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ƻϵͳDzַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"It unfortunately happened that our neighbor, Vasilio, wasat Bastia, leaving no person in his house but his wife; nohuman creature beside could hear or see anything that tookplace within our dwelling. Two held poor Assunta, who,unable to conceive that any harm was intended to her, smiledin the face of those who were soon to become herexecutioners. The third proceeded to barricade the doors andwindows, then returned, and the three united in stifling thecries of terror incited by the sight of these preparations,and then dragged Assunta feet foremost towards the brazier,expecting to wring from her an avowal of where her supposedtreasure was secreted. In the struggle her clothes caughtfire, and they were obliged to let go their hold in order topreserve themselves from sharing the same fate. Covered withflames, Assunta rushed wildly to the door, but it wasfastened; she flew to the windows, but they were alsosecured; then the neighbors heard frightful shrieks; it wasAssunta calling for help. The cries died away in groans, andnext morning, as soon as Vasilio's wife could muster upcourage to venture abroad, she caused the door of ourdwelling to be opened by the public authorities, whenAssunta, although dreadfully burnt, was found stillbreathing; every drawer and closet in the house had beenforced open, and the money stolen. Benedetto never againappeared at Rogliano, neither have I since that day eitherseen or heard anything concerning him."It was considered, that you dead, the fortune wouldnaturally revert to your brother, unless he weredisinherited; and besides, the crime appearing useless, itwould be folly to commit it."

"But" -- said Villefort, and then suddenly checking himself,he was silent; then he continued, "Your pardon, sire," hesaid, bowing, "my zeal carried me away. Will your majestydeign to excuse me?"


The jailer always brought Dantes' soup in an iron saucepan;this saucepan contained soup for both prisoners, for Danteshad noticed that it was either quite full, or half empty,according as the turnkey gave it to him or to his companionfirst.

"Alas," murmured he, with intense suffering, "I might, then,have been happy yet." Then he carried Haidee to her room,resigned her to the care of her attendants, and returning tohis study, which he shut quickly this time, he again copiedthe destroyed will. As he was finishing, the sound of acabriolet entering the yard was heard. Monte Cristoapproached the window, and saw Maximilian and Emmanuelalight. "Good," said he; "it was time," -- and he sealed hiswill with three seals. A moment afterwards he heard a noisein the drawing-room, and went to open the door himself.Morrel was there; he had come twenty minutes before the timeappointed. "I am perhaps come too soon, count," said he,"but I frankly acknowledge that I have not closed my eyesall night, nor has any one in my house. I need to see youstrong in your courageous assurance, to recover myself."Monte Cristo could not resist this proof of affection; henot only extended his hand to the young man, but flew to himwith open arms. "Morrel," said he, "it is a happy day forme, to feel that I am beloved by such a man as you.Good-morning, Emmanuel; you will come with me then,Maximilian?"

"No matter; I know it." The count knit his brows, andremained silent an instant. "And if I went to seek Vampa,would you accompany me?"

ƻϵͳDzʣ ɻ

"Do not let us jest," gravely replied Bertuccio, "and darenot to utter that name again as you have pronounced it."<"Oh," observed Madame de Villefort, "it must be an admirableanti-spasmodic."

"Capital? -- yes -- I understand -- every one would likecapital."

ƻϵͳDzʣйҶ ۻ

"And who was that?"

We have already said that there was something in the countwhich attracted universal attention wherever he appeared. Itwas not the coat, unexceptional in its cut, though simpleand unornamented; it was not the plain white waistcoat; itwas not the trousers, that displayed the foot so perfectlyformed -- it was none of these things that attracted theattention, -- it was his pale complexion, his waving blackhair, his calm and serene expression, his dark andmelancholy eye, his mouth, chiselled with such marvellousdelicacy, which so easily expressed such high disdain, --these were what fixed the attention of all upon him. Manymen might have been handsomer, but certainly there could benone whose appearance was more significant, if theexpression may be used. Everything about the count seemed tohave its meaning, for the constant habit of thought which hehad acquired had given an ease and vigor to the expressionof his face, and even to the most trifling gesture, scarcelyto be understood. Yet the Parisian world is so strange, thateven all this might not have won attention had there notbeen connected with it a mysterious story gilded by animmense fortune.

<"Certainly.""In the name of our child! Ah, for the sake of our child,let me live!"

"Ah, in such a case one supposes" --


<"No," he cried, "they have not wounded, but perhaps theyhave robbed me!" and he thrust his hands into his pockets.They were untouched; the hundred louis he had reserved forhis journey from Rome to Venice were in his trousers pocket,and in that of his great-coat he found the little note-casecontaining his letter of credit for 5,050,000 francs."Singular bandits!" he exclaimed; "they have left me mypurse and pocket-book. As I was saying last night, theyintend me to be ransomed. Hallo, here is my watch! Let mesee what time it is." Danglars' watch, one of Breguet'srepeaters, which he had carefully wound up on the previousnight, struck half past five. Without this, Danglars wouldhave been quite ignorant of the time, for daylight did notreach his cell. Should he demand an explanation from thebandits, or should he wait patiently for them to propose it?The last alternative seemed the most prudent, so he waiteduntil twelve o'clock. During all this time a sentinel, whohad been relieved at eight o'clock, had been watching hisdoor. Danglars suddenly felt a strong inclination to see theperson who kept watch over him. He had noticed that a fewrays, not of daylight, but from a lamp, penetrated throughthe ill-joined planks of the door; he approached just as thebrigand was refreshing himself with a mouthful of brandy,which, owing to the leathern bottle containing it, sentforth an odor which was extremely unpleasant to Danglars."Faugh!" he exclaimed, retreating to the farther corner ofhis cell."With whom?"

"Listen, friend," said Monte Cristo. "I do not wish to causeyou any remorse; believe me, then, when I swear to you thatyou have wronged no man, but on the contrary have benefitedmankind." The man looked at the bank-notes, felt them,counted them, turned pale, then red, then rushed into hisroom to drink a glass of water, but he had no time to reachthe water-jug, and fainted in the midst of his dried herbs.Five minutes after the new telegram reached the minister,Debray had the horses put to his carriage, and drove toDanglars' house.





ƻϵͳDzŶͷײ 3Dȫ "Not my own wish, mother, but reason -- necessity. Are wenot two despairing creatures? What is life to you? --Nothing. What is life to me? -- Very little without you,mother; for believe me, but for you I should have ceased tolive on the day I doubted my father and renounced his name.Well, I will live, if you promise me still to hope; and ifyou grant me the care of your future prospects, you willredouble my strength. Then I will go to the governor ofAlgeria; he has a royal heart, and is essentially a soldier;I will tell him my gloomy story. I will beg him to turn hiseyes now and then towards me, and if he keep his word andinterest himself for me, in six months I shall be anofficer, or dead. If I am an officer, your fortune iscertain, for I shall have money enough for both, and,moreover, a name we shall both be proud of, since it will beour own. If I am killed -- well then mother, you can alsodie, and there will be an end of our misfortunes." ϸ

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ƻϵͳDz ٶڻ ƾ Ҳ¹ "Ah, to be sure, I have not answered you; be satisfied, weshall have this `lion;' we are among the privileged ones." ϸ

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