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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  MY DEAR WATSON [it said]:
2.  "Certainly. What is the case?"
3.  "That's my name, Masser Holmes, and you'll get put through it forsure if you give me any lip."
4.  Phelps gave a groan.
5.  I smiled at his bewildered expression.
6.  -THE END-


1.  "`Never mind. I'll have the other, and I'll take it now,'said I.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "And now?" He raised his hand.
4.  "I think that the strange creature in the kitchen may account forit. The man was a primitive savage from the backwoods of San Pedro,and this was his fetish. When his companion and he had fled to someprearranged retreat- already occupied, no doubt by a confederate-the companion had persuaded him to leave so compromising an article offurniture. But the mulatto's heart was with it, and he was driven backto it next day, when, on reconnoitring through the window, he foundpoliceman Walters in possession. He waited three days longer, and thenhis piety or his superstition drove him to try once more. InspectorBaynes, who, with his usual astuteness, had minimized the incidentbefore me, had really recognized its importance and had left a trapinto which the creature walked. Any other point, Watson?""The torn bird, the pail of blood, the charred bones, all themystery of that weird kitchen?"
5.  "The Baron has little waxed tips of hair under his nose, like theshort antennae of an insect. These quivered with amusement as helistened, and he finally broke into a gentle chuckle.
6.  "Thank you. I have no doubt I can get details from Forbes. Theauthorities are excellent at amassing facts, though they do not alwaysuse them to advantage. What a lovely thing a rose is!"


1.  "You take a great liberty, Mr. Holmes. In fifty years of officiallife I cannot recall such a case. I am a busy man, sir, engaged uponimportant affairs, and I have no time or taste for foolish jokes. Imay tell you frankly, sir, that I have never been a believer in yourpowers, and that I have always been of the opinion that the matter wasfar safer in the hands of the regular police force. Your conductconfirms all my conclusions. I have the honour, sir, to wish yougood-evening."
2.  "Dead, sir. Died of grief for its master."
4.  Witness: It was.
5.   "I have solved it."
6.  "Very likely. Yet the fact remains that the reader, who was afine, robust old man, was knocked clean down by it as if it had beenthe butt end of a pistol."


1.  "This, I take it, belongs to the room in which you used to sleep,the centre one to your sister's, and the one next to the main buildingto Dr. Roylott's chamber?"
2.  The dog had suddenly turned out of the main road into agrass-grown lane. Half a mile farther this opened into another broadroad, and the trail turned hard to the right in the direction of thetown, which we had just quitted. The road took a sweep to the south ofthe town, and continued in the opposite direction to that in whichwe started.
3.  "By a singular and happy chance, we are able to some extent to checkwhat passed along this road during the night in question. At thispoint, where my pipe is now resting, a county constable was on dutyfrom twelve to six. It is, as you perceive, the first cross-road onthe east side. This man declares that he was not absent from hispost for an instant, and he is positive that neither boy nor man couldhave gone that way unseen. I have spoken with this policemanto-night and he appears to me to be a perfectly reliable person.That blocks this end. We have now to deal with the other. There isan inn here, the Red Bull, the landlady of which was ill. She had sentto Mackleton for a doctor, but he did not arrive until morning,being absent at another case. The people at the inn were alert allnight, awaiting his coming, and one or other of them seems to havecontinually had an eye upon the road. They declare that no one passed.If their evidence is good, then we are fortunate enough to be ableto block the west, and also to be able to say that the fugitives didnot use the road at all."
4、  "Well, now, let us turn to this unfortunate German master. The boywas fully dressed when he fled. Therefore, he foresaw what he woulddo. But the German went without his socks. He certainly acted onvery short notice."
5、  "Thick and horny in a way which is quite new in my experience.Always look at the hands first, Watson. Then cuffs, trouser-knees, andboots. Very curious knuckles which can only be explained by the modeof progression observed by-" Holmes paused and suddenly clapped hishand to his forehead. "Oh, Watson, Watson, what a fool I have been! Itseems incredible, and yet it must be true. All points in onedirection. How could I miss seeing the connection of ideas? Thoseknuckles- how could I have passed those knuckles? And the dog! And theivy! It's surely time that I disappeared into that little farm of mydreams. Look out, Watson! Here he is! We shall have the chance ofseeing for ourselves."




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      "Mr. Gibson himself. The moment the alarm was given and he hadrushed down with others from the house, he insisted that nothingshould be moved until the police should arrive."

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      "I said to her that if I could marry her I would, but that it wasout of my power. I said that money was no object and that all Icould do to make her happy and comfortable would be done.""Very generous, I am sure," said Holmes with a sneer.

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       "Not a day. He has been laid up with a hack, and once he slipped hisknee-cap, but that was nothing."

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      The baronet shook his head impatiently. "It is easy to preach," saidhe. "Perhaps you would have felt differently if you had been in myposition. One cannot see all one's hopes and all one's plans shatteredat the last moment and make no effort to save them. It seemed to methat it would be no unworthy resting-place if we put her for thetime in one of the coffins of her husband's ancestors lying in what isstill consecrated ground. We opened such a coffin, removed thecontents, and placed her as you have seen her. As to the old relicswhich we took out, we could not leave them on the floor of thecrypt. Norlett and I removed them, and he descended at night andburned them in the central furnace. There is my story, Mr. Holmes,though how you forced my hand so that I have to tell it is more than Ican say."

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    {  "Well, now, let us take up line B, which concerns Sir Robert. Heis mad keen upon winning the Derby. He is in the hands of the Jews,and may at any moment be sold up and his racing stables seized byhis creditors. He is a daring and desperate man. He derives his incomefrom his sister. His sister's maid is his willing tool. So far we seemto be on fairly safe ground, do we not?"

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      "Well, Miss Hunter, if your mind is made up, that settles thequestion," said Holmes, smiling.}

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      "I don't admit that a fresh illustration is an explanation," saidI with some asperity.

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      "Then we shall breakfast early and take the very first in themorning," said Holmes. "Our presence is most urgently needed. Ah! hereis our expected cablegram. One moment, Mrs. Hudson, there may be ananswer. No, that is quite as I expected. This message makes it evenmore essential that we should not lose an hour in letting HiltonCubitt know how matters stand, for it is a singular and a dangerousweb in which our simple Norfolk squire is entangled."

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       "You can't bluff me, Count Sylvius." Holmes's eyes, as he gazed athim, contracted and lightened until they were like two menacing pointsof steel. "You are absolute plate-glass. I see to the very back ofyour mind."

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    {  "It is not yet nine. The streets will be crowded, so I trustthat you may be in safety. And yet you cannot guard yourself tooclosely."

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      "You never shall know."