrough his open overcoat. His face was gaunt and swarthy, scored withdeep, savage lines. In his hand he carried what appeared to be astick, but as he laid it down upon the floor it gave a metallic clang.Then from the pocket of his overcoat he drew a bulky object, and hebusied himself in some task which ended with a loud, sharp click, asif a spring or bolt had fallen into its place. Still kneeling upon thefloor he bent forward and threw all his weight and strength uponsome lever, with the result that there came a long, whirling, grindingnoise, ending once more in a powerful click. He straightened himselfthen, and I saw that what he held in his hand was a sort of gun,with a curiously misshapen butt. He opened it at the breech, putsomething in, and snapped the breech-lock. Then, crouching down, herested the end of the barrel upon the ledge of the open window, andI saw his long moustache droop over the stock and his eye gleam asit peered along the sights. I heard a little sigh of satisfaction ashe cuddled the butt into his shoulder; and saw that amazing target,the black man on the yellow ground, standing clear at the end of hisforesight. For an instant he was rigid and motionless. Then his fingertightened on the trigger. There was a strange, loud whiz and a long,silvery tinkle of broken glass. At that instant Holmes sprang like atiger on to the marksman's back, and hurled him flat upon his face. Hewas up again in a moment, and with convulsive strength he seizedHolmes by the throat, but I struck him on the head with the butt of myrevolver, and he dropped again upon the floor. I fell upon him, and asI held him my comrade blew a shrill call upon a whistle. There was theclatter of running feet upon the pavement, and two policemen inuniform, with one plain-clothes detective, rushed through the frontentrance and into the room.
2.  "None."
3.  "Nothing but the brother's spite."
4.  "You'll only get yourself hurt," said the inspector. "Stand still,will you?" There was the click of the closing handcuffs."A nice trap!" cried the high, snarling voice. "It will bring youinto the dock, Holmes, not me. He asked me to come here to cure him. Iwas sorry for him and I came. Now he will pretend, no doubt, that Ihave said anything which he may invent which will corroborate hisinsane suspicions. You can lie as you like, Holmes. My word isalways as good as yours."
5.  "What part of the table?"
6.  "I'll wager he took no breakfast this morning, and won't face hislunch after all the cigarettes I saw him consume."


1.  "You left them, then, without any premonition of evil?""None at all."
2.  "The fact is that upon his entrance I had instantly recognized theextreme personal danger in which I lay. The only conceivable escapefor him lay in silencing my tongue. In an instant I had slipped therevolver from the drawer into my pocket and was covering him throughthe cloth. At his remark I drew the weapon out and laid it cocked uponthe table. He still smiled and blinked, but there was somethingabout his eyes which made me feel very glad that I had it there."'You evidently don't know me,' said he.
3.  "I think now," said Gregson, rising, "we had best put this matterinto an official shape. You will come round with us to the station,Mr. Scott Eccles, and let us have your statement in writing.""Certainly, I will come at once. But I retain your services, Mr.Holmes. I desire you to spare no expense and no pains to get at thetruth."
4.  "Finally:
5.  "Perhaps, Mrs. Moulton, you would like my friend and me to leave theroom while you explain this matter?"
6.  Have visited the Commercial Road and seen Dorak. Suave person,Bohemian, elderly. Keeps large general store.


1.  "'No, I cannot!' I answered sharply. 'I have been far too generouswith you in money matters.'
2.  "Yes."
3.  "There was one sheet of paper which I may have torn from the manthat I grasped. It was lying all crumpled on the floor. It is in myson's handwriting."
4.  "I am afraid there are no signs here," said he. "One could hardlyhope for any upon so dry a day. Your servant seems to have quiterecovered. You left him in a chair, you say. Which chair?""By the window there."
5.   by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "What time was the funeral? Eight, was it not?" he asked eagerly."Well, it is 7:30 now. Good heavens, Watson, what has become of anybrains that God has given me? Quick, man, quick! It's life or death- ahundred chances on death to one on life. I'll never forgive myself,never, if we are too late!"


