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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was a tremendously virile and yet sinister face which wasturned towards us. With the brow of a philosopher above and the jaw ofa sensualist below, the man must have started with great capacitiesfor good or for evil. But one could not look upon his cruel blue eyes,with their drooping, cynical lids, or upon the fierce, aggressive noseand the threatening, deep-lined brow, without reading Nature'splainest danger-signals. He took no heed of any of us, but his eyeswere fixed upon Holmes's face with an expression in which hatred andamazement were equally blended. "You fiend!" he kept on muttering."You clever, clever fiend!"
2.  "You see?"
3.  "No difficulty in the world," Soames answered. "This set of rooms isquite the oldest in the college, and it is not unusual for visitors togo over them. Come along, and I will personally conduct you.""No names, please!" said Holmes, as we knocked at Gilchrist'sdoor. A tall, flaxen-haired, slim young fellow opened it, and madeus welcome when he understood our errand. There were some reallycurious pieces of mediaeval domestic architecture within. Holmes wasso charmed with one of them that he insisted on drawing it in hisnotebook, broke his pencil, had to borrow one from our host andfinally borrowed a knife to sharpen his own. The same curious accidenthappened to him in the rooms of the Indian- a silent, little,book-nosed fellow, who eyed us askance, and was obviously glad whenHolmes's architectural studies had come to an end. I could not seethat in either case Holmes had come upon the clue for which he wassearching. Only at the third did our visit prove abortive. The outerdoor would not open to our knock, and nothing more substantial thana torrent of bad language came from behind it. "I don't care who youare. You can go to blazes!" roared the angry voice. "Tomorrow's theexam, and I won't be drawn by anyone."
4.  "The shoulder cut of your coat, the toes of your boots- could anyonedoubt it?"
5.  "Who's Teddy?" asked Holmes.
6.  "Important!" Our visitor threw up his hands. "Have you heard nothingof the abduction of the only son of the Duke of Holdernesse?""What! the late Cabinet Minister?"


1.  "Dear me, this becomes more and more difficult for me to understand!You are a connoisseur and collector with a very valuable piece in yourcollection, and yet you have never troubled to consult the one bookwhich would have told you of the real meaning and value of what youheld. How do you explain that?"
2.  "Would you kindly send one of your constables for two buckets ofwater? Put the straw on the floor here, free from the wall on eitherside. Now I think that we are all ready."
3.  "Mr. Gibson is a very strong, self-contained man. I do not thinkthat he would ever show his emotions on the surface. But I, who knewhim so well, could see that he was deeply concerned."
4.  Faithfully yours,
5.  "I can hardly put my foot to the ground."
6.  "Suppose that I were Brooks or Woodhouse, or any of the fifty menwho have good reason for taking my life, how long could I surviveagainst my own pursuit? A summons, a bogus appointment, and allwould be over. It is well they don't have days of fog in the Latincountries- the countries of assassination. By Jove! here comessomething at last to break our dead monotony."


1.  .
2.  It was a blazing hot day in August. Baker Street was like an oven,and the glare of the sunlight upon the yellow brickwork of the houseacross the road was painful to the eye. It was hard to believe thatthese were the same walls which loomed so gloomily through the fogs ofwinter. Our blinds were half-drawn, and Holmes lay curled upon thesofa, reading and re-reading a letter which he had received by themorning post. For myself, my term of service in India had trained meto stand heat better than cold, and a thermometer at ninety was nohardship. But the morning paper was uninteresting. Parliament hadrisen. Everybody was out of town, and I yearned for the glades ofthe New Forest or the shingle of Southsea. A depleted bank account hadcaused me to postpone my holiday, and as to my companion, neitherthe country nor the sea presented the slightest attraction to him.He loved to lie in the very centre of five millions of people, withhis filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive toevery little rumour or suspicion of unsolved crime. Appreciation ofnature found no place among his many gifts, and his only change waswhen he turned his mind from the evil-doer of the town to track downhis brother of the country.
3.  My friend threw out the information in a very offhand way, but I sawthat he cocked his eye at me to see if I had followed his reasoning."You think a man must be well-to-do if he smokes a seven-shillingpipe?" said I.
4.  "That's the list of the folk from whom I buy. D'you see?Well, then, here on this page are the country folk, and thenumbers after their names are where their accounts are in the bigledger. Now, then! You see this other page in red ink? Well,that is a list of my town suppliers. Now, look at that thirdname. Just read it out to me."
5.   "'North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by twoand by two, west by one and by one, and so under.'
6.  "A good deal, Mr. Holmes. I have several fresh dancing-menpictures for you to examine, and, what is more important, I haveseen the fellow."


