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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Never mind, never mind!" resumed the cardinal, with a smilewhich indicated that he knew the story as well as he whowished to relate it. "You were recommended to Monsieur deTreville, were you not?"
2.  "Yes, I know that," said Buckingham; "he has a prisoner.""It is of that prisoner that I wish to speak to your Grace," repliedFelton.
3.  "Oh, yes; that is indispensable. Two words from the hand of yourMajesty and your private seal."
4.  "No, monseigneur, for the only thing for which I could be arrested isstill unknown to your Eminence."
5.  The order was executed.
6.  "Have the goodness to send mine to Athos's residence. I shoulddread some disagreeable encounter if I were to go home.""Be easy. Adieu, and a prosperous voyage. A PROPOS," said M. deTreville, calling him back.


1.  Beyond Portsmouth the sea was covered with vessels whose masts, like aforest of poplars despoiled by the winter, bent with each breath of thewind.
2.  "There is but one way."
3.  All at once, at the turning of the road she saw the glitter of lacedhats and the waving of feathers; she counted two, then five, then eighthorsemen. One of them preceded the rest by double the length of hishorse.
4.  "And how do you know her?"
5.  "Let me act as I please, Felton, let me act as I please," saidMilady, elated. "Every soldier must be ambitious, must he not?You are a lieutenant? Well, you will follow me to the grave withthe rank of captain."
6.  "You have truly, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, bowing again, "acourtesy, for which, I assure you, I am very grateful.""You confuse me," replied Athos, with his gentlemanly air; "letus talk of something else, if you please. Ah, s'blood, how youhave hurt me! My shoulder quite burns."


1.  "Well," said Felton, "till tonight."
2.  "In person."
3.  "Well, then, tell him this, Rochefort. Tell him that our conversationat the inn of the Red Dovecot was overheard by these four men; tell himthat after his departure one of them came up to me and took from me byviolence the safe-conduct which he had given me; tell him they warnedLord de Winter of my journey to England; that this time they nearlyfoiled my mission as they foiled the affair of the studs; tell him thatamong these four men two only are to be feared--D'Artagnan and Athos;tell him that the third, Aramis, is the lover of Madame de Chevreuse--hemay be left alone, we know his secret, and it may be useful; as to thefourth, Porthos, he is a fool, a simpleton, a blustering booby, notworth troubling himself about."
4.  "Four conveyed him away, I don't know where--to the Bastille orFort l'Eveque. Two remained with the men in black, who rummagedevery place and took all the papers. The last two mounted guardat the door during this examination; then, when all was over,they went away, leaving the house empty and exposed.""And Porthos and Aramis?"
5.   "And you have reason, for she is much to be pitied. Imprisonment,menaces, ill treatment-she has suffered everything. But after all,"resumed the abbess, "Monsieur Cardinal has perhaps plausible motives foracting thus; and though she has the look of an angel, we must not alwaysjudge people by the appearance."


1.  "Before God and before men," said he, "I accuse this woman of havingpoisoned Constance Bonacieux, who died yesterday evening."He turned towards Porthos and Aramis.
2.  D'Artagnan felt he had allowed himself to be carried away,and that he had committed an error.
3.  "VENTREBLEU!" cried D'Artagnan, rising from the table, the storyof the present day making him forget that of the preceding one."Patience!" said Athos; "I had a plan. The Englishman was anoriginal; I had seen him conversing that morning with Grimaud,and Grimaud had told me that he had made him proposals to enterinto his service. I staked Grimaud, the silent Grimaud, dividedinto ten portions."
4、  "But this secret is not mine, and I cannot reveal it in thismanner."
5、  "Thanks, monsieur."




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      "But this is infamous!" cried he.

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       "I have given you proof of that, it seems to me.""And I am yours, body and soul!"

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    {  "Oh, is this true what you say?"

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      "The unknown giver," interrupted D'Artagnan.}

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      "Ingrate that you are!"

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      "Good God," cried Kitty, "there is my mistress calling me!Go; go directly!"

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       At this moment the steps of Lord de Winter were heard; but thistime the terrible brother-in-law of Milady did not contenthimself, as on the preceding day, with passing before the doorand going away again. He paused, exchanged two words with thesentinel; then the door opened, and he appeared.

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    {  "My husband in the Bastille!" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Oh, my God!What has he done? Poor dear man, he is innocence itself!"And something like a faint smile lighted the still-terrifiedfeatures of the young woman.

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      Louis XIII felt instinctively that he ought not to reply to thisquestion, the queen having put it in an almost dying voice."Oh, very shortly, madame," said he; "but I do not preciselyrecollect the date of the day. I will ask the cardinal.""It was the cardinal, then, who informed you of this fete?""Yes, madame," replied the astonished king; "but why do you askthat?"