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时时彩平台是真的网站【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Gentlemen," said the Count of Monte Cristo as he entered,"I pray you excuse me for suffering my visit to beanticipated; but I feared to disturb you by presentingmyself earlier at your apartments; besides, you sent me wordthat you would come to me, and I have held myself at yourdisposal."   "Alas, yes!" said Caderousse very uneasily.

    Villefort started, Madame de Villefort let her son slip fromher knees, Valentine rose, pale and dumb as a statue. Albertand Chateau-Renaud exchanged a second look, more full ofamazement than the first. The notary looked at Villefort."It is impossible," said the procureur. "M. d'Epinay cannotleave the drawing-room at present."

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   "You are a born diplomat," returned Franz; "go and try."

    "That is not prudent," said Caderousse.

    "Very true."

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   "I will obey your orders, my lord."<  Danglars, seeing his daughter smiling, and proud even toinsolence, could not entirely repress his brutal feelings,but they betrayed themselves only by an exclamation. Underthe fixed and inquiring gaze levelled at him from underthose beautiful black eyebrows, he prudently turned away,and calmed himself immediately, daunted by the power of aresolute mind. "Truly, my daughter," replied he with asmile, "you are all you boast of being, excepting one thing;I will not too hastily tell you which, but would ratherleave you to guess it." Eugenie looked at Danglars, muchsurprised that one flower of her crown of pride, with whichshe had so superbly decked herself, should be disputed. "Mydaughter," continued the banker, "you have perfectlyexplained to me the sentiments which influence a girl likeyou, who is determined she will not marry; now it remainsfor me to tell you the motives of a father like me, who hasdecided that his daughter shall marry." Eugenie bowed, notas a submissive daughter, but as an adversary prepared for adiscussion.

    "Ah," replied Monte Cristo, "since that is the case, I willtake advantage of his presence to make my declaration."

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   "Yes." Valentine opened it and drew out a bundle of papers."Is that what you wish for?" asked she.

    Captain Gaumard, recovered from his illness, had returnedfrom Palma. He delayed presenting himself at Morrel's, butthe owner, hearing of his arrival, went to see him. Theworthy shipowner knew, from Penelon's recital, of thecaptain's brave conduct during the storm, and tried toconsole him. He brought him also the amount of his wages,which Captain Gaumard had not dared to apply for. As hedescended the staircase, Morrel met Penelon, who was goingup. Penelon had, it would seem, made good use of his money,for he was newly clad. When he saw his employer, the worthytar seemed much embarrassed, drew on one side into thecorner of the landing-place, passed his quid from one cheekto the other, stared stupidly with his great eyes, and onlyacknowledged the squeeze of the hand which Morrel as usualgave him by a slight pressure in return. Morrel attributedPenelon's embarrassment to the elegance of his attire; itwas evident the good fellow had not gone to such an expenseon his own account; he was, no doubt, engaged on board someother vessel, and thus his bashfulness arose from the factof his not having, if we may so express ourselves, wornmourning for the Pharaon longer. Perhaps he had come to tellCaptain Gaumard of his good luck, and to offer himemployment from his new master. "Worthy fellows!" saidMorrel, as he went away, "may your new master love you as Iloved you, and be more fortunate than I have been!"

<  "Oh, no," replied Monte Cristo; "I do not carry brutalism sofar. Every one who surrounds me is free to quit me, and whenthey leave me will no longer have any need of me or any oneelse; it is for that reason, perhaps, that they do not quitme." They had long since passed to dessert and cigars.   "What can you mean?" asked the procureur, alarmed.

    "Climb up," said he to Dantes. The young man obeyed, mountedon the table, and, divining the wishes of his companion,placed his back securely against the wall and held out bothhands. The stranger, whom as yet Dantes knew only by thenumber of his cell, sprang up with an agility by no means tobe expected in a person of his years, and, light and steadyon his feet as a cat or a lizard, climbed from the table tothe outstretched hands of Dantes, and from them to hisshoulders; then, bending double, for the ceiling of thedungeon prevented him from holding himself erect, he managedto slip his head between the upper bars of the window, so asto be able to command a perfect view from top to bottom.


<  "I bequeath to Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis, -- andson of my former patron, Pierre Morrel, shipowner atMarseilles, -- the sum of twenty millions, a part of whichmay be offered to his sister Julia and brother-in-lawEmmanuel, if he does not fear this increase of fortune maymar their happiness. These twenty millions are concealed inmy grotto at Monte Cristo, of which Bertuccio knows thesecret. If his heart is free, and he will marry Haidee, thedaughter of Ali Pasha of Yanina, whom I have brought up withthe love of a father, and who has shown the love andtenderness of a daughter for me, he will thus accomplish mylast wish. This will has already constituted Haidee heiressof the rest of my fortune, consisting of lands, funds inEngland, Austria, and Holland, furniture in my differentpalaces and houses, and which without the twenty millionsand the legacies to my servants, may still amount to sixtymillions."   "I will do so; but on two conditions."

    "I think so, indeed! He has six millions' worth."





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