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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  For the most part he lounged about, dressed in excellent tailoredsuits of imported goods, a solitaire ring, a fine blue diamond inhis tie, a striking vest of some new pattern, and a watch-chainof solid gold, which held a charm of rich design, and a watch ofthe latest make and engraving. He knew by name, and could greetpersonally with a "Well, old fellow," hundreds of actors,merchants, politicians, and the general run of successfulcharacters about town, and it was part of his success to do so.He had a finely graduated scale of informality and friendship,which improved from the "How do you do?" addressed to thefifteen-dollar-a-week clerks and office attaches, who, by longfrequenting of the place, became aware of his position, to the"Why, old man, how are you?" which he addressed to those noted orrich individuals who knew him and were inclined to be friendly.There was a class, however, too rich, too famous, or toosuccessful, with whom he could not attempt any familiarity ofaddress, and with these he was professionally tactful, assuming agrave and dignified attitude, paying them the deference whichwould win their good feeling without in the least compromisinghis own bearing and opinions. There were, in the last place, afew good followers, neither rich nor poor, famous, nor yetremarkably successful, with whom he was friendly on the score ofgood-fellowship. These were the kind of men with whom he wouldconverse longest and most seriously. He loved to go out and havea good time once in a while--to go to the races, the theatres,the sporting entertainments at some of the clubs. He kept ahorse and neat trap, had his wife and two children, who were wellestablished in a neat house on the North Side near Lincoln Park,and was altogether a very acceptable individual of our greatAmerican upper class--the first grade below the luxuriously rich.
2.  "I don't know," she said.
3.  "Say," he said, rising, putting a note of determination in hisvoice which caused her to delay her departure, "what's the matterwith you of late? Can't I talk with you any more?"
4.  Finally he hit upon one of those problematical propositions whichoften disguise our own desires while leading us to anunderstanding of the difficulties which others make for us, andso discover for us a way. It had not the slightest connectionwith anything intended on his part, and was spoken at randombefore he had given it a moment's serious thought.
5.  "Have you done anything about your dress?"
6.  "Well, if I were you," he said, looking at her rather genially,"I would try the department stores. They often need young womenas clerks."


1.  "Was anybody here just now?" she asked of Hurstwood.
3.  "Now," he said, addressing first Carrie and then Drouet with hiseyes, "you must be ready at 7.30. I'll come and get you."
4.  The train stopped and Hurstwood led the way out. He lookedwarily around him, pretending to look after Carrie. Seeingnothing that indicated studied observation, he made his way tothe ticket office.
5.  When he came in upon Carrie she was still with Drouet. Hisfeelings for her were most exuberant. He was almost swept awayby the strength and feeling she exhibited. His desire was topour forth his praise with the unbounded feelings of a lover, buthere was Drouet, whose affection was also rapidly reviving. Thelatter was more fascinated, if anything, than Hurstwood. Atleast, in the nature of things, it took a more ruddy form.
6.  Hurstwood nodded his head.


1.  "Oh, I can't sing," returned Carrie.
2.  Through all this thoughts of Carrie flashed upon him, and theapproaching affair of Saturday. Tangled as all his matters were,he did not worry over that. It was the one pleasing thing inthis whole rout of trouble. He could arrange thatsatisfactorily, for Carrie would be glad to wait, if necessary.He would see how things turned out to-morrow, and then he wouldtalk to her. They were going to meet as usual. He saw only herpretty face and neat figure and wondered why life was notarranged so that such joy as he found with her could be steadilymaintained. How much more pleasant it would be. Then he wouldtake up his wife's threat again, and the wrinkles and moisturewould return.
3.  In the height of this feeling he began to think his luck was withhim. No one else had done so well. Now came another moderatehand, and again he tried to open the jack-pot on it. There wereothers there who were almost reading his heart, so close wastheir observation.
4.  Thus crowded fortune. For this whole week, though her largesalary had not yet arrived, it was as if the world understood andtrusted her. Without money--or the requisite sum, at least--sheenjoyed the luxuries which money could buy. For her the doors offine places seemed to open quite without the asking. Thesepalatial chambers, how marvellously they came to her. Theelegant apartments of Mrs. Vance in the Chelsea--these were hers.Men sent flowers, love notes, offers of fortune. And still herdreams ran riot. The one hundred and fifty! the one hundred andfifty! What a door to an Aladdin's cave it seemed to be. Eachday, her head almost turned by developments, her fancies of whather fortune must be, with ample money, grew and multiplied. Sheconceived of delights which were not--saw lights of joy thatnever were on land or sea. Then, at last, after a world ofanticipation, came her first installment of one hundred and fiftydollars.
5.   Minnie worked with less elation than she had just before Carriearrived. The sizzle of the meat frying did not sound quite sopleasing now that Carrie had reported her discontent. To Carrie,the one relief of the whole day would have been a jolly home, asympathetic reception, a bright supper table, and some one tosay: "Oh, well, stand it a little while. You will get somethingbetter," but now this was ashes. She began to see that theylooked upon her complaint as unwarranted, and that she wassupposed to work on and say nothing. She knew that she was topay four dollars for her board and room, and now she felt that itwould be an exceedingly gloomy round, living with these people.
6.  The same day he said:


1.  "So you can stay here and trifle around with some one else?" sheexclaimed, turning to him a determined countenance upon which wasdrawn a sharp and wrathful sneer.
2.  "Isn't it bad?" she observed to Lola.
3.  "Why, the scene between Ray and me when I refuse him."
4、  Hurstwood was already there, sitting in his place.
5、  She told him.




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      "I will," said Carrie, who had not thought of it before.

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      "I don't know," replied the drummer. "They've been trying to getme to get some woman to take a part."

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       "Well, we won't have much more of this weather," he said. "Itonly takes two weeks to get to Rome."

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      "If I were you," he said, "I'd change."

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    {  "Can't you make him?" said Carrie.

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      "No, sir," she replied.}

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      "Well, then, any time you find it convenient to move in, they areready. The boy will bring you the keys at the door."

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      "Right you are," said the other. "The job I had I lost 'causethey shut down. They run all summer and lay up a big stock, andthen shut down."

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       "By fours, right! Right, I said, right! For heaven's sake, get onto yourself! Right!" and in saying this he would lift the lastsounds into a vehement roar.

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    {  "He does?"

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      "Don't be angry," he said. "It will be all right to morrow."