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How different, Gretchen, was it once with thee, When thou, still full ofinnocence, Here to the altar camest, And from the small and well - conn'dbook Didst lisp thy prayer, Half childish sport, Half God in thy young heart!Gretchen! What thoughts are thine? What deed of shame Lurks in thy sinfulheart? Is thy prayer utter'd for thy mother's soul, Who into long, long tormentslept through thee? Whose blood is on thy threshold? - And stirs there notalready 'neath thy heart Another quick'ning pulse, that even now Torturesitself and thee With its foreboding presence?


Martha (peering through the blind)

He's my good friend, with whom 'twill prosper well; I grudge him not thechoicest of thy store. Now draw thy circle, speak thy spell, And straight abumper for him pour!

And, to say truth, as yet with small success. Oppos'd to naught, this clumsyworld, The something - it subsisteth still; Not yet is it to ruin hurl'd, Despitethe efforts of my will. Tempests and earthquakes, fire and flood, I've tried;Yet land and ocean still unchang'd abide! And then of humankind and beasts,the accursed brood, Neither o'er them can I extend my sway. What countlessmyriads have I swept away! Yet ever circulates the fresh young blood. It isenough to drive me to despair! As in the earth, in water, and in air, Athousand germs burst forth spontaneously; In moisture, drought, heat, cold,they still appear! Had I not flame selected as my sphere Nothing apart hadbeen reversed for me.

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By pious people, it is true, No medium is rejected; Conventicles, and not afew, On Blocksberg are erected.


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Tell me, ye whelps, accursed crew! What stir ye in the broth about?Monkeys

Good, If I have my choice, the Rhenish I propose; For still the fairest gifts thefatherland bestows.

The sweet young innocent!


Thou monster, does not see that this Pure soul, possessed by ardent love, Fullof the living faith, To her of bliss The only pledge, must holy anguish prove,Holding the man she loves, fore - doomed to endless death!Mephistopheles





k5ܴqqعܺͰҪר˵ I saw among them some such thing, A string of pearls to grace her neck.Faust ϸ

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