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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, nothing."
2.  "Well," he said at five o'clock, "we might as well count thechange and divide."
3.  "You'd better sleep alone," she said, "you'll feel better. I'llopen your bed for you now."
4.  "She did act sort of funny at times. Here she had dressed, andgone out this morning and never said a word."
5.  At every first adventure, then, into some untried evil, the mindwavers. The clock of thought ticks out its wish and its denial.To those who have never experienced such a mental dilemma, thefollowing will appeal on the simple ground of revelation.
6.  "Did you? Well, I guess. Didn't you hear the applause?"


1.  Hurstwood, when he met her as agreed, reassured her on thisscore.
2.  "Oh, this is gambling," smiled Carrie. "It's bad."
3.  "Well, she's going out more," concluded his wife, but the tone ofhis voice impressed her as containing something she had not heardthere before.
4.  Minnie felt the atmosphere of good feeling which Carrie broughtwith her. She felt now was the time to express to Carrie thestate of Hanson's feeling about her entire Chicago venture.
6.  A carriage went jingling by with some reclining figure in it.One of the men nearest the door saw it.


1.  Drouet dropped in at the lodge when he went down town, andswashed around with a great AIR, as Quincel met him.
2.  "You know what I mean," she said, finally, as if there were aworld of information which she held in reserve--which she did notneed to tell.
3.  "Damn it all," he murmured, turning toward the door. "I knewthat would happen."
4.  She suited action to word, fastened the piece of leather, whichwas eventually to form the right half of the upper of a man'sshoe, by little adjustable clamps, and pushed a small steel rodat the side of the machine. The latter jumped to the task ofpunching, with sharp, snapping clicks, cutting circular bits ofleather out of the side of the upper, leaving the holes whichwere to hold the laces. After observing a few times, the girllet her work at it alone. Seeing that it was fairly well done,she went away.
5.   He saw some energetic charging by the police and arrests beingmade.
6.  "Yes, and I'll have to have a new dress. Some of the nicestgirls in the school are going to be in it. Miss Palmer is goingto take the part of Portia."


1.  Gradually the deference and congratulation gave her a mentalappreciation of her state. She was no longer ordered, butrequested, and that politely. The other members of the castlooked at her enviously as she came out arrayed in her simplehabit, which she wore all through the play. All those who hadsupposedly been her equals and superiors now smiled the smile ofsociability, as much as to say: "How friendly we have alwaysbeen." Only the star comedian whose part had been so deeplyinjured stalked by himself. Figuratively, he could not kiss thehand that smote him.
2.  As for Drouet, his attitude had been that of the jealous lover.Now his feelings were a mixture of anger at deception, sorrow atlosing Carrie, misery at being defeated. He wanted his rights insome way or other, and yet his rights included the retaining ofCarrie, the making her feel her error.
3.  "Now I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll go over here toPartridge's and you pick out what you want. Then we'll lookaround for a room for you. You can leave the things there. Thenwe'll go to the show to-night."
4、  "Where?" said Carrie.
5、  She was relieved to see that he felt nothing. She did not credither willingness to go to any fascination Hurstwood held for her.It seemed that the combination of Hurstwood, Drouet, and herselfwas more agreeable than anything else that had been suggested.She arrayed herself most carefully and they started off,extending excuses upstairs.




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      That night it was that she passed Hurstwood, waiting at theCasino, without observing him.

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      "When will we be married?" she asked, diffidently, forgetting inher difficult situation that she had hoped he took her to beDrouet's wife.

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       One day, looking down the ad. columns of the "Evening World," hesaw where a new play was at the Casino. Instantly, he came to amental halt. Carrie had gone! He remembered seeing a poster ofher only yesterday, but no doubt it was one left uncovered by thenew signs. Curiously, this fact shook him up. He had almost toadmit that somehow he was depending upon her being in the city.Now she was gone. He wondered how this important fact hadskipped him. Goodness knows when she would be back now.Impelled by a nervous fear, he rose and went into the dingy hall,where he counted his remaining money, unseen. There were but tendollars in all.

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      Carrie's new state was remarkable in that she saw possibilitiesin it. She was no sensualist, longing to drowse sleepily in thelap of luxury. She turned about, troubled by her daring, glad ofher release, wondering whether she would get something to do,wondering what Drouet would do. That worthy had his future fixedfor him beyond a peradventure. He could not help what he wasgoing to do. He could not see clearly enough to wish to dodifferently. He was drawn by his innate desire to act the oldpursuing part. He would need to delight himself with Carrie assurely as he would need to eat his heavy breakfast. He mightsuffer the least rudimentary twinge of conscience in whatever hedid, and in just so far he was evil and sinning. But whatevertwinges of conscience he might have would be rudimentary, you maybe sure.

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    {  "Ain't you afraid you'll hurt yourself?" he asked.

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      The least wrinkle crept into his brow as he remembered that thiswas February 2d, the time the man always called. He fished downin his pocket for his purse, getting the first taste of payingout when nothing is coming in. He looked at the fat, green rollas a sick man looks at the one possible saving cure. Then hecounted off twenty-eight dollars.}

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      The fact that he had sent the money and that she had received itworked to the ease of his mind, for, as the thought that he haddone it receded, his chagrin at it grew less and his hope ofpeace more. He fancied, as he sat at his desk, that nothingwould be done for a week or two. Meanwhile, he would have timeto think.

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      "We can buy it then," she exclaimed sharply.

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       Chapter XIX

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      "On the trolley lines?" said Carrie, astonished.