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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie looked about her, very much disturbed and quite sure thatshe did not want to work here. Aside from making heruncomfortable by sidelong glances, no one paid her the leastattention. She waited until the whole department was aware ofher presence. Then some word was sent around, and a foreman, inan apron and shirt sleeves, the latter rolled up to hisshoulders, approached.
2.  Carrie started at the name, but recovered quickly enough to avoidnotice.
3.  "Mr. Brown hired me," she replied.
4.  "I'll not do it," she said, remembering her necessity. "I don'tuse the flat. I'm not going to give up my money this time. I'llmove."
5.  Carrie sensed the root of the opposition at once.
6.  "I remembered the little girl out there," said Hurstwood, "andcalled once. Thought you wouldn't want her left quite alone."


1.  In walking a few blocks to fix upon some probable place, sheagain encountered the firm of Storm and King, and this timemanaged to get in. Some gentlemen were conferring close at hand,but took no notice of her. She was left standing, gazingnervously upon the floor. When the limit of her distress hadbeen nearly reached, she was beckoned to by a man at one of themany desks within the near-by railing.
2.  A man of Hurstwood's age and temperament is not subject to theillusions and burning desires of youth, but neither has he thestrength of hope which gushes as a fountain in the heart ofyouth. Such an atmosphere could not incite in him the cravingsof a boy of eighteen, but in so far as they were excited, thelack of hope made them proportionately bitter. He could not failto notice the signs of affluence and luxury on every hand. Hehad been to New York before and knew the resources of its folly.In part it was an awesome place to him, for here gathered allthat he most respected on this earth--wealth, place, and fame.The majority of the celebrities with whom he had tipped glassesin his day as manager hailed from this self-centred and populousspot. The most inviting stories of pleasure and luxury had beentold of places and individuals here. He knew it to be true thatunconsciously he was brushing elbows with fortune the livelongday; that a hundred or five hundred thousand gave no one theprivilege of living more than comfortably in so wealthy a place.Fashion and pomp required more ample sums, so that the poor manwas nowhere. All this he realised, now quite sharply, as hefaced the city, cut off from his friends, despoiled of his modestfortune, and even his name, and forced to begin the battle forplace and comfort all over again. He was not old, but he was notso dull but that he could feel he soon would be. Of a sudden,then, this show of fine clothes, place, and power took onpeculiar significance. It was emphasised by contrast with hisown distressing state.
3.  Hurstwood was already there, sitting in his place.
4.  With the wane of the afternoon went her hopes, her courage, andher strength. She had been astonishingly persistent. So earnestan effort was well deserving of a better reward. On every hand,to her fatigued senses, the great business portion grew larger,harder, more stolid in its indifference. It seemed as if it wasall closed to her, that the struggle was too fierce for her tohope to do anything at all. Men and women hurried by in long,shifting lines. She felt the flow of the tide of effort andinterest--felt her own helplessness without quite realising thewisp on the tide that she was. She cast about vainly for somepossible place to apply, but found no door which she had thecourage to enter. It would be the same thing all over. The oldhumiliation of her plea, rewarded by curt denial. Sick at heartand in body, she turned to the west, the direction of Minnie'sflat, which she had now fixed in mind, and began that wearisome,baffled retreat which the seeker for employment at nightfall toooften makes. In passing through Fifth Avenue, south towards VanBuren Street, where she intended to take a car, she passed thedoor of a large wholesale shoe house, through the plate-glasswindows of which she could see a middle-aged gentleman sitting ata small desk. One of those forlorn impulses which often grow outof a fixed sense of defeat, the last sprouting of a baffled anduprooted growth of ideas, seized upon her. She walkeddeliberately through the door and up to the gentleman, who lookedat her weary face with partially awakened interest.
5.  "All right," he said in all kindness. "I'll be near, though, incase she isn't here, and take you out there safely."
6.  "I am," said Carrie, softly.


1.  "They've never published my picture."
2.  "Well," said the man, "it'll cost you something to do that.""How much?" said Carrie, who, ridiculous as it may seem, had notthought of this before.
3.  "Very. Really one of the best private theatricals I everattended. There was one actress who surprised us all."
4.  She said nothing more then, objecting to giving up her own money,and yet feeling that such would have to be the case. Hurstwoodfelt the crisis, and artfully decided to appeal to Carrie. Hehad long since realised how good-natured she was, how much shewould stand. There was some little shame in him at the thoughtof doing so, but he justified himself with the thought that hereally would get something. Rent day gave him his opportunity.
5.   Minnie made no objection to this, and Carrie put on her hat andwent below.
6.  "I wouldn't like to live in Chicago and him here," she said,thinking of Drouet.


1.  Carrie looked about her, after she had drunk a tinful of waterfrom a bucket in one corner, for a place to sit and eat. Theother girls had ranged themselves about the windows or the work-benches of those of the men who had gone out. She saw no placewhich did not hold a couple or a group of girls, and being tootimid to think of intruding herself, she sought out her machineand, seated upon her stool, opened her lunch on her lap. Thereshe sat listening to the chatter and comment about her. It was,for the most part, silly and graced by the current slang.Several of the men in the room exchanged compliments with thegirls at long range.
2.  This white column consisted of some twenty girls, all in snow-white flannel trimmed with silver and blue. Its leader was moststunningly arrayed in the same colours, elaborated, however, withepaulets and a belt of silver, with a short sword dangling at oneside. Carrie was fitted for this costume, and a few days laterappeared, proud of her new laurels. She was especially gratifiedto find that her salary was now eighteen instead of twelve.
3.  At one-thirty he went to Rector's for lunch, and when he returneda messenger was waiting for him. He looked at the little chapwith a feeling of doubt.
4、  "You want to look out for them things," said the officer on theleft, condescendingly.
5、  "I didn't marry you," he said, in a snarling tone.




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      "Well, they were short and wanted me to find them some one. Itold Carrie, and she seems to want to try."

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      "Sure you can. Now you go ahead and see."

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       Then he thought of Carrie. With what speed must he get her, ifhe got her at all. She would have to come along. He jumped intothe nearest cab standing by.

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      One of the galling incidents of this visit was that he came backon a Randolph Street car, and without noticing arrived almostopposite the building of the concern with which his son wasconnected. This sent a pang through his heart. He had called onhis boy there several times. Now the lad had not sent him aword. His absence did not seem to be noticed by either of hischildren. Well, well, fortune plays a man queer tricks. He gotback to his office and joined in a conversation with friends. Itwas as if idle chatter deadened the sense of misery.

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    {  Hurstwood smiled in an indulgent way as he read this.

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      "Come on," said Drouet. "Brace up. What are you afraid of? Goon out there now, and do the trick. What do you care?"}

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      Remembering Mrs. Vance's promise to call, Carrie made one othermild protest. It was concerning Hurstwood's appearance. Thisvery day, coming home, he changed his clothes to the old togs hesat around in.

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      Carrie did not understand this last. All the rest showed herthat her comedy success was little or nothing.

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       Her little brain had been surging with contradictory feelings--shame at exposure, shame at Hurstwood's perfidy, anger atDrouet's deception, the mockery he had made at her. Now oneclear idea came into her head. He was at fault. There was nodoubt about it. Why did he bring Hurstwood out--Hurstwood, amarried man, and never say a word to her? Never mind now aboutHurstwood's perfidy--why had he done this? Why hadn't he warnedher? There he stood now, guilty of this miserable breach ofconfidence and talking about what he had done for her!

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    {  "You'd better do that," he said. "There's no use your packing upnow. You can't go anywhere."

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      The next morning at breakfast she felt like apologising.