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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Let us visit this one first," added he.
2.  "You are completely mistaken, sir," said Monte Cristocoldly, who felt the perfidious manoeuvre of the young man,and understood the bearing of his words; "you only acquiredmy protection after the influence and fortune of your fatherhad been ascertained; for, after all, who procured for me,who had never seen either you or your illustrious father,the pleasure of your acquaintance? -- two of my goodfriends, Lord Wilmore and the Abbe Busoni. What encouragedme not to become your surety, but to patronize you? -- yourfather's name, so well known in Italy and so highly honored.Personally, I do not know you." This calm tone and perfectease made Andrea feel that he was, for the moment,restrained by a more muscular hand than his own, and thatthe restraint could not be easily broken through.
3.  Tears, entreaties, prayers, have availed me nothing.Yesterday, for two hours, I was at the church ofSaint-Phillippe du Roule, and for two hours I prayed mostfervently. Heaven is as inflexible as man, and the signatureof the contract is fixed for this evening at nine o'clock. Ihave but one promise and but one heart to give; that promiseis pledged to you, that heart is also yours. This evening,then, at a quarter to nine at the gate.
4.  During the meal, which was excellent, and admirably served,Franz looked repeatedly at Albert, in order to observe theimpressions which he doubted not had been made on him by thewords of their entertainer; but whether with his usualcarelessness he had paid but little attention to him,whether the explanation of the Count of Monte Cristo withregard to duelling had satisfied him, or whether the eventswhich Franz knew of had had their effect on him alone, heremarked that his companion did not pay the least regard tothem, but on the contrary ate like a man who for the lastfour or five months had been condemned to partake of Italiancookery -- that is, the worst in the world. As for thecount, he just touched the dishes; he seemed to fulfil theduties of a host by sitting down with his guests, andawaited their departure to be served with some strange ormore delicate food. This brought back to Franz, in spite ofhimself, the recollection of the terror with which the counthad inspired the Countess G---- , and her firm convictionthat the man in the opposite box was a vampire. At the endof the breakfast Franz took out his watch. "Well," said thecount, "what are you doing?"
5.  "Yes. -- in the principality, but not in the prince."
6.  "I think, Albert, you have adopted the system of feeding meon smoke this morning."


1.  An inn-keeper has always a horse to let, whether it be goodor bad. The host called the stable-boy, and ordered him tosaddle "Whitey," then he awoke his son, a child of sevenyears, whom he ordered to ride before the gentleman andbring back the horse. Andrea gave the inn-keeper twentyfrancs, and in taking them from his pocket dropped avisiting card. This belonged to one of his friends at theCafe de Paris, so that the innkeeper, picking it up afterAndrea had left, was convinced that he had let his horse tothe Count of Mauleon, 25 Rue Saint-Dominique, that being thename and address on the card. "Whitey" was not a fastanimal, but he kept up an easy, steady pace; in three hoursand a half Andrea had traversed the nine leagues whichseparated him from Compiegne, and four o'clock struck as hereached the place where the coaches stop. There is anexcellent tavern at Compiegne, well remembered by those whohave ever been there. Andrea, who had often stayed there inhis rides about Paris, recollected the Bell and Bottle inn;he turned around, saw the sign by the light of a reflectedlamp, and having dismissed the child, giving him all thesmall coin he had about him, he began knocking at the door,very reasonably concluding that having now three or fourhours before him he had best fortify himself against thefatigues of the morrow by a sound sleep and a good supper. Awaiter opened the door.
2.  "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."
3.  "I should like to be there at the time you come, and I willendeavor to repay you, as far as lies in my power, for yourliberal hospitality displayed to me at Monte Cristo."
4.  "You have rightly guessed, madame," replied the count.
5.  "You have seen him, then?"
6.  "I will see them both," returned the inspector; "I mustconscientiously perform my duty." This was the inspector'sfirst visit; he wished to display his authority.


1.  "But," said the Englishman, "this looks very much like asuspension of payment."
2.  "I think him capable of everything."
3.  "Precisely," answered Bertuccio; "but he had, seven or eightyears before this period, sold his establishment to a tailorat Marseilles, who, having almost ruined himself in his oldtrade, wished to make his fortune in another. Of course, wemade the same arrangements with the new landlord that we hadwith the old; and it was of this man that I intended to askshelter."
4.  "Yes; we have an instance here; it was by always offering amillion of francs to the governor for his liberty that anabbe became mad, who was in this chamber before you."
5.   "What; is it news to you? Has not M. Danglars informed youof the ceremony?"
6.  "Why, what can have happened?" he exclaimed, "what has thusdisturbed you? Is M. de Saint-Meran with you?"


1.  "Of which he is the brightest ornament," said Beauchamp,drinking off a glass of champagne.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "Then what did you mean" --
4、  Edmond rose again, but this time his legs did not tremble,and his sight was clear; he went to a corner of his dungeon,detached a stone, and with it knocked against the wall wherethe sound came. He struck thrice. At the first blow thesound ceased, as if by magic.
5、  "Which makes him your accomplice to all intents andpurposes. But mark the distinction with which he is treated;instead of being knocked on the head as you would be if oncethey caught hold of you, he is simply sentenced to beguillotined, by which means, too, the amusements of the dayare diversified, and there is a spectacle to please everyspectator."




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      Danglars, seeing his daughter smiling, and proud even toinsolence, could not entirely repress his brutal feelings,but they betrayed themselves only by an exclamation. Underthe fixed and inquiring gaze levelled at him from underthose beautiful black eyebrows, he prudently turned away,and calmed himself immediately, daunted by the power of aresolute mind. "Truly, my daughter," replied he with asmile, "you are all you boast of being, excepting one thing;I will not too hastily tell you which, but would ratherleave you to guess it." Eugenie looked at Danglars, muchsurprised that one flower of her crown of pride, with whichshe had so superbly decked herself, should be disputed. "Mydaughter," continued the banker, "you have perfectlyexplained to me the sentiments which influence a girl likeyou, who is determined she will not marry; now it remainsfor me to tell you the motives of a father like me, who hasdecided that his daughter shall marry." Eugenie bowed, notas a submissive daughter, but as an adversary prepared for adiscussion.

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      "Oh, then let it be directly!" exclaimed the young man.

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      "Besides," said Dantes, "the various circumstances mentionedin the letter were wholly unknown to him."

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    {  "Read it."

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      "Give all the information in your power."

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      "For fifteen thousand francs?"

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       Chapter 88The Insult.

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    {  "To you; and which I discovered in the pocket-book of themessenger. Had that letter fallen into the hands of another,you, my dear father, would probably ere this have beenshot." Villefort's father laughed.

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      "My father is king's attorney," replied Andrea calmly.