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"Because she had been branded," continued D'Artagnan."Bah!" cried Porthos. "Impossible! What do you say--thatshe wanted to have her brother-in-law killed?"


"Your name?" said the officer, who covered a part of hisface with his cloak.

"Oh, this is too much," cried Milady. "Help! help!"No voice replied to hers; the carriage continued to roll on withrapidity; the officer seemed a statue.

Athos shrugged his shoulders, and followed his guards silently,while M. Bonacieux uttered lamentations enough to break the heartof a tiger.

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The chevalier raised his head, saw the two young women, and withoutstopping, waved his hand in a friendly way to Milady."The good George!" said she, closing the window with an expression ofcountenance full of affection and melancholy. And she resumed her seat,as if plunged in reflections entirely personal.<"Yes; for I have the proofs."

D'Artagnan came again on the morrow and the day after that,and each day Milady gave him a more gracious reception.Every evening, either in the antechamber, the corridor, oron the stairs, he met the pretty SOUBRETTE. But, as we havesaid, D'Artagnan paid no attention to this persistence ofpoor Kitty.

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"Farewell, then, or rather, AU REVOIR!"

"But we are no longer in the city, sir," said she.The young officer preserved silence.

<"A moment," cried D'Artagnan, making them a sign to replace inthe scabbard their half-drawn swords. "It is not courage that isneeded; it is prudence.""Which means?"

"What do you say?"


"You shall not call," said Felton, throwing himself between the duke andthe bell placed on a stand encrusted with silver. "Beware, my Lord, youare in the hands of God!"





555ڻװ˵ Then he began to search. A leather pocketbook, a purse, inwhich was evidently a part of the sum which the bandit hadreceived, with a dice box and dice, completed thepossessions of the dead man. ϸ

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555ؽȾרҺ֣ԺIJ˸һ The ceremony of reception over, the four friends were soonin one another's arms. ϸ

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