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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Where have you put it?' asked Arthur.
2.  "He wasn't a tall, handsome. dark young man?"
3.  "He took me into his dingy sanctum, and we had a long chat. Ofcourse, he was disappointed that you had not come yourself. 'Ihardly expected,' he said, 'that so humble all individual as myself,especially after my heavy financial loss, could obtain the completeattention of so famous a man as Mr. Sherlock Holmes.'
4.  7th. Set the pips on McCauley, Paramore, and John
5.  "It is no reflection upon your professional knowledge," said he,"for I believe that, save for one sample in a laboratory at Buda,there is no other specimen in Europe. It has not yet found its wayeither into the pharmacopoeia or into the literature of toxicology.The root is shaped like a foot, half human, half goatlike; hence thefanciful name given by a botanical missionary. It is used as an ordealpoison by the medicine-men in certain districts of West Africa andis kept as a secret among them. This particular specimen I obtainedunder very extraordinary circumstances in the Ubangi country." Heopened the paper as he spoke and disclosed a heap of reddish-brown,snuff-like powder.
6.  "Your secretary?"


1.  "'Whose was it?'
2.  "He has begun, to pawn the jewels. We should get him now.""But does this mean that any harm has befallen the Lady Frances?"Holmes shook his head very gravely.
3.  "What happened there, madam?"
4.  Isa Whitney, brother of the late Elias Whitney, D.D., Principal ofthe Theological College of St. George's, was much addicted to opium.He habit grew upon him, as I understand, from some foolish freakwhen he was at college; for having read De Quincey's description ofhis dreams and sensations, he had drenched his tobacco with laudanumin an attempt to produce the same effects. He found, as so many morehave done, that the practice is easier to attain than to get rid of,and for many years he continued to be a slave to the drug, an objectof mingled horror and pity to his friends and relatives. I can see himnow, with yellow, pasty face, drooping lids, and pin-point pupils, allhuddled in a chair, the wreck and ruin of a noble man.
5.  "No, sir, we have strong reason to believe that he alreadyunderstands that he has acted in an indiscreet and hot-headedmanner. It would be a greater blow to him and to his country than tous if this letter were to come out."
6.  Lestrade laughed indulgently. "You have, no doubt, already formedyour conclusions from the newspapers," he said. "The case is asplain as a pikestaff, and the more one goes into it the plainer itbecomes. Still, of course, one can't refuse a lady, and such a verypositive one, too. She had heard of you, and would have youropinion, though I repeatedly told her that there was nothing which youcould do which I had not already done. Why, bless my soul! here is hercarriage at the door."


1.  "Adelbert is no coward. His worst enemy couldn't say that of him. Hecan look after himself. There's a burglar alarm at night. Besides,what is there for a burglar- unless they got away with all thisfancy crockery?"
2.  At Waterloo we were fortunate in catching a train for Leatherhead,where we hired a trap at the station inn and drove for four or fivemiles through the lovely Surrey lanes. It was a perfect day, with abright sun and a few fleecy clouds in the heavens. The trees andwayside hedges were just throwing out their first green shoots, andthe air was full of the pleasant smell of the moist earth. To me atleast there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of thespring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged. Mycompanion sat in the front of the trap, his arms folded, his hatpulled down over his eyes, and his chin sunk upon his breast, buriedin the deepest thought. Suddenly, however, he started, tapped me onthe shoulder, and pointed over the meadows.
3.  The man in the dressing-gown turned upon us with a most melancholyface.
4.  "No."
5.   "What is the game? You are here as a spy. You are an emissary ofHolmes. This is a trick that you are playing upon me. The fellow isdying I hear, so he sends his tools to keep watch upon me. You've madeyour way in here without leave, and, by God, you may find it harder toget out than to get in."
6.  "'In a large room?"


1.  Fairbank was a good-sized square house of white stone, standing backa little from the road. A double carriage-sweep, with a snow-cladlawn, stretched down in front to two large iron gates which closed theentrance. On the right side was a small wooden thicket, which led intoa narrow path between two neat hedges stretching from the road tothe kitchen door, and forming the tradesmen's entrance. On the leftran a lane which led to the stables, and was not itself within thegrounds at all, being a public, though little used, thoroughfare.Holmes left us standing at the door and walked slowly all round thehouse, across the front, down the tradesmen's path, and so round bythe garden behind into the stable lane. So long was he that Mr. Holderand I went into the dining-room and waited by the fire until he shouldreturn. We were sitting there in silence when the door opened and ayoung lady came in. She was rather above the middle height, slim, withdark hair and eyes, which seemed the darker against the absolutepallor of her skin. I do not think that I have ever seen such deadlypaleness in a woman's face. Her lips, too, were bloodless, but hereyes were flushed with crying. As she swept silently into the room sheimpressed me with a greater sense of grief than the banker had done inthe morning, and it was the more striking in her as she wasevidently a woman of strong character, with immense capacity forself-restraint. Disregarding my presence, she went straight to heruncle and passed her hand over his head with a sweet womanly caress."You have given orders that Arthur should be liberated, have younot, dad?" she asked.
2.  already,' said I.
3.  "Yes, but there is another empty house farther up the street whichhe must have passed before he came to this one. Why did he not breakit there, since it is evident that every yard that he carried itincreased the risk of someone meeting him?"
4、  "I had gone into town on that day, but I returned by the 2:40instead of the 3:36, which is my usual train. As I entered the housethe maid ran into the hall with a startled face.
5、  "Ha! this may save us a visit to Brixton Road," whisperedHolmes. "Come with me, and we will see what is to be made of thisfellow." Striding through the scattered knots of people wholounged round the flaring stalls, my companion speedily overtookthe little man and touched him upon the shoulder. He spranground, and I could see in the gas-light that every vestige ofcolour had been driven from his face.




