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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The Englishman, quite triumphant, did not even give himself thetrouble to shake the dice. He threw them on the table withoutlooking at them, so sure was he of victory; D'Artagnan turnedaside to conceal his ill humor.
2.  "Come, come!" said Milady, lifting hers to her mouth, "do as I do."But at the moment the glass touched her lips, her hand remainedsuspended; she heard something on the road which sounded like therattling of a distant gallop. Then it grew nearer, and it seemed toher, almost at the same time, that she heard the neighing of horses.This noise acted upon her joy like the storm which awakens the sleeperin the midst of a happy dream; she grew pale and ran to the window,while Mme. Bonacieux, rising all in a tremble, supported herself uponher chair to avoid falling. Nothing was yet to be seen, only they heardthe galloping draw nearer.
3.  D'Artagnan grew pale, and a convulsive trembling shook allhis limbs.
4.  "This ring would certainly only recall very bitterremembrances; then we shall never be masters of threehundred pistoles to redeem it, so that we really should losetwo hundred pistoles by the bargain. Go and tell him thering is his, D'Artagnan, and bring back the two hundredpistoles with you."
5.  "That is the very truth," cried the mercer; "but Monsieur doesnot tell you--"
6.  As to Lord de Winter, he contented himself with calling the womanwho waited on Milady, and when she was come, he recommended theprisoner, who was still fainting, to her care, and left themalone.


1.  "Allow me to give Grimaud some indispensable orders."Athos made a sign for his lackey to approach.
2.  "Go up," said the host; "she is still in her chamber."Athos availed himself of the permission, ascended the stairswith his lightest step, gained the landing, and through theopen door perceived Milady putting on her hat.
3.  The baron took the young officer by the arm, and turned his headover his shoulder, so as not to lose sight of Milady till he wasgone out.
4.  "I could interpret one of your looks."
5.  D'Artagnan donned the robe as quickly as he could, mistakingone sleeve for the other, so greatly was he still agitated."Well?" said Athos.
6.  "Ma-madame!" cried he; "is that you? How is your husband, ourdear Monsieur Coquenard? Is he still as stingy as ever? Wherecan my eyes have been not to have seen you during the two hoursof the sermon?"


1.  "Agreed!" shouted the three Musketeers in chorus.Each one, stretching out his hand to the bag, took his seventy-five pistoles, and make his preparations to set out at the timeappointed.
2.  I have my youth, my prayers,
3.  All eyes were turned towards Athos, whose real name that was, and whomade a sign with his head that all was true which the executioner hadsaid.
4.  "Stay!" said D'Artagnan; and taking out his handkerchief, hegagged him.
5.   "Felton," cried she, "you are as great as Judas Maccabeus! Ifyou die, I will die with you; that is all I can say to you.""Silence!" cried Felton; "we are here."
6.  "In that case Porthos will assist us."


1.  "Well, what then?"
2.  "Indeed."
3.  When this species of summons was made the officer inquired aloudthe point of the brig's departure, its route, its landings; andto all these questions the captain replied without difficulty andwithout hesitation. Then the officer began to pass in review allthe people, one after the other, and stopping when he came toMilady, surveyed her very closely, but without addressing asingle word to her.
4、  "Monseigneur," replied Athos, for amid the general fright healone had preserved the noble calmness and coolness that neverforsook him, "Monseigneur, the Musketeers, when they are not onduty, or when their duty is over, drink and play at dice, andthey are certainly superior officers to their lackeys.""Lackeys?" grumbled the cardinal. "Lackeys who have the order towarn their masters when anyone passes are not lackeys, they aresentinels."
5、  "You have promised to be secret, my good monsieur?" said the oldman.




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      "Gentlemen," said Athos, "she is alone within half a league of us, inthe direction of the river."

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      "Alas, yes," said Porthos, "it is so."

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       "What the devil! There must be plenty left," replied D'Artagnan."Be satisfied of that; these two cannot have drunk all thecellar. Gentlemen, return your swords to their scabbards.""Well, provided you replace your pistols in your belt.""Willingly."

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      "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."

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    {  "But I think I have it," said Athos. "Don't you say, dearD'Artagnan, that it is the queen who has made choice of theconvent for her?"

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      "'Hear me,' said he; 'this man has gone, and for the moment hasconsequently escaped my vengeance; but let us be united, as wewere to have been, and then leave it to Lord de Winter tomaintain his own honor and that of his wife.'"}

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      "Jesus! What do you mean by that? Poor lad! No, monsieur, hehas not a lady with him."

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      Aramis, blushing in spite of himself, took the letter, whichwas in a large, coarse hand and not particular for itsorthography.

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       "He took care not to do so, monsieur; on the contrary, he came upto me and said, 'It is your master that needs his liberty at thismoment and not I, since he knows everything and I know nothing.They will believe he is arrested, and that will give him time; inthree days I will tell them who I am, and they cannot fail to letme go.'"

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    {  "I know it perfectly, although I am astonished that you know it.""And will your Grace sign that order without remorse?"Buckingham looked at the young man haughtily.

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      This was evidently an ambuscade.