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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He will be here to-night."
2.  "Well, sir," said the abbe, "you have spoken unreservedly;and thus to accuse yourself is to deserve pardon."
3.  "To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded bythe Count of Pisani at Palermo. Do you know about thatinstitution?"
4.  "That is another thing: he was recommended to me by a goodabbe, who may be deceived. Give him a direct invitation, butdo not ask me to present him. If he were afterwards to marryMademoiselle Danglars, you would accuse me of intrigue, andwould be challenging me, -- besides, I may not be theremyself."
5.  "Monsieur," returned Maximilian, raising the glass cover,and respectfully kissing the silken purse, "this has touchedthe hand of a man who saved my father from suicide, us fromruin, and our name from shame and disgrace, -- a man bywhose matchless benevolence we poor children, doomed to wantand wretchedness, can at present hear every one envying ourhappy lot. This letter" (as he spoke, Maximilian drew aletter from the purse and gave it to the count) -- "thisletter was written by him the day that my father had taken adesperate resolution, and this diamond was given by thegenerous unknown to my sister as her dowry." Monte Cristoopened the letter, and read it with an indescribable feelingof delight. It was the letter written (as our readers know)to Julie, and signed "Sinbad the Sailor." "Unknown you say,is the man who rendered you this service -- unknown to you?"
6.  "Upon my word, child!" exclaimed the angry marquise, "yourfolly exceeds all bounds. I should be glad to know whatconnection there can possibly be between your sicklysentimentality and the affairs of the state!"


1.  "I have a letter to give you from the count."
2.  "Not the slightest, but yet it seems to me a shocking thingthat a mere joke should lead to such consequences."
3.  "`Silence, child! Hush, we are flying!' I did notunderstand. Why should my father fly? -- he, theall-powerful -- he, before whom others were accustomed tofly -- he, who had taken for his device, `They hate me; thenthey fear me!' It was, indeed, a flight which my father wastrying to effect. I have been told since that the garrisonof the castle of Yanina, fatigued with long service" --
4.  "In my office, or in the court, if you like, -- that is thesurest place."
5.  "Oh," said Villefort, inexpressibly delighted to think thatthe inquiries were to be made by him alone, -- "oh, besatisfied, I can understand my father." D'Avrigny took theyoung man's arm, and led him out of the room. A more thandeathlike silence then reigned in the house. At the end of aquarter of an hour a faltering footstep was heard, andVillefort appeared at the door of the apartment whered'Avrigny and Morrel had been staying, one absorbed inmeditation, the other in grief. "You can come," he said, andled them back to Noirtier. Morrel looked attentively onVillefort. His face was livid, large drops rolled down hisface, and in his fingers he held the fragments of a quillpen which he had torn to atoms.
6.  "You do well to boast of it," said Andrea, who, withoutbecoming angry, as Caderousse feared, at this new extortion,quietly resigned the ring. Caderousse looked so closely atit that Andrea well knew that he was examining to see if allthe edges were perfect.


1.  "You wish me to get out at that window?"
2.  "So Franz must wait. Why was not M. de Saint-Meran alsograndfather to Mademoiselle Danglars?"
3.  "Yes, and up to this point I know all," said the priest."Dantes himself only knew that which personally concernedhim, for he never beheld again the five persons I have namedto you, or heard mention of any one of them."
4.  "Yes; Malta."
5.   "M. Morrel, I believe?" said Villefort.
6.  "No."


1.  "Yes," replied Madame de Villefort; "and, would you believeit, count" --
2.  "Certainly, you must give the orders, for I intend residingat the house." It was unexampled for a servant of thecount's to dare to dispute an order of his, so the steward,without saying a word, followed his master, who got into thecarriage, and signed to him to follow, which he did, takinghis place respectfully on the front seat.
3.  "But does Maximilian go to Rome?" exclaimed Emmanuel.
4、  "Yes."
5、  "It could not indeed, my daughter is her only heiress --Valentine alone. Oh, if such a thought could present itself,I would stab myself to punish my heart for having for oneinstant harbored it."




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      During the evening, Monte Cristo quitted Paris for Auteuil,accompanied by Ali. The following day, about three o'clock,a single blow struck on the gong summoned Ali to thepresence of the count. "Ali," observed his master, as theNubian entered the chamber, "you have frequently explainedto me how more than commonly skilful you are in throwing thelasso, have you not?" Ali drew himself up proudly, and thenreturned a sign in the affirmative. "I thought I did notmistake. With your lasso you could stop an ox?" Again Alirepeated his affirmative gesture. "Or a tiger?" Ali bowedhis head in token of assent. "A lion even?" Ali sprungforwards, imitating the action of one throwing the lasso,then of a strangled lion.

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      "I need not say I think you are too faithful and too kind tohave spoken of that painful circumstance. Your having sentfor me is another proof of your affection. So, withoutlosing time, tell me, have you the slightest idea whencethis terrible blow proceeds?"

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       "Is it your father?" said Beauchamp; "that is quite anotherthing. Then can well understand your indignation, my dearAlbert. I will look at it again;" and he read the paragraphfor the third time, laying a stress on each word as heproceeded. "But the paper nowhere identifies this Fernandwith your father."

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      "Well, baron," said he, "here I am at last; some time haselapsed since our plans were formed, and they are not yetexecuted." Morcerf paused at these words, quietly waitingtill the cloud should have dispersed which had gathered onthe brow of Danglars, and which he attributed to hissilence; but, on the contrary, to his great surprise, itgrew darker and darker. "To what do you allude, monsieur?"said Danglars; as if he were trying in vain to guess at thepossible meaning of the general's words.

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    {  "Ah, yes; what could I say?"

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      Scarcely had he uttered those words than Madame Morrelentered weeping bitterly. Emmanuel followed her, and in theantechamber were visible the rough faces of seven or eighthalf-naked sailors. At the sight of these men the Englishmanstarted and advanced a step; then restrained himself, andretired into the farthest and most obscure corner of theapartment. Madame Morrel sat down by her husband and tookone of his hands in hers, Julie still lay with her head onhis shoulder, Emmanuel stood in the centre of the chamberand seemed to form the link between Morrel's family and thesailors at the door.}

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      "From the count!" murmured the two young people.

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      "`You will sell this diamond; you will divide the money intofive equal parts, and give an equal portion to these goodfriends, the only persons who have loved me upon earth.'"

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       "I thought," said Franz to the count, "that you told methere would be but one execution."

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    {  "Come, Louise," said Mademoiselle Danglars to her friend.They passed into the next drawing-room, where tea wasprepared. Just as they were beginning, in the Englishfashion, to leave the spoons in their cups, the door againopened and Danglars entered, visibly agitated. Monte Cristoobserved it particularly, and by a look asked the banker foran explanation. "I have just received my courier fromGreece," said Danglars.

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      "But you may have excited jealousy. You are about to becomecaptain at nineteen -- an elevated post; you are about tomarry a pretty girl, who loves you; and these two pieces ofgood fortune may have excited the envy of some one."