1.  Holmes seldom laughed, but he got as near it as his old friendWatson could remember.
2.  "Now, then, mister," said he, with his head cocked and hisarms akimbo, "what are you driving at? Let's have it straight,now."
3.  "It would make the worst possible impression both on the policeand upon myself, Mr. Amberley, if when so obvious a clue arose youshould refuse to follow it up. We should feel that you were not reallyin earnest in this investigation."
4、  "Did you ever hear of a dog running up a curtain? I found distincttraces that this creature had done so."
5、  "Yes, Watson, I went there, and I found very quickly that the latelamented Oldacre was a pretty considerable blackguard. The fatherwas away in search of his son. The mother was at home- a little,fluffy, blue-eyed person, in a tremor of fear and indignation. Ofcourse, she would not admit even the possibility of his guilt. But shewould not express either surprise or regret over the fate ofOldacre. On the contrary, she spoke of him with such bitterness thatshe was unconsciously considerably strengthening the case of thepolice for, of course, if her son had heard her speak of the man inthis fashion, it would predispose him towards hatred and violence. `Hewas more like a malignant and cunning ape than a human being,' saidshe, `and he always was, ever since he was a young man.'"`You knew him at that time?' said I




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      "But the cause remains as obscure as before. Come into the arbourhere and let us discuss it together. That villainous stuff seems stillto linger round my throat. I think we must admit that all the evidencepoints to this man, Mortimer Tregennis, having been the criminal inthe first tragedy, though he was the victim in the second one. We mustremember, in the first place, that there is some story of a familyquarrel, followed by a reconciliation. How bitter that quarrel mayhave been, or how hollow the reconciliation we cannot tell. When Ithink of Mortimer Tregennis, with the foxy face and the smallshrewd, beady eyes behind the spectacles, he is not a man whom Ishould judge to be of a particularly forgiving disposition. Well, inthe next place, you will remember that this idea of someone movingin the garden, which took our attention for a moment from the realcause of the tragedy, emanated from him. He had a motive in misleadingus. Finally, if he did not throw this substance into the fire at themoment of leaving the room, who did do so? The affair happenedimmediately after his departure. Had anyone else come in, the familywould certainly have risen from the table. Besides, in peacefulCornwall, visitors do not arrive after ten o'clock at night. We maytake it then, that all the evidence points to Mortimer Tregennis asthe culprit."

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      "My dear Professor," he cried, "consider your position! Consider thescandal at the university! Mr. Holmes is a well-known man. Youcannot possibly treat him with such discourtesy."

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       "It appears that his arrest did not take place at once, but afterthe return to Hatherley Farm. On the inspector of constabularyinforming him that he was a prisoner, he remarked that he was notsurprised to hear it, and that it was no more than his deserts. Hisobservation of his had the natural effect of removing any traces ofdoubt which might have remained in the minds of the coroner's jury.""It was a confession," I ejaculated.

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      "But why don't you?"

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    {  "Indeed, Doctor," said Holmes blandly. "Pray take a seat.""I will do nothing of the kind. My stepdaughter has been here. Ihave traced her. What has she been saying to you?"

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      "Her doctor would certify that for months her symptoms havethreatened such an end."}

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      At Waterloo we were fortunate in catching a train for Leatherhead,where we hired a trap at the station inn and drove for four or fivemiles through the lovely Surrey lanes. It was a perfect day, with abright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens. The trees andwayside hedges were just throwing out their first green shoots, andthe air was full of the pleasant smell of the moist earth. To me atleast there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of thespring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged. Mycompanion sat in the front of the trap, his arms folded, his hatpulled down over his eyes, and his chin sunk upon his breast, buriedin the deepest thought. Suddenly, however, he started, tapped me onthe shoulder, and pointed over the meadows.

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      "I cannot leave here," said my client firmly, "until I hear fromGodfrey's own lips that he is under no restraint."

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       "Well, Mr. Gibson, at least I dismiss you. I should have thoughtmy words were plain."

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    {  "And your key never left your possession?"

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      "I think that we may safely say," returned Holmes, "that she iswherever Sir George Burnwell is. It is equally certain, too, thatwhatever her sins are, they will soon receive a more than sufficientpunishment."