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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The case worried me at the time, Watson. Here are my marginal notesto prove it. I confess that I could make nothing of it. And yet Iwas convinced that the coroner was wrong. Have you no recollectionof the Abbas Parva tragedy?"
2.  We looked with horror after the black carriage, lumbering upon itsway. Then we turned our steps towards this ill-omened house in whichthey had met their strange fate.
3.  I have had a succession of strange incidents occur to me inconnection with this house, and I should much value your advice. Youwould find me at home any time to-morrow. The house is within ashort walk of the Weald Station. I believe that my late husband,Mortimer Maberley, was one of your early clients.
4.  "Tut-tut! Well, then, these tracks upon the grass, were theycoming or going?"
5.  "I will. I swear to you that I will. I did the rest. I confess it.It was just as you say. A Stock Exchange debt had to be paid. I neededthe money badly. Oberstein offered me five thousand. It was to savemyself from ruin. But as to murder, I am as innocent as you.""What happened, then?"
6.  "So I came to a dead end, Mr. Holmes. There was no getting pastit. I could only pretend to accept the situation and register a vowinwardly that I would never rest until my friend's fate had beencleared up. It was a dull evening. We dined quietly, the three ofus, in a gloomy faded old room. The lady questioned me eagerly abouther son, but the old man seemed morose and depressed. I was so boredby the whole proceeding that I made an excuse as soon as I decentlycould and retired to my bedroom. It was a large, bare room on theground floor, as gloomy as the rest of the house, but after a yearof sleeping upon the veldt, Mr. Holmes, one is not too particularabout one's quarters. I opened the curtains and looked out into thegarden, remarking that it was a fine night with a bright half-moon.Then I sat down by the roaring fire with the lamp on a table besideme, and endeavoured to distract my mind with a novel. I wasinterrupted, however, by Ralph, the old butler, who came in with afresh supply of coals.


1.  "'"But none was recovered,
2.  "Yes."
3.  "We also have our diplomatic secrets," said he and, picking up hishat, he turned to the door.
4.  "Excellent, Watson! Compound of the Busy Bee and Excellsior. Wecan but try- the motto of the firm. A friendly native will surelyguide us."
5.  "I think, gentlemen," said Holmes, quietly, "that we had best takeup our position behind the door. Every precaution is necessary whendealing with such a fellow. You will need your handcuffs, Inspector.You can leave the talking to me."
6.  "You remember that a stonemason, named Slater, walking from ForestRow about one o'clock in the morning- two days before the murder-stopped as he passed the grounds and looked at the square of lightstill shining among the trees. He swears that the shadow of a man'shead turned sideways was clearly visible on the blind, and that thisshadow was certainly not that of Peter Carey, whom he knew well. Itwas that of a bearded man, but the beard was short and bristledforward in a way very different from that of the captain. So hesays, but he had been two hours in the public-house, and it is somedistance from the road to the window. Besides, this refers to theMonday, and the crime was done upon the Wednesday.


2.  "Then he could not have retreated down the road, and you say thatthere are no side roads?"
3.  "And incidentally exonerates me," remarked Ian Murdoch with a wrysmile. "I do not blame you, Inspector, nor you, Mr. Holmes, for yoursuspicions were natural. I feel that on the very eve of my arrest Ihave only cleared myself by sharing the fate of my poor friend.""No, Mr. Murdoch. I was already upon the track, and had I been outas early as I intended I might well have saved you from thisterrific experience."
4.  Lestrade shot an angry glance at my companion. "I suppose you knowall about it" he snarled.
5.   She looked at me helplessly. "What can I do?"
6.  "Ah! that is suggestive. Now, on the other side of this narrowwing runs the corridor from which these three rooms open. There arewindows in it, of course?"


1.  "The defeat of the Light Blues may be entirely attributed to theunfortunate absence of the crack International, Godfrey Staunton,whose want was felt at every instant of the game. The lack ofcombination in the three-quarter line and their weakness both inattack and defence more than neutralized the efforts of a heavy andhard-working pack."
2.  It was a gloomy, high-ceilinged room at the back of the house,with a straw litter in one corner, which served apparently as a bedfor the cook. The table was piled with half-eaten dishes and dirtyplates, the debris of last night's dinner.
3.  "Now then, Mr. Cocksure," said the salesman, "I thought that Iwas out of geese, but before I finish you'll find that there isstill one left in my shop. You see this little book?"
4、  "Vernon Lodge, near Kingston. It is a large house. He has beenfortunate in some rather shady speculations and is a rich man, whichnaturally makes him a more dangerous antagonist."
5、  "Burglary!" cried the colonel, with his coffee-cup in mid-air."Murder!"




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      "Anything more that you would like to ask, Mr. Holmes?" saidLestrade, whose eyebrows had gone up once or twice during thisremarkable explanation.

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      Percy Phelps sank back in his chair. "My head whirls," said he."Your words have dazed me."

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       "Then it amounts to this, Mr. Soames: that, unless the Indianstudent recognized the roll as being proofs, the man who tampered withthem came upon them accidentally without knowing that they werethere."

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      "All very fine, Mr. Holmes," said he. "But there is one littleflaw in your splendid theory. I was myself in my room, and I neverleft it during the day."

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    {  "When I saw that he was absent, I withdrew at once."

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      Sherlock Holmes sat down beside him on the couch and patted himkindly on the shoulder.}

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      "No, my dear fellow, you will go down. This may be some triflingintrigue, and I cannot break my other important research for thesake of it. On Monday you will arrive early at Farnham; you willconceal yourself near Charlington Heath; you will observe thesefacts for yourself, and act as your own judgment advises. Then, havinginquired as to the occupants of the Hall, you will come back to me andreport. And now, Watson, not another word of the matter until wehave a few solid steppingstones on which we may hope to get acrossto our solution."

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      "Within a few yards from the spot."

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       "And I wish to God I had not!" said Mrs. Merrilow.

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    {  "With pleasure."

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      "In the meantime the housekeeper had also arrived upon the scene,but she was just too late to catch the young man's dying words.Leaving Susan with the body, she hurried to the professors room. Hewas sitting up in bed, horribly agitated, for he had heard enough toconvince him that something terrible had occurred. Mrs. Marker isprepared to swear that the professor was still in his night-clothes,and indeed it was impossible for him to dress without the help ofMortimer, whose orders were to come at twelve o'clock. The professordeclares that he heard the distant cry, but that he knows nothingmore. He can give no explanation of the young man's last words, 'Theprofessor- it was she,' but imagines that they were the outcome ofdelirium. He believes that Willoughby Smith had not an enemy in theworld, and can give no reason for the crime. His first action was tosend Mortimer, the gardener, for the local police. A little laterthe chief constable sent for me. Nothing was moved before I got there,and strict orders were given that no one should walk upon the pathsleading to the house. It was a splendid chance of putting yourtheories into practice, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. There was reallynothing wanting."