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      "Rather fine, Watson, is it not?" said he. "There are points in itwhich please me. I think that you will agree with me that an interviewwith Mr. Arthur Harry Pinner in the temporary offices of theFranco-Midland Hardware Company, limited, would be a ratherinteresting experience for both of us."

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      "So I had to be content with that, though it was the first time thatthere had ever been any secret between us. I gave her a check, and Inever thought any more of the matter. It may have nothing to do withwhat came afterwards, but I thought it only right to mention it."Well, I told you just now that there is a cottage not far fromour house. There is just a field between us, but to reach it youhave to go along the road and then turn down a lane. Just beyond it isa nice little grove of Scotch firs, and I used to be very fond ofstrolling down there, for trees are always a neighbourly kind ofthing. The cottage had been standing empty this eight months, and itwas a pity, for it was a pretty two-storied place, with anold-fashioned porch and a honeysuckle about it. I have stood many atime and thought what a neat little homestead it would make."Well, last Monday evening I was taking a stroll down that waywhen I met an empty van coming up the lane and saw a pile of carpetsand things lying about on the grass-plot beside the porch. It wasclear that the cottage had at last been let. I walked past it, andthen stopping, as an idle man might, I ran my eye over it and wonderedwhat sort of folk they were who had come to live so near us. And asI looked I suddenly became aware that a face was watching me out ofone of the upper windows.

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      "You are just the man I want," said he. "Here's the agreement on thesidetable. If you sign it the whole matter will be settled."The seaman lurched across the room and took up the pen."Shall I sign here?" he asked, stooping over the table.Holmes leaned over his shoulder and passed both hands over his neck."This will do," said he.

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    {  The July which immediately succeeded my marriage was madememorable by three cases of interest, in which I had the privilegeof being associated with Sherlock Holmes and of studying hismethods. I find them recorded in my notes under the headings of "TheAdventure of the Second Stain," "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty,"and "The Adventure of the Tired Captain." The first of these, however,deals with interests of such importance and implicates so many ofthe first families in the kingdom that for many years it will beimpossible to make it public. No case, however, in which Holmes wasengaged has ever illustrated the value of his analytical methods soclearly or has impressed those who were associated with him so deeply.I still retain an almost verbatim report of the interview in whichhe demonstrated the true facts of the case to Monsieur Dubugue ofthe Paris police, and Fritz von Waldbaum, the well-known specialist ofDantzig, both of whom had wasted their energies upon what proved to beside-issues. The new century will have come, however, before the storycan be safely told. Meanwhile I pass on to the second on my list,which promised also at one time to be of national importance and wasmarked by several incidents which give it a quite unique character.During my school-days I had been intimately associated with a ladnamed Percy Phelps, who was of much the same age as myself, thoughhe was two classes ahead of me. He was a very brilliant boy andcarried away every prize which the school had to offer, finishinghis exploits by winning a scholarship which sent him on to continuehis triumphant career at Cambridge. He was, I remember, extremely wellconnected, and even when we were all little boys together we knew thathis mother's brother was Lord Holdhurst, the great conservativepolitician. This gaudy relationship did him little good at school.On the contrary, it seemed rather a piquant thing to us to chevy himabout the playground and hit him over the shins with a wicket. Butit was another thing when he came out into the world. I heardvaguely that his abilities and the influences which he commanded hadwon him a good position at the Foreign Office, and then he passedcompletely out of my mind until the following letter recalled hisexistence:

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      "Very good. It is only in her presence that we can clear thematter up. Let us go up to her."}

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      Was that not so?"

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      "'Wonderful!' he cried with his hands up. 'This quite fits in withall that I had heard. My boy, my boy, you are very much too good to bea clerk at Mawson's!'

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       "'Well, I took to my heels, and I ran after the cab. I had a heavyoak stick in my hand, and I tell you I saw red from the first, butas I ran I got cunning, too, and hung back a little to see themwithout being seen. They pulled up soon at the railway station.There was a good crowd round the booking-office, so I got quiteclose to them without being seen. They took tickets for NewBrighton. So did I, but I got in three carriages behind them. Whenwe reached it they walked along the Parade, and I was never morethan a hundred yards from them. At last I saw them hire a boat andstart for a row, for it was a very hot day, and they thought, nodoubt, that it would be cooler on the water.

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    {  "Yes, sir, he is dead."

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      "Yes, yes," cried the Duke, impatiently. "If you do your workwell, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, you will have no reason to complain ofniggardly treatment."