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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But our troop horses?" said Aramis.
2.  "If you are determined," said Athos, "do so."
3.  "That is sufficient, my Lord! I have sworn."
4.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
5.  "That ring comes from Milady?" cried Athos, with a voice inwhich it was easy to detect strong emotion.
6.  "Here we are!" said Athos.


1.  "But what were you to do with that woman?" asked D'Artagnan,with anguish.
2.  Athos took the letter from the hands of D'Artagnan,approached the lamp, set fire to the paper, and did not letgo till it was reduced to a cinder.
3.  "I am sorry, too, monsieur; but I arrived second, and must sailfirst."
4.  A short time ago, while making researches in the Royal Libraryfor my History of Louis XIV, I stumbled by chance upon theMemoirs of M. D'Artagnan, printed--as were most of the works ofthat period, in which authors could not tell the truth withoutthe risk of a residence, more or less long, in the Bastille--atAmsterdam, by Pierre Rouge. The title attracted me; I took themhome with me, with the permission of the guardian, and devouredthem.
5.  "She believes that someone has written to the Duke of Buckinghamin her name."
6.  "Who are you, and what do you want?" cried she.


1.  "And now, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, without stopping toexplain his conduct to Porthos, "All for one, one for all--thatis our motto, is it not?"
2.  "Oh, my God!"
3.  She ran to the window and opened it.
4.  "Ah, and a master stroke, too, I assure you. Your friend's soulmust stick tight to his body."
5.   "You have, then, overheard our conversation?" asked Mme.Bonacieux, eagerly, and looking at D'Artagnan with disquiet."The whole?"
6.  The troop of friends saw it gain the opposite bank; the figures weredefined like black shadows on the red-tinted horizon.Milady, during the passage had contrived to untie the cord whichfastened her feet. On coming near the bank, she jumped lightly on shoreand took to flight. But the soil was moist; on reaching the top of thebank, she slipped and fell upon her knees.


1.  "A letter which was sent to your abode in your absence, and whichwas given to me for you."
2.  "His things and his bag are with him? Has he taken off hisdoublet?"
3.  "Somebody said to me, 'You are Monsieur d'Artagnan?' I answered,'You think so?' My guards exclaimed that they were sure of it.I did not wish to contradict them; besides, I might be deceived.""Monsieur, you insult the majesty of justice."
4、  Pale, motionless, overwhelmed by this frightful revelation,dazzled by the superhuman beauty of this woman who unveiledherself before him with an immodesty which appeared to himsublime, he ended by falling on his knees before her as the earlyChristians did before those pure and holy martyrs whom thepersecution of the emperors gave up in the circus to thesanguinary sensuality of the populace. The brand disappeared;the beauty alone remained.
5、  "Make haste, dear lodger," said he; "there is a very prettygirl waiting for you upstairs; and you know women don't liketo be kept waiting."




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      "Do you know," said Porthos, "that to twist that damnedMilady's neck would be a smaller sin than to twist those ofthese poor devils of Huguenots, who have committed no othercrime than singing in French the psalms we sing in Latin?""What says the abbe?" asked Athos, quietly.

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      "Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.

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       The king called the cardinal.

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      "Oh, yes; that is indispensable. Two words from the hand of yourMajesty and your private seal."

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    {  D'Artagnan remained for a moment motionless, asking himself wherehe could be; but soon a ray of light which penetrated through thechamber, together with the warm and perfumed air which reachedhim from the same aperture, the conversation of two of threeladies in language at once respectful and refined, and the word"Majesty" several times repeated, indicated clearly that he wasin a closet attached to the queen's apartment. The young manwaited in comparative darkness and listened.

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      "He only waits for one thing to determine him to resume hiscassock, which hangs behind his uniform," said another Musketeer."What is he waiting for?" asked another.}

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      The ceremony of reception over, the four friends were soonin one another's arms.

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       D'Artagnan descended by the staircase at which he hadentered, and found Athos and the four Musketeers waiting hisappearance, and beginning to grow uneasy. With a word,D'Artagnan reassured them; and Planchet ran to inform theother sentinels that it was useless to keep guard longer, ashis master had come out safe from the Palais-Cardinal.Returned home with Athos, Aramis and Porthos inquiredeagerly the cause of the strange interview; but D'Artagnanconfined himself to telling them that M. de Richelieu hadsent for him to propose to him to enter into his guards withthe rank of ensign, and that he had refused.

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    {  "It is by my order and for the good of the state that the bearer of this has done what he has done."RICHELIEU"

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      "And as to my other instructions?" asked the fair traveler."They are contained in this box, which you will not open untilyou are on the other side of the Channel."