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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  1904
2.  "'You're only wasting your time, sir, and every minute now is ofimportance,' cried the commissionaire; 'take my word for it that myold woman has nothing to do with it and come down to the other endof the street. Well, if you won't, I will.' And with that he rashedoff in the other direction.
3.  "One of the highest in England."
4.  "Then I can wait in the next room."
5.  The salesman chuckled grimly. "Bring me the books, Bill,"said he.
6.  I could see that Holmes was favourably impressed by the manner andspeech of his new client. He looked her over in his searching fashion,and then composed himself, with his lids drooping and hisfinger-tips together, to listen to her story.


1.  When the detective departed, my friend rose and made hispreparations for the day's work with the alert air of a man who hasa congenial task before him.
2.  "Is he in?" he asked, eagerly.
3.  We found Holmes pacing up and down in the field, his chin sunkupon his breast, and his hands thrust into his trousers pockets."The matter grows in interest," said he. "Watson, your countrytrip has been a distinct success. I have had a charming morning.""You have been up to the scene of the crime, I understand," said thecolonel.
4.  "Mr. Holmes, the envelope is a long, thin one of pale blue colour.There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion. It isaddressed in large, bold handwriting to-"
5.  "I did exactly what you advised."
6.  "And why did the tramp take nothing?"


1.  "My defence against what?"
2.  "On the contrary," said Holmes, "it is the brightest rift which Ican at present see in the clouds. However innocent he might be, hecould not be such an absolute imbecile as not to see that thecircumstances were very black against him. Had he appeared surprisedat his own arrest or feigned indignation at it, I should have lookedupon it as highly suspicious, because such surprise or anger would notbe natural under the circumstances, and yet might appear to be thebest policy to a scheming man. His frank acceptance of the situationmarks him as either an innocent man, or else as a man ofconsiderable self-restraint and firmness. As to his remark about hisdeserts, it was also not unnatural if you consider that he stoodbeside the dead body of his father, and that there is no doubt that hehad that very day so far forgotten his filial duty as to bandy wordswith him, and even, according to the little girl whose evidence isso important, to raise his hand as if to strike him. The self-reproachand contrition which are displayed in his remark appear to me to bethe signs of a healthy mind rather than of a guilty one."I shook my head. "Many men have been hanged on far slighterevidence," I remarked.
3.  "That is a bad sign."
4.  "Well, well, no offence, Sam. We can't afford to quarrel. Comeover to the window if you want to see the beauty properly. Now hold itto the light! Here!"
5.   "If this is a joke, sir, it is a very questionable one," said thevicar angrily. "I have never heard of the gentleman you name, and Ihave not sent a wire to anyone."
6.  Holmes shook his head gravely. "It would cease to be a danger ifwe could define it," said he. "But at any time, day or night, atelegram would bring me down to your help."


1.  "'Whose was it?'
2.  The inspector looked puzzled.
3.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, what can it be?"
4、  "It seems to me that I have done you full justice in the matter,"I remarked with some coldness, for I was repelled by the egotism whichI had more than once observed to be a strong factor in my friend'ssingular character.
5、  Both Miss Stoner and I gazed at him in astonishment.




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      "You have nothing to add then, which could assist me?"

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      "I have almost every link in my hands, and all the proofswhich I could possibly need, so there is little which you needtell me. Still, that little may as well be cleared up to make thecase complete. You had heard, Ryder, of this blue stone of theCountess of Morcar's?"

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       "They are still sounding the planking and probing the furniture inthe hope of finding them."

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      When our visitor had disappeared, Sherlock Holmes's movements weresuch as to rivet our attention. He began by taking a clean white clothfrom a drawer and laying it over the table. Then he placed his newlyacquired bust in the centre of the cloth. Finally, he picked up hishunting-crop and struck Napoleon a shard blow on the top of thehead. The figure broke into fragments, and Holmes bent eagerly overthe shattered remains. Next instant, with a loud shout of triumph heheld up one splinter, in which a round, dark object was fixed like aplum in a pudding.

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    {  "What is the meaning of it Watson?, said Holmes solemnly as helaid down the paper. "What object is served by this circle of miseryand violence and fear? It must tend to some end, or else ouruniverse is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable. But what end? Thereis the great standing perennial problem to which human reason is asfar from an answer as ever."

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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle}

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      "No, no, I had everything out."

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      "This place, Deep Dene House, is a big modern villa of staringbrick, standing back in its own grounds, with a laurel-clumped lawn infront of it. To the right and some distance back from the road was thetimber-yard which had been the scene of the fire. Here's a roughplan on a leaf of my notebook. This window on the left is the onewhich opens into Oldacre's room. You can look into it from the road,you see. That is about the only bit of consolation I have hadto-day. Lestrade was not there, but his head constable did thehonours. They had just found a great treasure trove. They had spentthe morning raking among the ashes of the burned wood-pile, andbesides the charred organic remains they had secured severaldiscoloured metal discs. I examined them with care, and there was nodoubt that they were trouser buttons. I even distinguished that one ofthem was marked with the name of `Hyams,' who was Oldacres tailor. Ithen worked the lawn very carefully for signs and traces, but thisdrought has made everything as hard as iron. Nothing was to be seensave that some body or bundle had been dragged through a low privethedge which is in a line with the wood-pile. All that, of course, fitsin with the official theory. I crawled about the lawn with an Augustsun on my back, but I got up at the end of an hour no wiser thanbefore.

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       In the morning Holmes discovered that we had come without ourspoon-bait for jack, which absolved us from fishing for the day. Abouteleven o'clock we started for a walk, and he obtained leave to takethe black spaniel with us.

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    {  "The coat of arms was on the envelope, and it was addressed in theDuke's peculiar stiff hand. Besides, the Duke remembers havingwritten."

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      "Aha! It is not for nothing that I have turned myself out of bedat the untimely hour of six. I have put in two hours' hard work andcovered at least five miles, with something to show for it. Look atthat!"