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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, monsieur," returned the count; and he drew from hispocket a marvellous casket, formed out of a single emeraldand closed by a golden lid which unscrewed and gave passageto a small greenish colored pellet about the size of a pea.This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor. There were fouror five more in the emerald, which would contain about adozen. The casket passed around the table, but it was moreto examine the admirable emerald than to see the pills thatit passed from hand to hand. "And is it your cook whoprepares these pills?" asked Beauchamp.
2.  By a rapid movement, which the gendarme's practiced eye hadperceived, Dantes sprang forward to precipitate himself intothe sea; but four vigorous arms seized him as his feetquitted the bottom of the boat. He fell back cursing withrage.
3.  "My dear friend," said Caderousse, "eat of my bread, andtake my advice; you will be none the worse off, physicallyor morally."
4.  "Then it was not till your return to the ship that you putthe letter in the portfolio?"
5.  "Do you know, Villefort, that you are talking in a mostdreadfully revolutionary strain? But I excuse it, it isimpossible to expect the son of a Girondin to be free from asmall spice of the old leaven." A deep crimson suffused thecountenance of Villefort.
6.  During the perusal of this letter, which informed Valentinefor the first time of the madness of her father and thedeath of her brother, she became pale, a heavy sigh escapedfrom her bosom, and tears, not the less painful because theywere silent, ran down her cheeks; her happiness cost hervery dear. Morrel looked around uneasily. "But," he said,"the count's generosity is too overwhelming; Valentine willbe satisfied with my humble fortune. Where is the count,friend? Lead me to him." Jacopo pointed towards the horizon."What do you mean?" asked Valentine. "Where is the count? --where is Haidee?"


1.  During this time Danglars fixed his piercing glance on theyoung man, on whose heart Caderousse's words fell likemolten lead.
2.  "Why, what nonsense are you telling us?" saidChateau-Renaud.
3.  "Yes."
4.  * The god of fruitfulness in Grecian mythology. In Crete hewas supposed to be slain in winter with the decay ofvegetation and to revive in the spring. Haidee's learnedreference is to the behavior of an actor in the Dionysianfestivals. -- Ed.
5.  "Alas, do you not know?"
6.  "No." The two notaries looked at each other in muteastonishment and inquiry as to what were the real intentionsof the testator. Villefort and his wife both grew red, onefrom shame, the other from anger.


1.  "And it was they who told you something which made youangry? What was it then? May I go and ask them, that I mayhave the opportunity of making my peace with you?"
2.  Madame de Villefort became very pale, and, seizing her son'sarm, drew him anxiously toward her; but, once satisfied ofhis safety, she also cast a brief but expressive glance onthe casket, which was not lost upon the count. At thismoment Ali entered. At sight of him Madame de Villefortuttered an expression of pleasure, and, holding the childstill closer towards her, she said, "Edward, dearest, do yousee that good man? He has shown very great courage andresolution, for he exposed his own life to stop the horsesthat were running away with us, and would certainly havedashed the carriage to pieces. Thank him, then, my child, inyour very best manner; for, had he not come to our aid,neither you nor I would have been alive to speak ourthanks." The child stuck out his lips and turned away hishead in a disdainful manner, saying, "He's too ugly."
3.  "Which?"
4.  "Still, baron," said Monte Cristo, "family griefs, or indeedany other affliction which would crush a man whose child washis only treasure, are endurable to a millionaire.Philosophers may well say, and practical men will alwayssupport the opinion, that money mitigates many trials; andif you admit the efficacy of this sovereign balm, you oughtto be very easily consoled -- you, the king of finance, thefocus of immeasurable power."
5.   "You -- you?" said the young man, looking fearfully aroundhim.
6.  "But I don't know him," said the countess; "I have a greatmind to return it."


1.  "You do not speak affectionately to me, Benedetto, my oldfriend, that is not right -- take care, or I may becometroublesome." This menace smothered the young man's passion.He urged the horse again into a trot. "You should not speakso to an old friend like me, Caderousse, as you said justnow; you are a native of Marseilles, I am" --
2.  "It is past noon," said she, "and to-day is Saturday; I daresay it is the doctor, grandpapa." Noirtier looked hisconviction that she was right in her supposition. "He willcome in here, and M. Morrel had better go, -- do you notthink so, grandpapa?"
3.  "Well then, my dear count, present me to your princess."
4、  "Oh, I know what that is; the minister receives two hundredpetitions every day, and does not read three."
5、  "Oh, you frighten me! But speak; I will listen."




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      On the fourth, he was no longer a man, but a living corpse.He had picked up every crumb that had been left from hisformer meals, and was beginning to eat the matting whichcovered the floor of his cell. Then he entreated Peppino, ashe would a guardian angel, to give him food; he offered him1,000 francs for a mouthful of bread. But Peppino did notanswer. On the fifth day he dragged himself to the door ofthe cell.

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      "He has done better than that -- he has made himselfunderstood."

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       "So you would rob the Count of Monte Cristo?" continued thefalse abbe.

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      "Come, take them," and Monte Cristo forced the bank-notesinto his hand.

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    {  "Poor countess," said Maximilian, "I pity her very much; sheis so noble a woman!"

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      "Help," cried Caderousse; "I am murdered!"}

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      "Let us hear the history," said Franz, motioning SignorPastrini to seat himself.

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      "We have lost a year to no purpose!" cried Dantes.

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    {  "Yes," replied Noirtier.

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      "If he has forgotten you" --