1.  "That is easily got."
2.  "What can it be, then?"
3.  "We'll see about that," said Hopkins. "First of all, what is yourname?"
4、  "For God's sake, don't, Jack!" she cried. "I had a presentiment thatyou would come this evening. Think better of it, dear! Trust me again,and you will never have cause to regret it."
5、  "To hide some evidence."




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      "Ah, a hiding-place- that is better!" cried Stanley Hopkins. "Yes,yes, I see it all now! It was early, there were folk upon the roads,they were afraid of being seen with the silver, so they sank it in thepond, intending to return for it when the coast was clear.Excellent, Mr. Holmes- that is better than your idea of a blind.""Quite so, you have got an admirable theory. I have no doubt that myown ideas were quite wild, but you must admit that they have endedin discovering the silver."

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      "I've wasted time enough," said Lestrade, rising. "I believe in hardwork and not in sitting by the fire spinning fine theories.Good-day, Mr. Holmes, and we shall see which gets to the bottom of thematter first." He gathered up the garments, thrust them into thebag, and made for the door.

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       "It's awful, Mr. Holmes- simply awfull I wonder my hair isn'tgray. Godfrey Staunton- you've heard of him, of course? He's simplythe hinge that the whole team turns on. I'd rather spare two fromthe pack, and have Godfrey for my three-quarter line. Whether it'spassing, or tackling, or dribbling, there's no one to touch him, andthen, he's got the head, and can hold us all together. What am I todo? That's what I ask you, Mr. Holmes. There's Moorhouse, firstreserve, but he is trained as a half, and he always edges right inon to the scrum instead of keeping out on the touchline. He's a fineplace-kick, it's true, but then he has no judgment, and he can'tsprint for nuts. Why, Morton or Johnson, the Oxford fliers, could rompround him. Stevenson is fast enough, but he couldn't drop from thetwenty-five line, and a three-quarter who can't either punt or dropisn't worth a place for pace alone. No, Mr. Holmes, we are done unlessyou can help me to find Godfrey Staunton."

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      "Well, Mr. Holmes, when I got back to my lodgings and found littleenough in the cupboard, and two or three bills upon the table, I beganto ask myself whether I had not done a very foolish thing. Afterall, if these people had strange fads and expected obedience on themost extraordinary matters, they were at least ready to pay fortheir eccentricity. Very few governesses in England are getting L100 ayear. Besides, what use was my hair to me? Many people are improved bywearing it short, and perhaps I should be among the number. Next day Iwas inclined to think that I had made a mistake, and by the dayafter I was sure of it. I had almost overcome my pride so far as to goback to the agency and inquire whether the place was still open when Ireceived this letter from the gentleman himself. I have it here, and Iwill read it to you:

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    {  Sherlock Holmes shook his head. "This young man could not talk aword of Greek. The lady could talk English fairly well. Inference-thatshe had been in England some little time, but he had not been inGreece."

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      "I don't know, sir, it didn't matter to me where I sat."'I really don't think he knew much about it, Mr. Holmes. He waslooking very bad- quite ghastly."}

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      "Because it was in my mind to put that little test which answered soadmirably. I fear you would not have gone so far."

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      "Murder, if ever there was one upon earth."

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       "We thought that perhaps you would care to step across, Mr. Holmes.""The fates are against you, Watson," said he, laughing. "We werechatting about the matter when you came in, Inspector. Perhaps you canlet us have a few details." As he leaned back in his chair in thefamiliar attitude I knew that the case was hopeless.

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    {  1893

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      "Ah, yes, in case it should come off, it would perhaps be as wellthat you should burden your memory with the name and address of themurderer. You can give it to Scotland Yard, with my love and a partingblessing. Sylvius is the name- Count Negretto Sylvius. Write itdown, man, write it down! 136 Moorside Gardens, N.W. Got it?"Watson's honest face was twitching with anxiety. He knew only toowell the immense risks taken by Holmes and was well aware that what hesaid was more likely to be under-statement than exaggeration. Watsonwas always the man of action, and he rose to the occasion."Count me in, Holmes. I have nothing to do for a day or two.""Your morals don't improve, Watson. You have added fibbing to yourother vices. You bear every sign of the busy medical man, with callson him every hour."