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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  M. de Treville smiled at this flourish; and leaving his young mancompatriot in the embrasure of the window, where they had talkedtogether, he seated himself at a table in order to write thepromised letter of recommendation. While he was doing this,D'Artagnan, having no better employment, amused himself withbeating a march upon the window and with looking at theMusketeers, who went away, one after another, following them withhis eyes until they disappeared.
2.  "Yes, yes," continued M. de Treville, growing warmer as he spoke,"and his majesty was right; for, upon my honor, it is true thatthe Musketeers make but a miserable figure at court. Thecardinal related yesterday while playing with the king, with anair of condolence very displeasing to me, that the day beforeyesterday those DAMNED MUSKETEERS, those DAREDEVILS--he dweltupon those words with an ironical tone still more displeasing tome--those BRAGGARTS, added he, glancing at me with his tiger-cat's eye, had made a riot in the Rue Ferou in a cabaret, andthat a party of his Guards (I thought he was going to laugh in myface) had been forced to arrest the rioters! MORBLEU! You mustknow something about it. Arrest Musketeers! You were amongthem--you were! Don't deny it; you were recognized, and thecardinal named you. But it's all my fault; yes, it's all myfault, because it is myself who selects my men. You, Aramis, whythe devil did you ask me for a uniform when you would have beenso much better in a cassock? And you, Porthos, do you only wearsuch a fine golden baldric to suspend a sword of straw from it?And Athos--I don't see Athos. Where is he?"
3.  establishment, and to give himself up to those littleattentions which "the harder one is, the more they please,"as old soldiers say.
4.  "Ah, that is true. I recollect."
5.  An elegant carriage waited below, and as it was drawn by twoexcellent horses, they were soon at the Place Royale.Milady Clarik received D'Artagnan ceremoniously. Her hotelwas remarkably sumptuous, and while the most part of theEnglish had quit, or were about to quit, France on accountof the war, Milady had just been laying out much money uponher residence; which proved that the general measure whichdrove the English from France did not affect her."You see," said Lord de Winter, presenting D'Artagnan to hissister, "a young gentleman who has held my life in hishands, and who has not abused his advantage, although wehave been twice enemies, although it was I who insulted him,and although I am an Englishman. Thank him, then, madame,if you have any affection for me."
6.  "Oh, my God! My senses fail me amid such a chaos of iniquities. I feel,if this continues," said Mme. Bonacieux, raising her hands to herforehead, "I shall go mad!"


1.  "I do not jest," said Athos.
2.  "Yes, monsieur," replied the mercer, in a tremble, feeling thatit was at this point affairs were likely to become perplexing;"that is to say, I HAD one."
3.  "That is because love has come suddenly upon me, and for thefirst time; and because I am only twenty."
4.  "I am much obliged to Monsieur for the crown he had given me, andI promise him to follow his instructions exactly; but it is notthe less true that letters which come in this way into shut-uphouses--"
5.  "But this is a needless quarrel you seek with me, as it seems tome."
6.  And the four friends quit the room, leaving to Planchet andFourreau the duty of paying mortuary honors to Brisemont.The host gave them another chamber, and served them withfresh eggs and some water, which Athos went himself to drawat the fountain. In a few words, Porthos and Aramis wereposted as to the situation.


1.  "I say you are a miserable creature!" continued Mme. Bonacieux,who saw she was regaining some little influence over her husband."You meddle with politics, do you--and still more, withcardinalist politics? Why, you sell yourself, body and soul, tothe demon, the devil, for money!"
2.  "Less quickly than the women, it seems to me," replied Porthos;"for I, madame, I may say I was your victim, when wounded, dying,I was abandoned by the surgeons. I, the offspring of a noblefamily, who placed reliance upon your friendship--I was neardying of my wounds at first, and of hunger afterward, in abeggarly inn at Chantilly, without you ever deigning once toreply to the burning letters I addressed to you.""But, Monsieur Porthos," murmured the procurator's wife, whobegan to feel that, to judge by the conduct of the great ladiesof the time, she was wrong.
3.  "Are you willing that I should this evening pass with youthe time I generally spend with your mistress?"
4.  "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.
5.   "Impossible, monsieur."
6.  "My faith! I don't much about it," said Athos. "AskD'Artagnan."


1.  "You have committed a piece of folly," said Athos, "but it can'tbe helped; there is no drawing back. Kill the fellow, and rejoinus as soon as you can."
2.  "It is not Madame Bonacieux about whom I am anxious," criedD'Artagnan, "but the queen, whom the king abandons, whom thecardinal persecutes, and who sees the heads of all her friendsfall, one after the other."
3.  "Where you please, after you have put me on shore at Portsmouth.""What are you going to do at Portsmouth?" asked Milady."Accomplish the orders of Lord de Winter," said Felton, with agloomy smile.
4、  "Stay!" said D'Artagnan; and taking out his handkerchief, hegagged him.
5、  "Do not deceive yourself. D'Artagnan and his friends are detained at thesiege of La Rochelle."




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      "I believe so."

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      Lord de Winter believed he spoke in this manner to soothe the grief ofD'Artagnan.

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       "Yes; but a pistol shot is easily fired from a carriagewhich goes at a gallop."

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      Athos looked at his watch.

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    {  It was a quarter past midday. The sun was in its zenith, and thespot chosen for the scene of the duel was exposed to its fullardor.

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      "Tell me who this man was!" cried the young officer.Milady saw at a single glance all the painful feelings sheinspired in Felton by dwelling on every detail of her recital;but she would not spare him a single pang. The more profoundlyshe wounded his heart, the more certainly he would avenge her.She continued, then, as if she had not heard his exclamation, oras if she thought the moment was not yet come to reply to it."Only this time it was no longer an inert body, without feeling,that the villain had to deal with. I have told you that withoutbeing able to regain the complete exercise of my faculties, Iretained the sense of my danger. I struggled, then, with all mystrength, and doubtless opposed, weak as I was, a longresistance, for I heard him cry out, 'These miserable Puritans!I knew very well that they tired out their executioners, but Idid not believe them so strong against their lovers!'"Alas! this desperate resistance could not last long. I felt mystrength fail, and this time it was not my sleep that enabled thecoward to prevail, but my swoon."}

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      "Here," said she, "here is a ring of great value, as I have beenassured. It came from my brother, the King of Spain. It ismine, and I am at liberty to dispose of it. Take this ring;raise money with it, and let your husband set out.""In an hour you shall be obeyed."

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      "When the evening came I was so weak that every time I fainted Ithanked God, for I thought I was about to die.

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       "Why, you killed him! They are the spoils of victory.""I, the heir of an enemy!" said Athos; "for whom, then, doyou take me?"

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    {  The woman's hood was pulled down, and the man geld a handkerchiefto his face. Both, as this double precaution indicated, had aninterest in not being recognized.

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      Milady continued: