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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But it's of no importance," continued D'Artagnan, with naturalassurance; "it's of no importance. The money is nothing; thatletter was everything. I would rather have lost a thousandpistoles than have lost it." He would not have risked more if hehad said twenty thousand; but a certain juvenile modestyrestrained him.
2.  In fact, fortune changed; and as the king began to lose what hehad won, he was not sorry to find an excuse for playingCharlemagne--if we may use a gaming phrase of whose origin weconfess our ignorance. The king therefore arose a minute after,and putting the money which lay before him into his pocket, themajor part of which arose from his winnings, "La Vieuville," saidhe, "take my place; I must speak to Monsieur de Treville on anaffair of importance. Ah, I had eighty louis before me; put downthe same sum, so that they who have lost may have nothing tocomplain of. Justice before everything."
3.  "He who just now presented himself to the abbess as a messenger from thecardinal."
4.  "You will send him to me."
5.  D'Artagnan fought three times with Rochefort, and wounded him threetimes.
6.  "What say you, Duke?"


1.  Milady remained alone, with her eyes fixed upon the door. An instantlater, the jingling of spurs was heard upon the stairs, steps drew near,the door opened, and a man appeared.
2.  M. Coquenard, after the luxuries of such a repast, which hecalled an excess, felt the want of a siesta. Porthos beganto hope that the thing would take place at the presentsitting, and in that same locality; but the procurator wouldlisten to nothing, he would be taken to his room, and wasnot satisfied till he was close to his chest, upon the edgeof which, for still greater precaution, he placed his feet.The procurator's wife took Porthos into an adjoining room,and they began to lay the basis of a reconciliation."You can come and dine three times a week," said Mme.Coquenard.
3.  "Not at all," said Athos, calmly.
4.  "Silence, silence, begone!" said Kitty. "There is nothingbut a wainscot between my chamber and Milady's; every wordthat is uttered in one can be heard in the other.""That's exactly the reason I won't go," said D'Artagnan."What!" said Kitty, blushing.
5.  "Give it to me," said the duke.
6.  "Yes, that is my companion's name. My God, my dear host, tell meif anything has happened to him?"


1.  "Undoubtedly."
2.  "Oh, oh!" said he; "here is a soup which is ratherinviting."
3.  "Now, then, let us calculate how much we posses in all.""Porthos?"
4.  "The accusation comes from Monsieur de la Tremouille, from theduke himself. What do you say to that?"
5.   "A woman of such inferior condition! Can you believe so?" saidPorthos, protruding his lips with contempt.
6.  "Who told you of it?"


1.  He had now leisure to look to his wound. Fortunately, asD'Artagnan had thought, it was not dangerous. The point of thesword had touched a rib, and glanced along the bone. Stillfurther, his shirt had stuck to the wound, and he had lost only a few drops of blood.D'Artagnan was worn out with fatigue. A mattress was laid uponthe deck for him. He threw himself upon it, and fell asleep.On the morrow, at break of day, they were still three or fourleagues from the coast of England. The breeze had been so lightall night, they had made but little progress. At ten o'clock thevessel cast anchor in the harbor of Dover, and at half past tenD'Artagnan placed his foot on English land, crying, "Here I am atlast!"
2.  "But they will run against the bottom of the ladder.""Fortunately it is too short by six feet."
3.  "Ah, ah! Can it be on account of the amours of Madame deBois-Tracy?" said D'Artagnan, wishing to have the air, in theeyes of the citizen, of being posted as to court affairs.""Higher, monsieur, higher."
5、  "But I am speaking to you!" replied the young man, additionallyexasperated with this mixture of insolence and good manners, ofpoliteness and scorn.




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      The valet led Felton through a large hall in which waited the deputiesfrom La Rochelle, headed by the Prince de Soubise, and introduced himinto a closet where Buckingham, just out of the bath, was finishing histoilet, upon which, as at all times, he bestowed extraordinaryattention.

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      "Come," continued Athos, "executioner, do your duty.""Willingly, monseigneur," said the executioner; "for as I am a goodCatholic, I firmly believe I am acting justly in performing my functionson this woman."

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       There happened to be a sermon, which made the church very full ofpeople. Porthos took advantage of this circumstance to ogle thewomen. Thanks to the cares of Mousqueton, the exterior was forfrom announcing the distress of the interior. His hat was alittle napless, his feather was a little faded, his gold lace wasa little tarnished, his laces were a trifle frayed; but in theobscurity of the church these things were not seen, and Porthoswas still the handsome Porthos.

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      "At the other end of the town."

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    {  Milady breathed a sigh, and opened her eyes.

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      "And you receive silver from that man?"}

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      "That is true, sire; there can be no more doubt on that head.They called upon him then to retire; but he answered that he wasa Musketeer at heart, entirely devoted to your Majesty, and thattherefore he would remain with Messieurs the Musketeers.""Brave young man!" murmured the king.

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      "I am going alone."

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       "Fall from heaven, my friend, fall from heaven."

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    {  "That is to say," replied Milady, driven into her entrenchment, "that Ihave not the honor of knowing her personally; but I know a great numberof her most intimate friends. I am acquainted with Monsieur de Putange;I met Monsieur Dujart in England; I know Monsieur de Treville.""Monsieur de Treville!" exclaimed the novice, "do you know Monsieur deTreville?"

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      "No," cried Felton, "no; you shall live and you shall beavenged."