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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Beauchamp will never retract."
2.  "Then," said Albert, "this pious pilgrimage in behalf of theprisoners was your first remembrance; what is the next?"
3.  "Eight!" repeated Bertuccio.
4.  "Alas, it shows how little notion you can have of all it hascost me to effect a purpose so unexpectedly frustrated, thatyou talk of beginning over again. In the first place, I wasfour years making the tools I possess, and have been twoyears scraping and digging out earth, hard as graniteitself; then what toil and fatigue has it not been to removehuge stones I should once have deemed impossible to loosen.Whole days have I passed in these Titanic efforts,considering my labor well repaid if, by night-time I hadcontrived to carry away a square inch of this hard-boundcement, changed by ages into a substance unyielding as thestones themselves; then to conceal the mass of earth andrubbish I dug up, I was compelled to break through astaircase, and throw the fruits of my labor into the hollowpart of it; but the well is now so completely choked up,that I scarcely think it would be possible to add anotherhandful of dust without leading to discovery. Consider alsothat I fully believed I had accomplished the end and aim ofmy undertaking, for which I had so exactly husbanded mystrength as to make it just hold out to the termination ofmy enterprise; and now, at the moment when I reckoned uponsuccess, my hopes are forever dashed from me. No, I repeatagain, that nothing shall induce me to renew attemptsevidently at variance with the Almighty's pleasure."
5.  His hair stood on end. He remembered those interestingstories, so little believed in Paris, respecting Romanbandits; he remembered the adventures that Albert de Morcerfhad related when it was intended that he should marryMademoiselle Eugenie. "They are robbers, perhaps," hemuttered. Just then the carriage rolled on something harderthan gravel road. Danglars hazarded a look on both sides ofthe road, and perceived monuments of a singular form, andhis mind now recalled all the details Morcerf had related,and comparing them with his own situation, he felt sure thathe must be on the Appian Way. On the left, in a sort ofvalley, he perceived a circular excavation. It wasCaracalla's circus. On a word from the man who rode at theside of the carriage, it stopped. At the same time the doorwas opened. "Scendi!" exclaimed a commanding voice. Danglarsinstantly descended; although he did not yet speak Italian,he understood it very well. More dead than alive, he lookedaround him. Four men surrounded him, besides the postilion.
6.  "And will you sign the contract?"


1.  "Yes, and that's all settled!" exclaimed Caderousse, who, bya last effort of intellect, had followed the reading of theletter, and instinctively comprehended all the misery whichsuch a denunciation must entail. "Yes, and that's allsettled; only it will be an infamous shame;" and hestretched out his hand to reach the letter.
2.  "Oh, yes."
3.  "Yes," replied Morcerf, "he said something about it to me."
4.  "Well," said Franz, "this time, Albert, I am bound to giveyou credit for having hit upon a most capital idea."
5.  "What did he say?"
6.  "Why not?"


1.  "And you are right," said his host; "it shows you have atendency for an Oriental life. Ah, those Orientals; they arethe only men who know how to live. As for me," he added,with one of those singular smiles which did not escape theyoung man, "when I have completed my affairs in Paris, Ishall go and die in the East; and should you wish to see meagain, you must seek me at Cairo, Bagdad, or Ispahan."
2.  "You have suffered a great deal, sir?" said Franzinquiringly.
3.  "I do not know."
4.  "Certainly," replied Albert, "seeing that without my title Ishould be nothing; while you, sacrificing the baron, wouldstill remain the millionaire."
5.   Chapter 20The Cemetery of the Chateau D'If.
6.  Chapter 95Father and Daughter.


1.  "My stables are at your command, viscount; but you will killyourself by riding on horseback. Take a post-chaise or acarriage."
2.  "And that?"
3.  "Come, come, my friend," interrupted the marquise, "do notneglect your duty to linger with us. You are the king'sservant, and must go wherever that service calls you."
4、  "And what has caused the sudden fall from 409 to 206?" askedMonte Cristo. "I am profoundly ignorant of all thesestock-jobbing intrigues."
5、  In the vehicle was a young woman and a child of about sevenor eight clasped in each other's arms. Terror seemed to havedeprived them even of the power of uttering a cry. Thecarriage creaked and rattled as it flew over the roughstones, and the slightest obstacle under the wheels wouldhave caused disaster; but it kept on in the middle of theroad, and those who saw it pass uttered cries of terror.




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      "No, he is a man about my own size."

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      "And do you not remember the Frenchman's name?" saidMorcerf, quite ready to aid the memory of the narrator.Monte Cristo made a sign to him to be silent.

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       "Why do you call me baron?" said Danglars; "you know that Icare nothing for my title. I am not like you, viscount; youlike your title, do you not?"

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      "In a word," said Mercedes, "it was a way of assuring methat his abstinence was intended." And she left the room. Aminute afterwards the blinds were thrown open, and throughthe jessamine and clematis that overhung the window onecould see the garden ornamented with lanterns, and thesupper laid under the tent. Dancers, players, talkers, alluttered an exclamation of joy -- every one inhaled withdelight the breeze that floated in. At the same timeMercedes reappeared, paler than before, but with thatimperturbable expression of countenance which she sometimeswore. She went straight to the group of which her husbandformed the centre. "Do not detain those gentlemen here,count," she said; "they would prefer, I should think, tobreathe in the garden rather than suffocate here, since theyare not playing."

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    {  "Yes," said Andrea.

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      "Let us visit them all," said the inspector. "If I once wentup those stairs. I should never have the courage to comedown again."}

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      but, like a phosphoric light, they rise but to mislead. Thestory has been told by the Corsican to some priest, who inhis turn has repeated it. M. de Monte Cristo may have heardit, and to enlighten himself -- but why should he wish toenlighten himself upon the subject?" asked Villefort, aftera moment's reflection, "what interest can this M. de MonteCristo or M. Zaccone, -- son of a shipowner of Malta,discoverer of a mine in Thessaly, now visiting Paris for thefirst time, -- what interest, I say, can he take indiscovering a gloomy, mysterious, and useless fact likethis? However, among all the incoherent details given to meby the Abbe Busoni and by Lord Wilmore, by that friend andthat enemy, one thing appears certain and clear in myopinion -- that in no period, in no case, in nocircumstance, could there have been any contact between himand me."

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      "Half-past one only?" said he. "Why the devil do you rouseme at this hour?"

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       A small white cloud, which had attracted Dantes' attention,crowned the summit of the bastion of the Chateau d'If. Atthe same moment the faint report of a gun was heard. Thesailors looked at one another.

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    {  "Alas," replied the weeping girl, "I am obliged to own thatmy mother-in-law's aversion to me arises from a very naturalsource -- her overweening love for her own child, my brotherEdward."

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      "He is worn out," said Debray; "besides, he could not wellappear in public, since he has been the dupe of theCavalcanti, who, it appears, presented themselves to himwith false letters of credit, and cheated him out of 100,000francs upon the hypothesis of this principality."