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I was unconvinced. Besides, this was only hearsay; I had yet to see the motherhood of Herland.


"We are so utterly ignorant, you see," Moadine had explained to us. "We know nothing but such science as we have worked out for ourselves, just the brain work of one small half- country; and you, we gather, have helped one another all over the globe, sharing your discoveries, pooling your progress. How wonderful, how supremely beautiful your civilization must be!"

I see I have said little about the economics of the place; it should have come before, but I'll go on about the drama now.

"Does it work?" asked Alima, in her keen, swift way. "Do all men in all countries carry everything? Or is it only in yours?"

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She paused. Her wise sweet face grew deeply, reverently tender.<"We have, of course, made it our first business to train out, to breed out, when possible, the lowest types."

"Of course they will," Jeff asserted confidently. "If they had meant to kill us, they would have done it before. I believe we are going to be treated as guests."

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"Destroy the unborn--!" she said in a hard whisper. "Do men do that in your country?"

"Mainly on yourselves," she replied.

<"You speak as if it were done for the convenience of the consumer--not the pride of the producer," I suggested.Of course, we were willing to meet them halfway. It was wholly to our advantage to be able to understand and speak with them, and as to refusing to teach them--why should we? Later on we did try open rebellion, but only once.

"That's the business risk we must take. I'm going--if I break my neck." There was no changing him.


"Oh, I see. And does it apply to the male also? Or is there a different term for him?"





bbinappػƶϰ屻߹ȫApp ""걨Ѳ She explained to me, with sweet seriousness, that as I had supposed, at first each woman bore five children; and that, in their eager desire to build up a nation, they had gone on in that way for a few centuries, till they were confronted with the absolute need of a limit. This fact was equally plain to all--all were equally interested. ϸ

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bbinappؿǵһ桶ҵ硷ʱЩһ If the lack of tradition of courtship left us much at sea in our wooing, we found ourselves still more bewildered by lack of tradition of matrimony. ϸ

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