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至尊棋牌游戏下载地址【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Oh, you don't see straight," said Danglars; "he's goneright enough."   "And you would be to blame for not assisting him, if theyoung man really needed your help in that quarter, but,happily for me, he can dispense with it."

    But on this occasion the precaution was superfluous, andeverything proceeded with the utmost smoothness andpoliteness. Four shallops came off with very little noisealongside the lugger, which, no doubt, in acknowledgement ofthe compliment, lowered her own shallop into the sea, andthe five boats worked so well that by two o'clock in themorning all the cargo was out of The Young Amelia and onterra firma. The same night, such a man of regularity wasthe patron of The Young Amelia, the profits were divided,and each man had a hundred Tuscan livres, or about eightyfrancs. But the voyage was not ended. They turned thebowsprit towards Sardinia, where they intended to take in acargo, which was to replace what had been discharged. Thesecond operation was as successful as the first, The YoungAmelia was in luck. This new cargo was destined for thecoast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirelyof Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.

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   Such was the conversation in almost all the carriages; thesetwo sudden deaths, so quickly following each other,astonished every one, but no one suspected the terriblesecret which M. d'Avrigny had communicated, in his nocturnalwalk to M. de Villefort. They arrived in about an hour atthe cemetery; the weather was mild, but dull, and in harmonywith the funeral ceremony. Among the groups which flockedtowards the family vault, Chateau-Renaud recognized Morrel,who had come alone in a cabriolet, and walked silently alongthe path bordered with yew-trees. "You here?" saidChateau-Renaud, passing his arms through the youngcaptain's; "are you a friend of Villefort's? How is it thatI have never met you at his house?"

    If they took him to the cemetery and laid him in a grave, hewould allow himself to be covered with earth, and then, asit was night, the grave-diggers could scarcely have turnedtheir backs before he would have worked his way through theyielding soil and escaped. He hoped that the weight of earthwould not be so great that he could not overcome it. If hewas detected in this and the earth proved too heavy, hewould be stifled, and then -- so much the better, all wouldbe over. Dantes had not eaten since the preceding evening,but he had not thought of hunger, nor did he think of itnow. His situation was too precarious to allow him even timeto reflect on any thought but one.

    "Albert," repeated Danglars, shrugging his shoulders; "ah,well; he would care very little about it, I think."

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   "And madness?"<  "It was the only letter you had?"

    "You had never anything to complain of?" said the governorto the jailer who had charge of the abbe.

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   "`How,' do you ask? When we parted at the Pont du Var, youtold me you were going to travel through Piedmont andTuscany; but instead of that, you come to Paris."

    "`Have you any idea what became of them?' -- `Yes, sir; Iheard they had fallen victims to their sorrow, and, perhaps,to their poverty. I was not rich; my life was in constantdanger; I could not seek them, to my great regret.' Thepresident frowned imperceptibly. `Gentlemen,' said he, `youhave heard the Comte de Morcerf's defence. Can you, sir,produce any witnesses to the truth of what you haveasserted?' -- `Alas, no, monsieur,' replied the count; `allthose who surrounded the vizier, or who knew me at hiscourt, are either dead or gone away, I know not where. Ibelieve that I alone, of all my countrymen, survived thatdreadful war. I have only the letters of Ali Tepelini, whichI have placed before you; the ring, a token of hisgood-will, which is here; and, lastly, the most convincingproof I can offer, after an anonymous attack, and that isthe absence of any witness against my veracity and thepurity of my military life.' A murmur of approbation ranthrough the assembly; and at this moment, Albert, hadnothing more transpired, your father's cause had beengained. It only remained to put it to the vote, when thepresident resumed: `Gentlemen and you, monsieur, -- you willnot be displeased, I presume, to listen to one who callshimself a very important witness, and who has just presentedhimself. He is, doubtless, come to prove the perfectinnocence of our colleague. Here is a letter I have justreceived on the subject; shall it be read, or shall it bepassed over? and shall we take no notice of this incident?'M. de Morcerf turned pale, and clinched his hands on thepapers he held. The committee decided to hear the letter;the count was thoughtful and silent. The president read: --

<  "But," said Morrel, "the culprit -- the murderer -- theassassin."   "Don't speak of Marseilles, I beg of you, Maximilian; thatone word brings back my mother to my recollection -- myangel mother, who died too soon for myself and all who knewher; but who, after watching over her child during the briefperiod allotted to her in this world, now, I fondly hope,watches from her home in heaven. Oh, if my mother were stillliving, there would be nothing to fear, Maximilian, for Iwould tell her that I loved you, and she would protect us."

    The curtain rose, as usual, to an almost empty house, itbeing one of the absurdities of Parisian fashion never toappear at the opera until after the beginning of theperformance, so that the first act is generally playedwithout the slightest attention being paid to it, that partof the audience already assembled being too much occupied inobserving the fresh arrivals, while nothing is heard but thenoise of opening and shutting doors, and the buzz ofconversation. "Surely," said Albert, as the door of a box onthe first circle opened, "that must be the Countess G----."


<  "A trade? Oh, Maximilian, how can you jest at a time when wehave such deep cause for uneasiness?"   "What?"

    "The jeweller began eating his supper, and the woman, whowas ordinarily so querulous and indifferent to all whoapproached her, was suddenly transformed into the mostsmiling and attentive hostess. Had the unhappy man on whomshe lavished her assiduities been previously acquainted withher, so sudden an alteration might well have excitedsuspicion in his mind, or at least have greatly astonishedhim. Caderousse, meanwhile, continued to pace the room ingloomy silence, sedulously avoiding the sight of his guest;but as soon as the stranger had completed his repast, theagitated inn-keeper went eagerly to the door and opened it.`I believe the storm is over,' said he. But as if tocontradict his statement, at that instant a violent clap ofthunder seemed to shake the house to its very foundation,while a sudden gust of wind, mingled with rain, extinguishedthe lamp he held in his hand. Trembling and awe-struck,Caderousse hastily shut the door and returned to his guest,while La Carconte lighted a candle by the smouldering ashesthat glimmered on the hearth. `You must be tired,' said sheto the jeweller; `I have spread a pair of white sheets onyour bed; go up when you are ready, and sleep well.'





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