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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, but you are joking, my worthy man!" said D'Artagnan. Itappears to me that if my boots need a sponge, your stockings andshoes stand in equal need of a brush. May you not have beenphilandering a little also, Monsieur Bonacieux? Oh, the devil!That's unpardonable in a man of your age, and who besides, hassuch a pretty wife as yours."
2.  "Well, those studs," continued Mme. Bonacieux, "we must have themback again."
3.  "I bear that of your brother."
4.  "The devil!" thought Porthos, "this is poor work. I respectold age, but I don't much like it boiled or roasted."And he looked round to see if anybody partook of hisopinion; but on the contrary, he saw nothing but eager eyeswhich were devouring, in anticipation, that sublime fowlwhich was the object of his contempt.
5.  Richelieu
6.  "Do you know the numbers?"


1.  "An enemy who has insulted me so cruelly that between himand me it is war to the death. May I reckon on you as anauxiliary?"
2.  "The devil!" murmured the king; "what must be done?""Sign an order for his release, and all will be said," repliedthe cardinal. "I believe with your Majesty that Monsieur deTreville's guarantee is more than sufficient."
3.  "What is the matter?" asked Milady.
4.  And on this assurance, the four friends, who had finishedtheir modest repast, separated, with the promise of meetingagain that evening. D'Artagnan returned to less importantaffairs, and the three Musketeers repaired to the king'squarters, where they had to prepare their lodging.
5.  "Where?" demanded D'Artagnan.
6.  His heart beat, but not like D'Artagnan's with a young andimpatient love. No; a more material interest stirred hisblood. He was about at last to pass that mysteriousthreshold, to climb those unknown stairs by which, one byone, the old crowns of M. Coquenard had ascended. He wasabout to see in reality a certain coffer of which he hadtwenty times beheld the image in his dreams--a coffer longand deep, locked, bolted, fastened in the wall; a coffer ofwhich he had so often heard, and which the hands--a littlewrinkled, it is true, but still not without elegance--of theprocurator's wife were about to open to his admiring looks.And then he--a wanderer on the earth, a man without fortune,a man without family, a soldier accustomed to inns,cabarets, taverns, and restaurants, a lover of wine forcedto depend upon chance treats--was about to partake of familymeals, to enjoy the pleasures of a comfortable


1.  Felton had fallen; but there was still another step to be taken.He must be retained, or rather he must be left quite alone; andMilady but obscurely perceived the means which could lead to thisresult.
2.  "The day after my return to Lille, my brother in his turn succeeded inmaking his escape; I was accused of complicity, and was condemned toremain in his place till he should be again a prisoner. My poor brotherwas ignorant of this sentence. He rejoined this woman; they fledtogether into Berry, and there he obtained a little curacy. This womanpassed for his sister.
3.  "Madame, those men were more dangerous than any robbers couldhave been, for they are the agents of the cardinal; and as toyour husband, Monsieur Bonacieux, he is not here because he wasyesterday evening conducted to the Bastille."
4.  "And what was most frightful," continued Milady, her voicealtered, as if she still experienced the same agony as at thatawful minute, "was that at this time I retained a consciousnessof the danger that threatened me; was that my soul, if I may sayso, waked in my sleeping body; was that I saw, that I heard. Itis true that all was like a dream, but it was not the lessfrightful.
5.   "I am at quite a loss how to answer you, I admit," said Mme.Bonacieux. "My intention was to inform Monsieur Laporte, throughmy husband, in order that Monsieur Laporte might tell usprecisely what he taken place at the Louvre in the last threedays, and whether there is any danger in presenting myselfthere."
6.  "Oh, yes, him! I know him; not personally, but from having heardthe queen speak of him more than once as a brave and loyalgentleman."


1.  "Observe, it is probable that I may not be able to remain here.""Why?"
2.  "You may get into trouble by what has taken place.""You believe so?"
3.  When left alone, the two friends at first kept an embarrassedsilence. It however became necessary for one of them to break itfirst, and as D'Artagnan appeared determined to leave that honorto his companion, Aramis said, "you see that I am returned to myfundamental ideas."
4、  The most preoccupied of the four friends was certainlyD'Artagnan, although he, in his quality of Guardsman, would bemuch more easily equipped than Messieurs the Musketeers, who wereall of high rank; but our Gascon cadet was, as may have beenobserved, of a provident and almost avaricious character, andwith that (explain the contradiction) so vain as almost to rivalPorthos. To this preoccupation of his vanity, D'Artagnan at thismoment joined an uneasiness much less selfish. Notwithstandingall his inquiries respecting Mme. Bonacieux, he could obtain nointelligence of her. M. de Treville had spoken of her to thequeen. The queen was ignorant where the mercer's young wife was,but had promised to have her sought for; but this promise wasvery vague and did not at all reassure D'Artagnan.Athos did not leave his chamber; he made up his mind not to takea single step to equip himself.
5、  "And what did he do the rest of his time?"




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      "Make haste, dear lodger," said he; "there is a very prettygirl waiting for you upstairs; and you know women don't liketo be kept waiting."

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      "Monsieur Athos," said Richelieu, "receive my thanks for thegood guard you have kept. Gentlemen, we are arrived; takethe gate on the left. The watchword is, 'King and Re.'"Saying these words, the cardinal saluted the three friendswith an inclination of his head, and took the right hand,followed by his attendant--for that night he himself sleptin the camp.

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       "Oh, that is not my secret; I must not, therefore, tell you.""Besides," said D'Artagnan, "pardon me, madame, if, guardsman asI am, I remind you of prudence--besides, I believe we are nothere in a very proper place for imparting confidences. The men Ihave put to flight will return reinforced; if they find us here,we are lost. I have sent for three of my friends, but who knowswhether they were at home?"

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      He however kept a good countenance, holding his hat in hishand and awaiting the good pleasure of his Eminence, withouttoo much assurance, but also without too much humility."Monsieur," said the cardinal, "are you a D'Artagnan fromBearn?"

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    {  During this passage, Felton related everything to Milady--how,instead of going to London, he had chartered the little vessel;how he had returned; how he had scaled the wall by fasteningcramps in the interstices of the stones, as he ascended, to givehim foothold; and how, when he had reached the bars, he fastenedhis ladder. Milady knew the rest.

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      "She then arose, and with altered voice, 'Ladies,' said she,'wait for me ten minutes, I shall soon return.' She then openedthe door of her alcove, and went out."}

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      "I?" said D'Artagnan; "nothing," and he read,

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      "What is that, madame?"

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       "No, Athos, no, you are mistaken," said D'Artagnan; "I lovemy poor Constance more than ever, and if I knew the place inwhich she is, were it at the end of the world, I would go tofree her from the hands of her enemies; but I am ignorant.All my researches have been useless. What is to be said? Imust divert my attention!"

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    {  "And my only heir, are you not?" said Lord de Winter in his turn,fixing his eyes on those of Milady.

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      "Madame Bonacieux! Ah, that's true!" said Athos. "My poorfriend, I had forgotten you were in love."